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The provider NetEnt offers us a Wilderland™ blockbuster immersed in an imaginary world with 4 different Walking Wild symbols, a slew of features and free spins! With a superb interface, players will be able to dream and try to win juicy prizes.

Wilderland™ has a lot of features that are pretty similar with the video slot of the same provider Wings of Riches™. First of all because they share the same theme, the elves with its 5 reels and 20 fixed payment lines. But not only because Wings of Riches™ also has a beautiful interface and soundtrack that project on players a deep sense of peace and harmony while offering winnings that can be quite substantial.

In the forest of the purple woods, the princess of the elves, Tila set herself in the head to bring her people closer to that of the green elves. But it’s not in the other princess’s plans… Brenda, who absolutely doesn’t want to hear about it. She’s going to do everything she can to thwart Tila’s plans..

Tila will seek advice from the goddess of the tree of wisdom to see if what she wants to undertake has a future or not. When she is gathering herself, the eyes of the goddess light up but unfortunately not the time to warn her… Someone just kidnapped her!

A troop of green elves under the influence of their princess have just knocked her out and put her in a bag. The pact was supposed to be signed today and Brenda wants everyone to believe that Tila doesn’t want to sign and that she’s going to be the bad one.

But Tila has more than one trick up her sleeve and escapes her captors. She can join the elf council and sign the pact. Now Brenda can’t back down and has to sign. Finally, the elves all end up with Tila and form one people who will all support each other.

Features of Wilderland™:


In The main game of Wilderland™, there is an activation zone covering the middle row. In free spins, the activation area covers all three rows. Two or more wild symbols appearing horizontally adjacent to each other in the activation zone trigger the forest treasure feature.

Each of the regular wilds symbols of the Wilderland™ gambling activating the Forest Treasure feature turns into one of four Walking Wild symbols: at Walking Wild, an Expanding Walking Wild, an x2 Walking Wild, or a Scatter Walking Wild. A regular wild symbol landing in the activation area next to any Walking Wild symbol also activates the forest treasure function and transforms into one of the Walking Wild symbols.

Horizontally, wild symbols of Wilderland™ adjacent appearing on the reels as the result of activating the Forest Treasure feature do not turn into Walking Wild symbols. Each time players change their bets into cash or coins, all Walking Wild symbols will be saved with the wagering value and disappear from the reels with the different bet value..

All Wilderland™ game wins are evaluated after the forest treasure is activated. There are 5 types of wild symbols in the game: a regular Wild, a Walking Wild, an Expanding Walking Wild, an x2 Walking Wild and a Scatter Walking Wild. Regular wild symbols can only appear when the forest treasure feature is activated.

All Wilderland™ Walking Wild symbols move a row to the left at the beginning of each turn. The Expanding Walking Wild symbol transforms into a stack of Walking Wild symbols covering the entire row. All betting line wins with a walking x2 symbol are multiplied by 2.

If symbols appear or more in the Wilderland™ game of 2 x2 Walking Wild symbols appear on a winning bet line, the victory is multiplied by 2 for each x2 Walking Wild symbol. The Regular Wild, Walking Wild, Expanding Walking Wild and x2 Walking Wild symbols replace all symbols except Scatter symbols and other Walking Wild symbols.

Scatter Walking Wild symbols replace all the symbols of the slot machine Wilderland™, except for other Walking Wild symbols. Regular Wild, Walking Wild, Expanding Walking Wild, x2 Walking Wild and Scatter Walking Wild will be surrogate symbols that will pay the highest possible winning combination on a betting line according to the winnings table.

In the main game of Wilderland™, when a stack of 3 Walking Wild symbols disappears from row 1 and there are no Walking Wild symbols on the reels. The Magic Wild feature can be activated and Walking Wild symbols can reappear on reel 5.

In the free spins of the online gambling Wilderland™, when a number of Walking Wild symbols disappear from reel 1 and there are no Walking Wild symbols on the reels, the Magic Wild feature may be activated and the disappearance of symbols Walking Wild can reappear on reel 5.

The regular scatter symbols of the free Wilderland™ slot video can appear on the top and bottom lines in the main game. 3 or more Scatter or Scatter Walking Wild symbols appearing anywhere on the reels in the main game will activate the free spins. 3 Scatter and Scatter Walking Wild symbols activating free spins. They will reward a Walking Wild symbol in the middle of reel 5 during the first free spin.

Each additional Wilderland™ Scatter symbol and that will activate the reward for another Walking Wild or x2 Walking Wild symbol randomly placed in the first free round. In free spins, the activation area covers all three rows. Two or more wild symbols appearing horizontally and adjacently on any row of the activation zone act on the forest treasure feature.

In Wilderland™ free spins, Scatter Walking Wild symbols cannot be attributed in the Forest Treasure feature. In free spins, if an Expanding Walking Wild symbol appears on the same reel as an x2 Walking Wild symbol, the entire reel is covered with x2 Walking Wild symbols.

Free Wilderland™ play spins end when there are no Walking Wild symbols on the reels. The number of free spins is 6. Free spins are played on the same betting level as the round that activated the free spins. At the end of the free spins, the total victory of free spins is added to all the victories of the tour that activated the free spins.

At the end of the free spins, Wilderland™ gameplay will return to the main game. All Walking Wild symbols that were on the reels at the end of the round that activated the free spins are restored. If the free spins and forest treasure function are assigned at the same time, the forest treasure feature is activated first.

Opinion about Wilderland™:

The game Wilderland™ of the provider NetEnt is a real wonder! A superb interface with colors in shades of purple, purple and fluorescent color symbols that will come out and give a magical effect. A true fairy tale with beautiful elves, beautiful flowers, foxes, etc… Players will be well immersed in the theme that will catch them and will not let them escape.

A soundtrack that will propel the imagination to the highest level with Zen music that will push relaxation to an unsuspected level! Players will be able to find the big NetEnt at its highest level. A flawless graphic chart and a unison soundtrack that will provide a superb effect.

Bets range from €0.20 to €400. And yes the provider NetEnt does the total! From the shyest player to the high roller everyone is covered and taken into account. Bets start low which is good for people who have no experience and the maximum bets will be €400 which is not given to everyone. Only to a small elite that is well to take into account!

The wilderland™ game is full of features, wilds, scatters, bonus game does not disappoint. It’s a magical game that will leave a great impression. The features don’t take too long to trigger which is absolutely great for players. I highly recommend the Wilderland™ game.

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