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Wild Wild West the Great Train Heist™

The Swedish publishers Netent hit again very hard with their new production of video slot with the catchy title of Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist™! An online casino game loaded with adventures of all kinds that will most likely be a delight to marvel those who have a serious inclination for the games to the Westerns raised by a horde of Cowboys well determined to become Wealthy before the fall of the Night.

A gang of thugs to the criminal record long as the arm which according to the tale of their escalation in delinquency do not feel any fear when it comes to defy all the forbidden. Governed by greed, these looted protagonists are madly mocking the laws and series of dangers sown in their path as they keep in their minds to achieve their ends and this even if the consequences of their actions must lead them all right in a bath of blood.

Of high-flying villains who will come to the Wild Wild West The Great train Heist™ game in Team 4 with the firm intention of storming a freight train which according to the surrounding rumors would be loaded with precious metals. Barely concealed gold in wooden trunks stowed in cars darkening at a brisk pace towards the southwest of America.

No surprise after this story, this information that still needed to be verified by these burnt heads did not fall into deaf ears. According to their positions and the current location of this mighty train-devourer of charcoal, these mobsters could according to their strategists calculations fall nose to nose with the latter at the fall of the night!

The biggest heist in this county of Texas is about to take place without anyone on board being able to measure the consequences of what is about to happen before their eyes. One night that they are not ready to erase from their memory. These 4 bandits with well-honed attack strategies will not go there with tweezers and therefore they will not hesitate for a single second to repeat violence because the motivation is too strong. A goal that translates into a cargo of invaluable value that is stored in this freight train and for any individual on this planet, it would be a pity not to seize.

The 4 protagonists with the worst enemies, the authorities will therefore set a perfect ambush where deadly bullets are ready to fuse in all trajectories. A trap that will make all the sense during the course of the free parts with this chance to activate Wilds simple, Wilds extendable, Wilds multiplier of x2 as well as Wilds spreading!

A feature symbolized by a gold safe will also be part of the game and it will have the role of activating a option Click I who promises to serve heavy packs of tokens to those who will have this opportunity to get close enough ready. The gain multipliers will also be in the vicinity with this ultimate force to be able to reach a dizzying peak of x50!

Offering graphics come straight from a comic strip, Wild Wild West The Great Train Heist™ is a video slot mobile in 3 dimensions that lets its audience entertained with sums of money establishes between the values of £0.10 and £100.00. A relatively comfortable betting margin that clearly indicates that players from any horizon in terms of their budget will be able to find their account.

Wild Wild West the Great Train Heist™ offers different tuning points to let players tweak their betting level are therefore active part and denomination values. The Wild Wild West the Great Train Heist™ hosts on its interface 5 reels, 3 rows as well as 10 pay lines that remain in the configuration of this online game Netent fixed.



Wild Wild West The Great Train Heist™ is a game of money that overflows with actions of all kinds and begins with the demonstration of Wilds simple! A feature specific to itself that can add its grain of salt during the activation of Free spins ( free games). The simple wilds are very easily spotted on the interface of 5 reels as they are simply illustrated by an icon representing with a certain cartoon style an explosion emitted by dynamite projecting debris Blacks and violets everywhere and giving birth to the heart of this explosion the word wild on orange color.

As I had stipulated, the simple wilds of the Wild Wild West The Great Train Heist™ Silver Game are really very easy to spot on the 5 wheels of video slot. These icons also named Wilds regulars will have the feature of giving a boost to the slot machine Wild Wild West The Great Train Heist™ so that it is able to release chips in a fairly early fashion.

That is to say that the simple wilds will be kings on all the reels of video slot and this without any restriction. This is already a good thing and it is not all Netent virtual slots that offer such an advantage. Following this, the wilds once present on the reels because yes they will have this ability to be able to intervene in a group during the end of the process of a spin will have this strength to be able to replace all the illustrations of the game by others.

Random substitutions that will be for the sole purpose of helping the game to form pay lines. On the other hand, the bonus items symbol and scatters will not be subject to replacement. They will be simply immune to the substitution intentions of the simple wilds. By getting 3, 4 or 5 times the Purple wilds on the screen, users will be able to collect as an extra and respective way 25, 80 or 500 games!


Free spins are you available? Yes of course we are present and we are represented by the front side of the superpowered locomotive of this train that tries to escape the fierce attacks of those mad cowboys who want above all to immobilize the train to steal its precious loading.

