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Wild West™

Wild West™ is a slot machine with 5 reels and 10 winning lines in the moods that turn to the western in all its splendor. This online slot with no download the NextGen Gaming brand has a country rated music.

In the first place, the soundtrack of Wild West™ with rather calm and restful notation will very quickly cease to be by moving towards more pronounced sounds. This will be the case when acquiring prizes through features like for example during the course of free spins that promise to be loaded in suspense.

The history of Wild West™ will take place in North America on the hot summer day. To avoid the inconvenience caused by this violent heatwave that dries everything in its passage nothing better than to find quickly refuge inside a saloon. Magically, this will be the case during all Wild West™ game with multiple refreshments such as beers, cognac or water for the wisest.

But strangely, there is no shadow of a presence of life. Even gutter cats seem to be rated at absent. This is both reciprocal in the streets of the city or in this famous saloon where usually cowboys spend their time drinking alcohol, smoking cigars and playing poker for long hours. The place is not a mess either, which could let us imagine that a non-foreshadowed event had just occurred causing the escape of all the inhabitants of this small American town. Only the light fixtures in the shape of a trolley reel are in motion. This is not normal as they should be fixed at the end of these chains. Wild West’s™ background does not show any form of life as if something abnormal had made all these people disappear in a fraction of a second.

Anyway, all this will drastically change when the 5 reels of Wild West™ will be in action! The icons of this video slot machine offers sublime decor in 3 dimensions. The symbols of the game are therefore a young woman holding between her forefinger and her major a glass on foot containing most certainly blonde beer. Cognac, a pair of cowboy, a lot of money with a bag that lets you see with agility the motto of the Dollars in stencil form, a horse holding between his hoof a deck of cards, a cowboy, a distributor of blackjack cards and finally the perfect representation the Saloon!

Powered by NextGen Gaming, the online gambling game Wild West™ offers its players the opportunity to accumulate many forms of prizes through 5 reels and 10 payment lines. To add a real and profound dynamic to the game, Wild West™ is configured to be able to offer wild, scatter, free spins, or doubles feature and a special feature (Super Bet). The minimum bet to start playing and £0.10 knowing that the maximum tolerated between each part is £20.00 that can be quite low for some slots players.

Features :


When triggering the wild feature, the players involved are going to have to do a cowboy totally crazy about the trigger. The latter does not hesitate to shoot bullets in any direction even if they injure innocent people.

In this transient but devastating madness, he will not hesitate to shout of joy as if this situation of which he is the creator was perfectly normal. Faced with this, the game will suffer the consequences by being particularly upset by the sudden arrival of these wilds on the reels.

In addition to attending the special staging of the wilds cowboy, they will not hesitate for a single second to clean up on the screen by acting as a substitute for symbols. They are going to give it to their hearts and they will be able to perform this act on all the icons of the online game with no download Wild West™ except for the illustrations of the scatters. Note that these jokers will have an effect on reels 3, 4 and 5 only what is already far from negligible.


But this wild cowboy completely crazy and unconscious of his gestures will go even more far! If this happens during the earning of a win then free spins will be set up in the game.

These free spins are not going to be desired too long by putting in service in stride! There will be 5 of them knowing that it will be possible to credit others during this completely free game of Wild West™. During the course of this game session that will take place this time during a starry night, a new icon will point the tip of his nose.

This is an icon named stack of poker chips. Its role will be to amplify the formation of winning lines of earning. To achieve this, the stacks of poker chips are not just going to show up only on one square but on several. This is actually a kind of expandable joker that aims to complete the height of a reel in the best scenario.

Everything will depend on its symbol environment at this particular moment. During its activity, it will be necessary to expect a staging with these poker chips that are going to be expelled from the screen by going to credit random prices in cash. A beautiful show is therefore to be expected…


To encompass these two feature of the Wild West™ slot, a third one we class in special feature is called Super bet and its name can not be more explicit than that. This option can be turned on and off before each new spin of the Wild West™ game of chance.

We can clearly notice its permanent presence to the right of the game interface. This special feature is in the form of an alcohol glass bottle. Its principle will be to increase the chances of pocketing gains following a game but that at a prize.

This bottle has an internal gauge in 3 levels. The first is the off which means that the feature is not active. The second level offers the opportunity to multiply by two these benefits. To do this, players will have to play 10 lines + 10 coins. The third level is accessible at any time to try to multiply by five these future earning. To do this, the Wild West™ silver game asks to wager 10 lines + 40 coins.



Wild West™ is in my opinion a video slot with no download that offers graphics in three dimensions particularly well-managed. The games of light with these multiple contrasts offers a true graphic quality to the game. The details do not pimp that they are visible or still sound because a real work has also been carried out at the level of this part of the game. The staging of the cowboy is in my humble opinion a real success.

The redistribution of earnings also goes in this direction with a real army of features. I regret the absence of a fixed jackpot even though this online slot proves to be particularly gainful in the long run. With redistribution rates of over 95.86%, there can no longer be any doubt about it.

I therefore recommend with a great R Wild West™ for gamers who love above all the slots that deal with the theme of the western. Adventure and action are at the appointment and finally, I think that few people will be disappointed by this title signed NextGen Gaming.

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