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Xing Guardian™

Xing Guardian™ is a mobile slot machine of the NextGen brand Gaming Group that aims to transport its mobile public through a world where there seems to reign unquestionably tranquility. The very definition of absolute happiness activated by a wave-laden atmosphere positive.

The decorations are deep and both sublime in drawing what looks like very ready to a nature reserve. A paradise on earth populated by men and women who have achieved a high level of pay in their interior karma.

The soundtrack comes perfectly to this life lulled by serenity, moving with ease in a landscape composed of mountain chains forming a thick natural spherical boundary. A belt built by huge columns of rock preserving day by day an entire ecosystem formed by countless species.

Xing Guardian™ translates into a unique world of its kind. A haven of peace that is populated by benevolent creatures. Live species that bite the life of the full tooth by staying on both the pavement of the soil but also amphibian animals finding it easy to continue the path of life and to flourish in this crystalline water spared by the acidity occasioned by the pollution.

Life has then taken root in this immense plain which stretches to the eye, having therefore found a generous area between these mountainous mountains of a height giving without any difficulty the vertigo and that even to the greatest mountaineers for host an entire colony of animals.

This land where swarming Life Houses both arable areas where the vegetation is lush and offers refuge to all kinds of terrestrial creatures. Streams here and there referring to life-soaked arteries adorn the general scenery by reflecting the artificial light emanating from these Asian temples illuminated by many lanterns. Houses hosting humans who have chosen to implant their foundations a little further upstream in the heights that the fairy world of Xing Guardian™ offers.

A completely protected place from all outside sources that would like to invite without permission. An idyllic place for many travelers but still kept secret and not appearing on any topographic map. Xing Guardian™ thus remains in the minds of many explorers to be a huge mystery and at the same time a myth for this kind of walkers who would like one day when the other fall in the footsteps of Xing Guardian™.

In this vast territory populated by animals unknown to the eyes of humans lies a charming princess with a light heart who would one day meet her Prince Charming. While waiting wisely for this emotional day to come, she is content to enjoy all the resources of this corner of Paradise that saw her born during a sweet summer night.

Xing Guardian™ is a mobile online casino game that is built of 5 reels, 3 rows and 1024 ways to earn money. During their game session, players will be able to enjoy gameplay the purpose of which is to enable the latter to activate wild cards, scatter wins, free spins, a special feature called (Effect of the Awakening of the Dragon) and a way of collecting tokens with an assembly Of Xing Guardian™ blocked reels.

The Xing Guardian™ slot machine operates in its range of coin value bets that will have the effect according to their active number to be entertained from £0.50 to evolve up to a wager limit of £125.00 per spin.



Xing Guardian™ is an online game of the NextGen gaming Group brand that abounds in ways to earn money and he uses this strong point among many others to give way to jokers. Wilds that will have free district to enable the video Xing Guardian™ slot machine so that it is able to experience upheavals in its gameplay. The jokers of Xing Guardian™ will make a hell of a stir and it is nothing of the say.

Indeed these icons will take some pleasure in showing up on all areas of the slot machine so as to significantly increase the chances of collecting profits at the end of each spin that for recall can be propelled to Start from £0.50 only.

Once they are present on the reels, these jokers icons symbolized by the carefree face of the princess will take the role of replacing all visible items except the scatters in order to greatly promote the formation of pay lines and then allow users to pocket more or less comfortable profits.

The wilds of the Xing Guardian™ game are well known for being damn remunerative. Especially since they are in perfect condition to present one above the other on the same wheel to fill it at 100%! In this case of figure increase more importantly the probabilities of having the game react so that it gives chips by hundreds.


Being able to play for free is not a game option that has been set aside regarding the mobile Xing Guardian™ slot machine. Quite the contrary because with the potential of the video slot Xing Guardian™, it is possible to activate at any time and especially when you expect the least 10 free Spins! Free spins that will be the fruit of activation by scatter icons of the origins of Ying and Yang.

In this context of illustration of the scatter feature responsible for setting up the 10 free spins, it is more the side of charity that will take over to offer during the passage of this free sequence all kinds of options having a turning point in the favor of the players.

During the process of running free spins, reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be able to literally block to take a new flight by launching at the same time while maintaining the same frequency of spin.

The purpose of this operation will be to display similar icons in order to unlock gains even more juicy than normal. The Xing Guardian™ game will be enjoyed from another angle with a completely different décor than the main game. The latter will be above the clouds. Large masses of water vapor colored by the magnificent orange-yellow radiation of the lying sun.

The princess of Xing Guardian™ will be present and will unfold from head to toe in defensive positions on the reels with her protective dragon that will circle the blocked reels and allow the feature of free spins to find a true sense of operation in the strength of compensation.

All free spins will be entitled to this particularly dynamic staging with the intervention of the soundtrack which will only accentuate this feeling of power of the slot machine Xing Guardian Well determined to boost the volume of the cashier Lucky players to have managed to reach such a stage of the game.



In my personal opinion, Xing Guardian™ is a mobile casino game that deserves the largest hearings while keeping in mind that this is not the best Asian type game I have been able to test in the library NYX gaming Group. For those who wish to discover the other NextGen Gaming achievements revolving around this theme, the Here: Shangri La™, More Monkeys™, Dragon Palace™, Astro Cat™.

Despite this, I think many will agree with me to say that Xing Guardian™ is a variation of 5 reels that offers relatively neat decorations offering a panoramic view of a paradise place still preserved from the claws and this mania of destruction entrenched in human beings. A perfectly self-contained ecosystem that breathes in full lung where there is also a charming princess.

This protagonist well primed offers beautiful animations filled with energy and this especially during the course of free spins which stands out very clearly from the restful atmosphere that naturally exudes the main game. A free feature allowing you to entertain with 10 spins with in addition to the advantages in-house with the sole ambition to reinforce the different possibilities to find the greatest profitability at the end of course!

Bet largely successful since the silver game Xing Guardian™ has since its terse table of earnings a redistribution rate of its bets worth 97.01%. A theoretical value that translates to be a score far from disappointing if one takes the time to establish an average compared to all the other 5-reel slot machine of the production brand NYX Gaming Group.

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