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Yokozuna Clash™

Yokozuna Clash™ is a 5-reels, 3-rows Yggdrasil slot machine with 243 ways to win. There is no winning line but combinations of 3 or more identical symbols and either by the left or right we can have winnings! There are 4 high symbols and 4 low symbols, a wild symbol that will replace all the regular symbols and a free spins symbol that will appear only on reels 1 and 5 in the main game.

In the city of Yokozuna we look forward to the sumo fighting tournament. This year as for the previous ones there are participants from all over the world because it is a very well-contributed tournament. And as usual the sumo winner for countless years is Yokozuna (his mother had put him the name of his village), and he was going straight to the final.

All sumos wanted their revenge of the previous year especially O’Connell who had lost to Yokozuna in the final. There were also brothers Riku and Haru (the blue and green sumos of Yokozuna Clash™) and Daisure who came this year very fit and very prepared. They were all overexcited and the atmosphere was very electric!

The first fights are very easy for our sumos friends but the hardest part is not long. Riku and Haru must fight… Not easy because the forces are very equal but in the end it is Riku who takes the upper hand and leaving Haru in his disappointment watch his joy and his rage of defeat at the public.

But this joy will soon be tarnished because he must fight against O’Connell who will leave him off the mat very quickly and end with his dream of reaching the final to fight against the champion. What O’Connell didn’t know was that he would be eliminated by Daisure before reaching the final.

And here’s the long-awaited fight: Yokozona vs. Daisure (two other sumos in the Yokozuna Clash™ game)! It’s not going to be an easy fight because the two sumos are practically of equal strength. But after a while Yokozuna falters and Daisure sends him off the mat and proclaims himself the tournament’s new champion!

Features Yokozuna Clash™:


The feature of the tournaments will be triggered when 2 free spin symbols land on the reels. When free spins are activated a sumo of the basic game is chosen to fight in one of the two tournaments of sumo free spins. There is no amount of free spins set but a meter to measure power.

Whenever there are winning combinations from left only, the power meter will increase by 2. When there are wins from the right only the gauge will increase to the left by 3 or 4 positions and the free spin sumo will reward an additional feature.

Payments for this feature will only be rewarded after the additional feature you choose is played. When there are 2 or more winning combinations and one of them starts on the left and the other on the right then there will be tied and there will be no extra features that will be triggered from the free spins sumo.

When the power meter is moved completely to the left the free spins will end but if it is moved to the right, the player advances to the semi-final of yokozuna’s fight. By beating Yokozuna will reward an extra x2 in free spin multipliers.

The sumo Riku, in blue, will randomly reward 1 to 2 wilds on reels 2, 3 or 4 in the main game or 1 to 3 wilds in the semi-finals of free spins and 2 to 4 wilds in the final of free spins. His shots increase by 2 bars the meter of power to the right in free spins.

The Haru sumo, in green, randomly rewards a multiplier from x2 to x3 in the basic game or a multiplier from x2 to x4 in the free spins tournament. His moves move the meter of 2 bars to the right in the free spins.

The sumo O’Conner, the Scottish, has blows that move the meters from 3 bars to the left in free spins and will reward a multiplier of free spins from x2 to x4 when he pushes the meter to the left. The sumo Daisuke, the sumo buffalo, has moves that move the power meter from 3 bars to the left in free spins and rewards 1 to 3 wilds in spins when he pushes the meter to the left.

The Sumo Yokozuna, the demon, will be available only after defeating in the first free spins tournament. It will randomly reward the multiplier from x2 to x4 when it pushes the meter to the left and its moves the power meter from 4 bars to the left.

In a 5-of-a-kind win 5 symbols of the same kind, sumos will collide and can win 2 to 4 additional symbols of the same genre. The additional symbols won will not land on the winning symbols or on the wilds.

If 2 or more 5-of-a-kind appear, only the highest symbol will reward additional symbols. The sumo clash feature will only be available in free spins and 5-of-a-kind winnings will be paid once.

Opinions about Yokozuna Clash™:

We arrive and we are directly immersed in the atmosphere. A sumo tournament takes place in the middle of the interface with invisible reels in the background, but you can see the symbols. When there are wins we see the audience applauding and moving their arms, otherwise everything is moving and looks very real. We see how the sumos breathe, the blows are really very well done!

It’s true that we’re talking about the Yggdrasil provider, the graphics are impressive and very neat and we are immersed from the beginning in the game. It is not for nothing that the Swedish giant is among the best in the world! It’s not a traditional slot machine but it’s like a virtual game, there are no reels but rather a scene where the fights take place and behind the rotating symbols.

There are nearly a lot of features, we’re talking about free spins, wilds and free spin multipliers but the fights come to set the mood and change the concept of video slot a little bit. This gives the result that we avoid falling into monotony and it’s really very successful! We don’t have winning lines but 243 ways to win which increases our chances of winning considerably.

Coin values range from €0.004 to €5, giving us bets ranging from €0.10 to €125. We have a lot of choices to bet what is very good because we start with €0.10 per turn. This allows a lot of players to be able to participate because the starting bet is quite low, and for those who prefer to bet a little more the maximum bet is €125 which is not bad either.

The Yokozuna Clash™ has a return to the player of 96.3%which is not bad, it stays in the average, and the volatility is average. The wait to be entitled to free spins and fights is not exaggerated so it is good for the player who does not have an increased patience. But even playing a good time I could not pass the semi-finals it’s a bit of a shame.

The game lacks features, jackpot, but in fact its originality makes that we do not pay too much attention, we prefer to focus on the fights. We can also enjoy the Game Yokozuna Clash™ on all possible platforms and devices which allows us to win everywhere. In addition, the free slot video is in 27 languages so a wide audience will have explanations in their native language and that’s very important.

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