To enter this feature free Spins, setting the game Wild Wild West The Great Train Heist™ will ask that the users face each other with the image of the capo of the locomotive which has a figure of 7. By getting 3, 4 or 5 scatter icons, lucky players will be able to enjoy a free game time of 10, 20 or 30 Free Spins!

Before the feature is fully automated, a wheel of fortune will rise in transition between the main game and the free sequence step. The latter will be composed of 4 fractions that will be illustrated by simple Wilds, able wilds Stretch, Wilds doubled the prizes earned by x2 and spreading Wild ! To stop this wheel of fortune, a stop button will be visible at the top right of the screen. By clicking on it, the needle of the wheel will finish its race on one of the feature that will get a green light to activate throughout the process of unwinding the free spins of Wild Wild West The Great Train Heist™.

The interface of the game will plunge into a dark night not frankly reassuring. The train will be stormed by these 4 extras to the status of veterans in armed robberies. Under the progressive excitement and this dose the adrenaline they seek time at each convoy attack, they will be ready as never and therefore armed up to the tooth by pulling towards the train having for major impact to transform slowly its large wagons built of wooden planks in real pieces of gruyere. of unconscious triggers easy that will eventually come to steal what they had come look for.

The free session will therefore not be of any rest with shooting at everything from revolver, bullets lost ricocheting on metal surfaces, war shouts, multiple sounds of lashes, panic sounds on the train with the guards who had not been sufficiently trained to undergo such a surge of violence with men with great determination to seize the loot, etc.

The end will be festive with this gathering of bandits savoring their victory by shooting dozens of shots in the air and inviting the amount of the big win associated with the free spins to reach the highest of the records of the games of Netent!

To symbolize the treasure hidden in this train targeted by this band of Cowboys completely crazy, the latter will be staged by a feature on behalf of click me or Pick me in English terms. So that this feature can take root during the course of the Wild Wild West The Great Train Heist™ slot machine, 3 Bonus symbols represented by a solid gold safe will have to be positioned anywhere on the 5 reels.

Will then come time to play with this feature that would require players to invest more in the context of the slot machine of Wild wild West The Great Train Heist™ by randomly clicking on one of the 3 chests visible on the screen. Following this selection, the content will open to let see a lot of games accompanied by a price multiplier that will show up randomly between x5 and x50!



They are pretty rare but I appreciate the slots in comics format which each time has the role of sharing a very captivating internal story with an attractive family of features. Wild Wild West The Great Train Heist™ is a mobile slot machine that is a perfect symbol. The story of 4 cowboy preparing to make the biggest heist of the year by storming a freight train chock full of gold lingots. What rouse all the gangsters of the region in search of thrills to fulfill this thrilling mission of stealing the most voluminous of treasures that would be much more than a hundred in normal time.

Wild Wild West The Great Train Heist™ is a game that comes straight from the labs of Netent with graphics to perfection brought to light by a palette of very varied colors. The background illustrates with care the Texan desert consisting mainly of sand and mountain chains as far as the eye could see. Its arid flora represented by cacti and other fatty plants that seem to want to enjoy the desert by finding refuge between the stones that litter the ground. This dynamism caused by this train which is running fast to try to escape these bandits on horseback who shot at sight by darting their horses.

The interface of the game marked by 5 reels does not lack details of all kinds by putting the emphasis on the representation of the 4 protagonists who have for each of them a formidable weapon of attack. One of which a man and a woman holding with confidence a barrel revolver of 6 strokes of Magnum Caliber, another the youngest of the team finding a certain level of confidence by fighting with the force of the fist and the fourth magnet to pour the blood of his victims have the use of its dreaded non stop.

In addition to offering neat graphics and of a soundtrack worthy of the greatest films of Western and for users who are looking for games that soaks in this theme, I propose to discover the game Wild West of NYX gaming available in Demo version from the Avis Casinos site.

Wild Wild West The Great Train Heist™ is a slot machine that does not go by dead hand to display the features that are part of its gameplay. Players can at any time of the game activate wilds working in different ways, this possibility of being able to be entertained for free during 30 spins and this incredible special function Click me/Pick me which makes a carton at the level of the potential of the prize winnings by having this ability to multiply up to x50 the freshly discovered prize!

Understand that in this review about the Wild Wild West The Great Train Heist™ game, players who will decide to discover it for free and with no download on the site of Avis Casinos probably not likely to be disappointed with the trip and that’s the least I can say. Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist™ is a 10-lines Netent chance game that has everything to please with a very pleasant design, an enriching gameplay in every sense of the term and a theoretical redistribution rate of 96.7%!

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