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Top 5 English virtual casinos with instant games!

Many players are more and more eager to play on one or more online casinos that offer a full version with no download their games. A new technological breakthrough that allows to launch any game from its internet browser. To facilitate searches and then respond to internet users who are looking for trusted online casinos that offer instant game versions, below stands the top 5 of the best no download virtual casinos of this year 2019.

Casinos Number of flash games


+ 3000
Napoleon Games


+ 1500
Spicy Spins




+ 1500
Magical Spin


+ 2000

During the course of the 90’s, the first virtual casinos such as Real Time gaming brands or Rival gaming only offered versions of their games with software to download. A procedure that was obligatory in order to be able to then begin to align bets. There were no alternatives other than this one.

But time has made its way to evolve positively by strengthening the capabilities of technology to both offer more and more authentic game graphics allied hand in hand with sounds mingling almost to the real. Nowadays, the games of chance that we can interact with on the internet are surprisingly realistic. Their launch media have also followed the step of this technological improvement by offering the possibility of entertaining from Adobe Flash Player, HTML5 (mobile) and JAVA versions. In other words without having the need to download a propulsion software to start playing.

These terms should certainly be familiar to many readers because these additional navigation options are integrated by default in most popular internet browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari,… These add-ons that have the advantage of significantly improving the experience of users on the internet can be activated or deactivated at any time.

These are updated regularly in order to ensure optimum security when they are used by connecting to all kinds of websites. In addition, these plugins are sometimes necessary to display site elements that work in Flash like for example the free downloadable games present on the Avis Casino site.

Advantages and disadvantages :

If the online casinos without download are more and more popular, this is not for nothing. As a result, the advantages of this flash technology triumph over the top of the disadvantages they can generate for their users.

Quick access :

The first advantage that in my opinion deserves this pole position is the speed of access to a game with no download that it is available in free or paying version. To start playing, it is just enough for the person concerned to connect to the casino with no download using his username and password. Once identified, the player only has to go to the games gallery of the betting site to select a game either in fun or real mode.

During his playing time, he may change the game by switching from slot machines to scratch cards as he pleases, taking into account that the casinos with no download offer instant games at 100% compared to their toy library. In other words, it clearly means that all games running with management robots like Netent, Betsoft, NextGen, ELK Studio, Rival, Leander games, 1X2 Gaming, Cryptologic, Betsoft, and so on operate in Flash and even the section that allows to be entertained with dealers in real time situations. No variation is set aside. They are all instantly accessible.

Play in a secure manner with an assured discretion :

The second advantage merges with security and discretion. Online casinos that impose in quotation marks to download a software to be able to start playing scare most of the time the players to the idea of thinking that this software can probably host a virus or spy software. These programs to install the casino in his computer are certified at 100% to not contain any trojan or malicious systems intended to violate the privacy of users of the web or simply to destroy their machine.

But this security that is constantly updated in order to keep its same protection power does not prevent some users from not going further in this process. A procedure that asks to install the casino software alongside other programs on their computer. That is quite legitimate and I understand it perfectly.

Some people share their computer with other people living in their homes. Therefore, having an online casino software visible on the desktop of your computer can intrigue the user or users who are not informed that a family member is occasionally addicted to online casino games. This icon that represents the virtual casino sign can of course be hidden in a folder to not appear on the computer desktop.

To do this, simply do not check the desktop box (create a desktop icon) when installing the software and choose a specific location using the browse button. In addition, the software has a connection module by account ID and password. This has the benefit of avoiding anyone other than the creator of the account to be able to connect using the online casino software.

With the casinos with no download, these disadvantages that I just quoted compared to the virtual casinos that have a game software that needs to be installed in order to be able to operate do not exist in any way. To play with a casino with no download, you just have to go to the site, to open an account, to connect and to choose its game.

All other manipulations are open as to be able to change this account information (password, email, postal address,…), deposit or withdraw money, contact customer service,… all with a secure HTTPS connection, Secure sockets Layers (SSL). A system that also has the task of encrypting the data exchanged between two machines following an authentication step. In our case, a connection to his player account to start entertaining through a game mode with no download with free or paid chips.

Compatible games on all screens :

The games of online casinos with not download are equipped with the latest technologies like Adobe Flash Player, JAVA and the HTML5 format so that everyone can play with their favorite internet connection media. Mobile phones, IOS, Android, PC, tablet, MAC, Windows and other operating systems and web connection tools are 100% compatible with instant casino games.

Connection rate and power of the computer :

No download virtual casinos have a common drawback to the stability of their games. At first it depends strongly on the connection rate of the user. With the Asymmetric Digital subscriber line (ADSL), the latter should not find any difficulty in playing and observing fluid navigation in the course of its game parts. But this is not yet the case for everyone. Some live in the countryside and many villages or small towns are not yet equipped with these technological advances that aim to improve the speed of connection on the internet.

For this group of players, display problems can arise with for example a scrolling of the images to slow down, a soundtrack that is no longer in concordance with the game, the interface that freezes or in the highest case a blockage of the game with either a slow reconnect or a full crash that requires you to refresh the game using the F5 key on its computer keyboard. In this case, the casino with no download is not responsible for this bad transcription of images and sounds. This is too low a flow to play games directly from its browser. In addition, this scenario is presented in most of the terms and conditions of use of this type of establishment.

If this inconvenience persists, the best thing is to turn to a casino with download that will ensure greater stability. Display problems can also be linked to too high a concentration of players during a time slot where casino attendance is maximum. Mostly weekends and evenings. This important and simultaneous attendance on the part of the players has the effect of generating a loss in the throughput of the servers of the casino and thus creating multiple problems related to the operation of the game.

Of course, virtual casinos with no download as is the case for Lucky31 are fully aware of this phenomenon and to remedy this anomaly, additional web servers are enabled to support these hours with high traffic and then offer the best stability to play. I mention this point because at the beginning of the launch of the games with no download, the first operators specialized in this new way of playing at the casino had known problems of this type. It is always good to say this and to point out that this problem has been resolved for a long time. This has the effect of once again marking a facet of the evolution of online gambling that continues to move forward.

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