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Zimpler is a firm of Swedish origin. This company, which has 27 employees within its walls, offers a turnkey service to make payments via mobile.

In an atmosphere held in a secure climate through multiple high performance systems and ensuring a special ease for users in the execution of the deposit.

In an exclusive environment, Zimpler allows to drain funds to websites that deal with the theme of online gambling.

Founded in 2009, Zimpler is a company that has staff focused in a fairly young age group. A team that is defined by being dynamic and dedicated brings together all its daily efforts to raise all its chances to get on the podium of the best payment solutions via mobile. Zimpler’s technology has an intuitive user interface with a control area that has the glaring advantage of being relatively easy of use.

This is expressed in the fact that there is no need for a preliminary inscription. Even less to have to give time to download an application that we would like to do without. To strengthen the security aspect of Zimpler, the latter does not require the registration of information related to its preferred means of payment before it can begin to use its services for instant online payments via mobile.

To ensure a legal framework for both consumers and businesses (online casino operators) willing to adopt Zimpler’s benefits, this Scandinavian company is under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority.

Physically implanted in Stockholm the capital of Sweden, Zimpler is to this day the head of an extensive network that forms 14 online payment platforms, over 200 internet sites offering its services covering at the end of the race a guarantee of 100% of its system at the level of the exchange of capital via aircraft nomads.

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Zimpler for particulars:

Zimpler is an innovative company that focuses its business on an online payment system that is only available from mobile device control interfaces. A platform that allows Swedish and Finnish consumers to make payments with a foolproof security index. They can use the deposit method of their choice as for example by credit card VISA, MasterCard to deposit funds in their casino account online.

A mobile payment gateway that allows you to have full and real time control over these expenses. All in a healthy environment that is careful not to record the banking information of users and does not require the creation of a Zimpler account before starting any use with the help of this payment mobile method.

But Zimpler not only comes down to a very useful payment processor to proceed with the loading of funds into his casino account using his mobile phone. A responsible gaming policy is part of the walls of this Scandinavian sign, with an introduction to the opportunity to set a limit on the volume of monthly expenditure. A solution that boils down to be effective in order to be able to definitively break with the game syndrome classified as unhealthy by validating this game restriction will on all online casinos in collaboration with Zimpler.

A wise solution that some major players on internet payment should adopt to curb this gambling problem that affects about 3% of the population of regular casino players. A very simple procedure to implement that has the advantage of preventing spending more money compared to what was originally intended for the parts of game.

Once this limit is set by sending a simple e-mail to Zimpler, this maximum budget allocated for a validity of one month may be revised upward or reduced by contacting Zimpler customer service again. Good to know for this possible approach, the deadline for validating this recent request for a monthly limit requires a period of 7 working days to take effect.

The game is in capacity under certain circumstances of life of a player become a real hell by quickly creating a strong addiction. It is true that this is a very small part of the population, but it can be a real nightmare for this minority group of players. The administration of Zimpler is fully aware of this public health problem and has taken the decision to take the bull by the horns in an attempt to weaken this scourge that extends to International.

The company Zimpler has therefore rolled up its sleeves by launching a free form containing 9 targeted questions to detect a possible dangerous game. By definition, a quiz that was developed by specialists in gambling addiction on the internet. A very quick form to complete to prevent effectively and both in a playful mode users and users who suspect at home a real problem with their relationship maintained with gambling on internet.

Is a way to do some sort of screening for these online casino game enthusiasts who suspect home the birth of a sickly game. A radical solution so that they can determine in a concrete way if they do not reportedly conceal without their knowledge a real problem more or less serious related to the game pathological.

This test which offers at the end of the course an immediate result is available for free and without registration on the site of For the curious and curious, the questions are the following with the choice to answer each time by never, sometimes, often or even almost always.

1: Have you played more than you have actually been able to afford to lose?
2: Did you need to play with larger sums of money to get the same feeling of excitement?
3: Did it happen that you returned another day to regain what you had lost?
4: Have you borrowed money or sold something to collect money and use it to play?
5: Did you feel that you could have a problem with game?
6: Your game creates problems for you in terms of health, including stress or anxiety?
7: Someone criticized your game or said you had a problem with the game?
8: Your game created financial problems for you or your household?
9: Did you feel guilty about your game or about what’s going on while you play?

Once the answers to this quiz are all entitled to a reply, just click on the send button at the bottom of the page. Following this brief action, a new web page asks to collect other information such as the sex of the person in the test phase, in what age range it is currently located, on what type of game the person plays money (online casino, poker online, live poker, slot machine, Lotto, lotteries, sports betting and horse racing, etc. Once this second page is completed, it is asked to re-validate the operations by clicking on the button Send.

A few seconds later, the verdict falls by displaying a very specific player profile with a red bar measuring the risk scale including the qualifiers (none, low, high, gambling problems). Below this measuring bar is mentioned a text that stipulates all kinds of explanations. Depending on the score displayed, a list of tips aiming to reach out to the person is a little lower in the content of this third page with in addition a link leading to a self-help program. A completely free help and listening structure that is available from the same web site.

In case of a diagnosis of addiction qualified as potentially dangerous, consumers who use the mobile payment system Zimpler can request in addition to a monthly limit fixed by one of the operators of the platform to block from access to the service. Good to know, once the player author of such action has asked that access to Zimpler be permanently closed, this approach is irreversible. In other words, it is therefore impossible for in the near or far future to have new access to the mobile payment service of Zimpler.

Zimpler for businesses:

We have seen that Zimpler offers the means to Finnish and Swedish casino players to credit their online casino account instantly via a mobile phone. The whole is managed by an efficient system, secured and supervised by the Financial Services Authority. But by simple logic, Zimpler is also aimed at online casino operators so that they can make available to their customers the quick and easy way to credit their player account using their mobile.

The Zimpler platform offers 2 identification gateways, the first of which is BankID (for Sweden) and the second Tupas (for Finland) with a compatibility of several means of payment including VISA and MasterCard credit cards. On the consumer side, the payment process is relatively simple to implement and it breaks down into 4 relatively fast steps of execution.

1 The first is to select the deposit means Zimpler present in the banking section of the online casino in partnership with the brand.
2 : To choose the desired means of deposit.
3 : To mention for the case of a bank card the 16 digits present on the front.
4 : Then in one last action, proceed to the confirmation of the payment in one click of the index.

It is as simple as this taking into account that Zimpler accepts a minimum deposit of £3.50 and a non-existent transfer limit for its maximum because as it is mentioned on the official site of Zimpler, this maximum value remains dynamic and therefore applies individually. As for consumers, Zimpler offers a customer service available via email and telephone in English, Finnish and Swedish.

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