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Powered by the brilliant publisher NextGen Gaming, Wolfpack Pays™ is an online slot that is composed of 5 reels, 3 rows and that offers 243 ways to make profits. This game put online on May the12th of 2016 in online casinos using NextGen Gaming in free and paid version illustrates with care and dynamism the landscape of a valley where the flora as well as the fauna is very abundant.

A crystalline river divides in two parts this little corner of paradise which is inhabited by some people to see the houses that form a small village hidden behind a forest of conifers. The slot machine interface is floated over a cliff. It offers a plunging view of this land where men live mainly from the fishing.

Is a fairly large and shallow stream that shines in the contacts of the rays of this mighty sun. A fireball that pierces very thick clouds in this beautiful autumn season. This episode will take place in the main game of Wolfpack Pays™ knowing that weather changes will be felt quickly. I will stop there to not write more about it. I would not want to spoil the effect of surprise.

In the main gameplay, the main colors are characterized by shades of dark green, orange, yellow and brown. A mixture of color that remains very enjoyable to look at while taking pleasure in entertaining. The visual of Wolfpack Pays™ undoubtedly reflects a place where it is good to live.

A peaceful place and that even if a wolf lurks in the vicinity without ever really revealing its identity. A powerful and intelligent animal that has a weakness to get to the summits of the surrounding mountains to appreciate this magnificent panorama where nature thrives away from the pollution.

The nights of full moon, the wolf of the game of Wolfpack Pays™ not belonging to any pack will start to howl at the moon. A way for him to communicate to let those who want to hear it well in the distance that he is still in the vicinity despite his rare appearances in contact with the villagers. This lone wolf respects the territory of humans and the latter do the same for this carnivore with grizzled fur and blue eyes piercing.

The interface of the video slot machine Wolfpack Pays™ has 5 reels, 3 rows and 243 combinations to get more or less important prices. As illustrations, this game of chance brings to light a royal eagle, the wolf howling that is photographed in profile with the full moon frozen behind him.

Other than these two protagonists of the game Wolfpack Pays™, representations of card signs are scattered here and there like a heart, a clover, a tile or even a spade. By observing the last four items of loan, we can very quickly notice that they have a point that connects them all. A wolf footprint that is present as a sort of tampon. I will come back to this feature a little later because I think it’s going to interest us a lot.

During the course of the game of Wolfpack Pays™, it will be possible to program levels of bet between £0.40 and £80.00. A betting range that in my opinion will certainly charm all lovers of online casino games. To decrease or increase the default set value, a number of parts will be made available. This adjustment module will be located at the bottom right of the slot machine. With the help of the red and blue arrow and respective way the total bet will decrease or will increase.



The wilds will be able to present themselves and I must say that they will not be expected too long. With the expandable option being an equivalent of three simple wilds on each other, these wilds illustrated by the wolf of history will be able to present themselves several times and on all the reels of the game of silver Wolfpack Pays™.

There are no exceptions to this rule. In addition, expandable jokers will be able to act in the main game as in the gameplay of features that I will list in a few moments. By presenting 3, 4 or 5 times, the substitution wilds will grant lots of the respective parts of 10, 25 or 800 tokens.


From the outset it will be very easy to notice something that is not common in the operation of NextGen Gaming slots. At the top right is a kind of bar that will ask to be completed. This gauge will be positioned horizontally and will be represented by four wolves in full hunting action.

There will be one that will be shown in green, a second in blue, a third in yellow and the last in the list in red. The aim of the game will be to activate them so as to trigger the process of operation of the special feature wolfpack. To operate this option that will result in free games, players will be asked to get on the 5 reels 3 similar icons.

This will have the immediate effect of activating a re-spin (free spins). That’s when the first wolf of the gauge will be activated. In order to put the second in action the blue, the re-spin will have to follow a gain. If by bad luck this is not the case but quite the opposite, the feature wolfpack will suddenly end. As a result, players will have to start again from the beginning.

On the other hand, if the first re-spin will give rise to prizes, the yellow wolf will be activated and it will be so much to actuate the next which is the yellow. The goal to get free spins (free spins) will be to make a flawless. In other words, play with 4 consecutive re-spins that offer each time money at the end of course.

Once this step is validated and is not insurmountable because I witness it during my various tests of the slot machine Wolfpack Pays™, unlimited free games will be put in place. The game will take another turn by plunging the players into a nocturne atmosphere.

The full moon will be the only source of light and it is fully fulfilling its mission. Magnificent effects of contrast and white light will mainly highlight the foliage of the trees, the runoff of the river water and these huge blocks of stone in the foreground. The famous starting gauge will be a change also.

The four wolves will be converted into wolf footprints in the mud which will be numbered three. They symbolize three chances. After a free lap win, another will automatically turn on. On the other hand, when a loss is due to a free spin, a wolf footprint disappears. As they will no longer be present in the power bar, the feature of free spins will end and the interface will resume its service in the main game.



Wolfpack Pays™ is an online casino game that is very enjoyable to browse. I love the atmosphere of play like the ones that can present us Wolfpack Pays™. This nature side, resting with a touch of dynamism by the kiss of the water flow of the river.

This way of highlighting the elements of the decor whether during the hours of the day or the night. Wolfpack Pays™ offers a beautiful graphic chart with a perfectly well framed soundtrack that increases in volume when coming close to a new feature.

The suspense is perfectly well marked by this audio soundtrack. The gameplay is very powerful in terms of redistributing the winnings with a theoretical return of 97.75%! I really enjoyed this evolutionary side with the special option wolfpack.

This is a feature that allows you to play for free through re-spins, expandable wilds and free games that can reach a very important value because at the base they are unlimited in unit. Wolfpack Pays™ is in my opinion a game that deserves to be frequented by players. For me, Wolfpack Pays™ is a game of chance that is now ranked in the favorite NextGen Gaming slots of the Avis Casinos site.

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