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Yggdrasil launches two new immersive Blackjack games!


New release Lucky Blackjack™ joins Sonya Blackjack™ in upgraded offering

Innovative gaming supplier, Yggdrasil, has enhanced its Blackjack offering with the twin releases of Lucky Blackjack™ and an updated version of Sonya Blackjack™, which now includes side bets.

In the new, immersive, Irish-themed Lucky Blackjack, Lucky, an animated character, professionally deals the game. Lucky Blackjack brings with it two side bets of its own, Lucky Lucky™ and Lucky Ladies™, with high-quality 3D effects which lend a real-life quality to the game.

Both Lucky Blackjack™ and Sonya Blackjack™ players can enjoy multiplayer games, with up to three players able to sit at a single table for a truly interactive, shared casino experience.

Additionally, Lucky Blackjack™ and Sonya Blackjack also include new features such as pre-decision and swifter animations, which result in a faster gameplay. Yggdrasil has also added a new element with a Picture-in-Picture History feature, allowing players to relive their winning hands in full video detail.

Yggdrasil’s table games are built on its proprietary technology platform REDUX™, this combines the best aspects of both live and RNG casino, using motion-capture technology to model the movements of the dealer.

Marcus Honney, Head of Table Games, Yggdrasil, said: (The release of Lucky Blackjack and the new Sonya Blackjack features is really exciting for us as it marks the evolution of our interactive table game offering.)

(With multiplayer options, and an added layer of player engagement in the form of side bets, Lucky Blackjack, and the newly-upgraded Sonya Blackjack, are some of the most engaging, immersive table titles on the market today.)

Subject : Yggdrasil launches two new immersive blackjack games!
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