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Wild World™

The Netent provider offers us a new 5×5 slot machine, Wild Worlds™ presented in the form of avalanche-decked symbols, gameplay packed with features and funny birds in full mission to rid monsters who want to invade our planet. The graphics are so neat that it would almost seem like a moment to be in the very colorful pictures of a cartoon. The 3-dimensional cinematography also makes its work very well as a welcome when entering the world of Wild Worlds™.

The time has elapsed to export us in a fraction of a second in 2200. The monsters have taken power, but there are still some heroes on the planet: birds! And yes, the birds who face these strange creatures who want to dominate us. Giorgio the greatest, the Blue Bird is at the helm, Tizzia the pink bird and Marco the green bird are at his command and they have sworn regain control of their planet. As in the game Wild Worlds™, we see them sitting at their desks in a control tower facing their computer trying to plan a strategy to defeat these diabolical creatures.

It is not easy because these repellent watches and a perversity without possible qualifiers are really very strategists. The heroes in charge of saving the future of mankind did not know how to take control of this desperate situation. One should invent weapons capable of disintegrating them and the others would plan the attack. You had to go directly to the weak points of their leader, only by weakening it first and destroying it after they could get rid of those beasts there.

Marco the most gifted in science had just created a formidable weapon and it was necessary to try against these critters to test its real effectiveness. And that was the work of Giorgio and Tizzia who were soon to make a massacre! They were soon to win the battle. All that was missing was the boss, the most terrible, the leader of his creatures. But little by little, by reaching his weak points, as in Wild Worlds™, they end up killing him and releasing the planet from his regiment of monsters. These birds are real heroes!

Features of Wild Worlds™:


The video slot Wild Worlds™ counts on a 5×5 grid of symbols that collapse in avalanche with upstream various features that will be animated on 1 to 10 levels, 20 coins per level and different denomination values. Each winning party will occur when 3 or more identical symbols will be in a vertical or horizontal line. A single row or column can contain more than one win because there may be intersections or overlays.

The avalanche feature differs from the reels that rotate by dropping the symbols on the reels. A winning game begins an avalanche. The symbols in the winning combinations explode and disappear, leaving room for a second avalanche of symbols for another chance to gain more important winnings. The avalanche will continue until there are no more winnings.

Hero Wilds are the hero symbols in a winning combination that are destroyed, the rest of the symbols of this type that are present on the reels will change to wilds. This will happen before the next avalanche starts and continues until there are no more winnings with heroes symbols that are all average pay symbols.

The wilds symbols override all symbols except scatter symbols, they will be paid in accordance with the payout table. If 3 or more wild symbols are adjacent horizontally or vertically, they will reward a gain in addition to their value from the symbols on the sides. The Hero Wilds feature can be activated in the main game or in the free spins.

The destroy feature will be activated randomly in the case of a non-win in the main game. In this feature the symbols of a single color remain on the reels, all other symbols are destroyed. New symbols will then fall on the reels with the new avalanche and scatters symbols cannot be destroyed.

3 scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels in the main game will activate 8 free spins. Free spins will be played on the same bet level and denomination value that activated the free spins. At the end of the free spins, the game will return to the part that activated the free spins. There are heroes and monsters present in free spins.

Heroes Attack Monsters. Any win during free spins have the following consequences, first damage is inflicted to one or more captains or if they have already been destroyed at one or more weaknesses of the boss and after a special hero counter is loaded and when it is filled it will damage the monsters.

There are 3 worlds of free spins, each with their own features Dark Forest (extended wilds), Ice World (Heavy wilds) and Fire Lands (Random wilds). At the beginning of free spins, players turn the wheel to see what world of free spins they are going to go, in case the connection gets lost then the world of free spins will be chosen randomly. It will be possible to win 8 more free spins for that the player will have to destroy the Boss.

To activate the free spins feature, heroes need to destroy one of the captains or one of the Boss’ weaknesses. The corresponding feature is rewarded after the next avalanche before any win assessment and only during the free spins that activated it. The colors of the symbols on the wheel correspond to the corresponding free spins worlds. Blue for Ice World, red for Fire Lands, and green for Dark Forrest.

Heavy wilds a pile of 2 heavy wilds symbols are placed on the reels after the next avalanche. They may not fall lower than the fourth reel, and may fall on other heavy wild symbols, but in this case only one will be able to stay on the reels. If they are part of a winning combination the heavy wilds are not destroyed, they will remain on the reels for the next avalanche.

