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Wizard of Gems

Wizard of Gems is a 5-reels and 3-row slot machine that offers as a replacement payment lines a tumbling reels feature. In other words, a feature that has the principle of dropping in the form of avalanche icons from the top of the interface of the slot machine.

A rather sympathetic staging to observe especially as this option tumbling reels is accompanied by a series of scalable multipliers which will in turn be supported by re-spins. An army of features is to be discovered in the gameplay of the game Wizard of Gems. As regular readers of the Casinos notice site know it for a long time, I will not stop so quickly in my writings. It is with great pleasure that I will spread the respective characteristics of this game Play’n GO through this review and this opinion on the game of Wizard of Gems.

Powered by Play’n GO, Wizard of Gems is an online casino game that door on the theme of magic. Other than this reference referring to this theme, the game Alkemor’s Tower has incredible graphics. So it is through a colorful and magical world that players will be able to evolve in the game to meet multiple options like wilds, free spins or a fixed jackpot of £625 000. Yes just this!

Play’n GO is a Swedish-based online gambling publisher that is making great strides towards the quality of its titles. Wizard of Gems is a slot Play’n GO which is counted as 17th of May of 2016 as one of the last creations of this editor brimming with imagination. Wizard of Gems takes place in a world flooded with magic where centennial maples seem to be both deciduous and persistent. Yes this may seem to be strange but this is a reality in the Wizard of Gems universe. The leaves of the trees fall but they are never put to Nu.

During the course of the game and whatever feature activated, a protagonist high as three apples will be present to put the mood in the game. It is clearly a magician who has more than one trick in his pocket. In addition, it will push cries of joy in English as yeah, yay or even all right, etc.

His behavior will be greatly influenced during free spins. This little human-looking man has the whole panoply of the right magician. It carries on its head a pointed hat of a solid blue color. The latter is decorated in a few places by five-pointed stars a strange object in the shape of a violet spiral is glued just above its visor.

This enchanting white magic to the globular eyes. He is visibly of an advanced age to see his hair, his moustache and his long Beard Grizzled. To be perfectly matched with the colors of his sorcerer’s hat with good intentions, the character of Wizard of Gems is dressed in a long blue cape. This dress on the ground that allows him to conceal his whole body either from the area of his neck until these feet.

This provocative man of magic holds in his right hand a very thick grimoire with a whole bunch of more or less powerful magic formulas. It serves between the fingers of his other hand a magic wand rather fanciful for the blow which is represented by two elements.

A very fine handle with at the end of one of its ends a yellow star with five branches. In addition to having a very iconic dress to magic, the protagonist of the slot machine Wizard of Gems will take advantage of his presence to intervene in the game when he sees fit to do.

This is a very keen character in his general behavior that brings a real plus to the casino game Wizard of Gems. He will be the top manager of the line transformation to make them pay and something tells me that he that his magic wand will be responsible for a lot of upheavals.

This slot machine of the Play’n GO production brand has 5 reels, 3 rows and an avalanche feature of symbols (tumbling reels). Before each new launch that will be activated through the spin button, players will be in full capacity to be able to increase to decrease their initial value.

This betting scale extends between the values of £0.02 and £50.00. A range of bets that should probably delight more than one slot player. An automatic feature will also be within a click range. The latter will allow players to set up to 50 automatic spins, which can of course stop the automatic play at any moment.



The first feature that will probably be one of the first to manifestation concerns the evolutionary winning multipliers. In other words, a graduated multiplication power gauge that will be visible just above the interface. The latter will include multipliers ranging from x1 up to x5!

In order to take advantage of the advantages of this option, a combination of winning symbols will be necessary at first. In this first phase, the feature will go into working condition and it shall be marked by a first re-spin.

Each passage to the next level will be greeted with words on the game screen as pretty, beautiful or even extraordinary. If again winnings show up at the gate then a new re-spin will be born to allow the feature to move on the X multiplication slider2.

In case of failure either during the end result of an orphaned spin in prizes, the option of progressive multipliers will stop to fall back abruptly on an index of x1. Therefore, it will be required to get three consecutive re-spins winners to be able to take advantage of the totality of what this option offers is a maximum multiplication of x5! Once you have reached this multiplier, the feature will restart its operations at its initial state, which is x1. This feature may very well be active in the main game as in the gameplay of the free spins.


wildcards will be present. Those of the online game Wizard of Gems will be able to present themselves several times on the screen in order to complete much faster their objectives. A mission that is to form a pay earning line by acting as icons of substitution.

The jokers will have a full power of action in this sense except for the scatter symbols that will allow you to enter the free spins. Symbolized by the magician’s Grimoire that stands to the left of the slot machine Wizard Of Gems, the wilds can both be present in the main game and in the free spins.


These are the scatters that will allow the game to activate free spins. To go in this direction, it will be asked to collect at least 3 scatter icons that will be symbolized by a five star branches.

It is then that 10 free spins will activate by default. They will be able to walk immediately and they shall be accompanied by a graphic charter to the nocturnal atmospheres where the maple trees are allowed to see fluorescent gems in their foliage.

A very pleasant time to spend in addition to this ability to distribute very large token lots. With a more dynamic soundtrack, the magician holding his open Grimoire will use his best powers to make randomly appear on the screen of the wilds with the help of his magic wand powerful.

It will not be rare in this time of the game of Wizard of Gems to trigger big win, other free spins that can go up to 50 where even see to pick up the fixed jackpot announced which is £625 000!



Wizard of Gems is a Play’n GO slot machine that has a great gameplay. The features are in number on the one hand allowing players to find some profitability and other part of being able to play a certain time without really turning into round.

The character of the story is very keen at the level of his expressions. He is heavily involved in the game and he makes it known by various means of communication whether orally or physically. The casino game Wizard of Gems is quite captivating with a graphic chart that is far from being unpleasant.

The decorations are neat with beautiful finishing touches that are slightly accentuated during the course of the free spins. Free spins to the number of 10 that can reach an apogee of 50 during the process of featuring via extra free spins.

In addition to offering a good bunch of features and working with an option Tumbling Reels, Wizard Of Gems is an online slot that features a fixed jackpot worth £625 000. One of the most important vis-à-vis the toy library of Play’n GO money games.

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