The heavy wilds symbols will explore when they reach the fifth row, if they are part of a winning combination they’ll complete it and eventually be destroyed, if they’re not part of a winning combination, they’ll disappear with the new avalanche.

From 2 to 4 random wilds symbols will be randomly placed on the reels, if they complete a winning combination, the random wild symbol will explode with the other symbols. The new symbols that fall in their place will change to wilds. If they do not complete a winning combination, but there are winnings with other symbols then the random wilds will remain on the reels for the next avalanche.

The spreading wilds will be randomly placed on the reels, if they complete a winning combination it will explode along the other symbols, new spreading wilds symbols will be placed on the adjacent positions. Each spreading wild can generate up to two spreading wild symbols. They can land on other symbols wilds.

There are two types of monsters in the game: 3 captains and the Boss. Each captain has 15 health points and when the monster has 0 health point it is destroyed. Monsters that are partially affected do not reset between free spins. For each captain that is destroyed, the free spins feature of the world of the corresponding free spins is activated. If multiple captains are destroyed both the rewarded feature is the corresponding number of time.

The Boss has 105 health points, it can only be damaged if all captains have been destroyed. It has 5 weak points: two of them are worth 15 points and the other 3 are worth 25 points each. When the Boss is attacked, the heroes launch attacks against him in his weaknesses. If the boss is destroyed, the avalanche will continue until there are no more victories and the player will then be transported to another world of free spins where they will be given 8 free spins and a new set of monsters.

If the boss in the new world of free spins is also destroyed it goes into the next. And so on, the same world of free spins can be activated twice if the player has defeated the boss in the other two previous worlds. And this can continue as long as the new boss in the new world is defeated.

When the hero attack feature each of the heroes has a corresponding medium and low symbol that will be used to activate their hero attack and load their hero meter. Each hero has a random and special attack against each monster after each winnings evaluation. A win with 3, 4 or 5 symbols gives 1, 2 or 3 damage points respectively.

There are three special heroes one meter for each of them. 3 loads are required to fill a meter. A win with a hero symbol will damage the monster, but it’ll also load the hero’s corresponding meter. Each winning combination on a medium or low symbol loads the 1 gauge. If after regular attacks the gauge is full, the hero’s special attack will be triggered.

After a special hero attack, the corresponding meter is reset, and any recharge after it is filled is useless, it is lost. It will not reset after every free spin, but if you change the world of free spins. The Special attack of the blue hero gives 1 point of damage to all monsters. The Special attack of the pink hero gives 1 point of damage 4 times to random monsters or to a single monster. The Special attack of the green monster gives 4 points of damage to a monster randomly.

Opinion of Wild Worlds™:

Wild Worlds™, presented by a very extensive gameplay and a hyper-well-made graphic charter is what the Swedish giant Netent offers us. A 5×5 slot machine in avalanche shows us well why it is one of the best providers. Lately Netent brought us video slots with few features, too simple for a team like hers. In fact, he comes to show us that he is not dead, that he is there and that he wants to continue in the first positions.

Denomination values ranging from 0.01 to €2, which makes bets that can range from 0.20 to €400 depending on how many lines you choose, it’s still not bad. There are a few for all budgets and for all types of players what is actually looking for by casino providers. To be able to satisfy the maximum number of people as possible. It is sure that a bet of €400 per turn is not within reach of everyone’s hand but it delighted people who prefer to bet big to win big, without obviously leaving the rest.

The Netent provider has chosen for Wild Worlds™ the slot machine with Cluster Pays™ technology instead of the simple reels, it’s something that is becoming more and more common and fashionable. A story, super heroes in the shape of birds, games, wilds brief the resulting machine of this cocktail I think it will make a hit and it’s really nice to see the effort that the technical team this time provided. The introductory video also is not bad, the details that give movement that really give the impression that these birds are alive and that one is with them..

The return to the player is 96.47% and the average volatility, that is to say that one should not wait too long to activate the features, the wins even if they are not very high fall fairly regularly what makes an asset more to this free slot machine that promises to give us good moments of relaxation. Netent bet on a bunch of super hero birds and I think this time he was not mistaken. Bravo Netent!

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