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On November the 22nd of 2018, the Playson provider released its new flash slot machine Wild Warriors™, under the theme of Nordic Warrior Women, the Valkyries : legend or reality? These Eomen in an appearance of perfection but who in reality are genuine killing machines to fight alongside Odin will talk to us to win a good package!

The Valkyries are female divine beings who served Odin and Freyja in Norse mythology. Their goal was to select the most valiant fallen in battle, and take them to Valhalla (a living room in the palace of Odin) where they will become Einherjer, the spirits of the warriors dead fighting.

Odin needed conquerors to fight with him in the battle of the end of the world the Ragnarök, against the fire giants led by Surt, but also against the Jotuns (superhuman force giants) released by Loki. Not only the gods, the giants and the monsters will die, but practically the whole universe will be destroyed.

Their habitual residence was the Vingolf, one of the abodes of the deities, where the dead fighters went, a building that had five hundred and forty doors through which they entered to be healed, misplaced by their beauty and where the Wild Warriors™, the Valkyries, gave them hydromel to drink.

Originally many of the most well-known Valkyries had mortal parents, and it was thought that they were the priestesses of Odin who officiated in ritual sacrifices in which prisoners were executed by these young warriors who decided who was to live and who was to die.

Other sources say that the Wild Warriors™, the Valkyries, were gangs of warlike women where one was named as the leader of this troupe. Everything indicated that she was a human woman, daughter of a king but also had the supernatural powers of others.

The instant Slot machine Wild Warriors ™ tells us the story of 4 Valkyries Gunnr, Rota, Skuld, under the orders of Sváva their leader in one of their adventures. Odin had just called Sváva to give her a mission of most importance: she had to lead her troupe through the kingdom, in the bloodiest battlefield and bring back the five best warriors because the Ragnarök was approaching.

Obedient to his God, Sváva returns to seek his warriors and announces their imminent departure, they cannot waste time, the end of the world is approaching, Odin feels it, and they can not fail in their mission! Without further delay they take the sacred path that leads them to the conquerors and there their task will become more complicated: How to choose the most valuable?

Sváva knew that they will have to agree this time. Their God had ordained only five fighters but he wants the best, this is not going to be easy but she never failed at her orders. His three best Valkyries will accompany her, and the mission will be called Wild Warriors™. Time does not play in their favor and they do not want to be wrong!

Odin had told her that they could find this famous battle next to the Yggdrasil, the tree of wisdom, indeed the troop of Hrym wanted to destroy him and King Budli had come to defend him. The sacred snake that lived inside the tree had warned him, they were in danger! King Budli had not hesitated for a moment: This battle would be to death but we had to avoid the beginning of the Ragnarök!

Sváva had gathered at Gunnr, Rota and Skuld his best warriors, and took the path to the Yggdrasil, the rest of the troupe also comes but the responsibility falls on the four friends, they have no choice! Too important to leave the decision in the wrong hands!

After a long way, mounted on their magnificent horses, they finally arrive at the sacred tree. The landscape is desolator, massacres, the soil littered with corpses but some men kept on foot… The strongest, the most valuable… Now you had to choose!

After studying them closely, and choosing the five best specimens to bring them back to Odin, our Valkyries, daggers, bows and lances in hand begin to eliminate one by one the other warriors leaving alive only the five elected! Everything was happening so quickly, the men did not have time to react, too agile these beauties!

In two stages three movements the battlefield only allowed five fighters to begin: the five elected. Sváva briefly explains their mission. They must accompany them to Odin to fight at his side during of the end of the world, the Ragnarök. These five brave warriors had no choice and it was quite an honor for them to be able to serve the great Odin!

The time to arrive with him, no time to breastfeed with the Valkyries, the earth shook so hard that the trees are uprooted, the mountains begin to fall, fires without control occur one after the other… The Ragnarök has arrived. The final battle between the gods, monsters and supernatural giants has just begun! Odin’s loyal warrior Valkyries will remain at his side happy to have fulfilled their mission…

Wild Warriors™ video slot features:


The 3D slot machine from Playson provider, released on November 22nd of 2018, has 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 fixed payment lines. It has 4 features among its have: the Wild Stacks symbols, Scatter Stack symbols, Free Spins and Colossal symbols during Free Spins.

The Stacked Wild feature is activated when the wild symbol stacks on reels 2, 3, and 4. The wild symbol is represented by the words Wild Warrior inside a frame with golden edges, they land in piles in the slot machine flash Wild Warriors™, and replace all symbols except the scatter. If it is found 2, 3, 4 or 5 times on the reels it will be possible to receive 0.45, 1.80, 9 or 30 tokens.

The Stacked Scatter feature of the Wild Warriors™ instant slot machine, gets started as soon as you have scatter symbols represented by a viking shield , They also land in piles on the reels, trigger the feature Free spins.

Free spins are triggered by 7 or more scatter symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 only. The portrait of the beautiful Warriors appears as colossal symbols in blocks of 2×2 or 3×3 during the free spins. Only the highest gain will be paid and we will take into account the most left roll to the right.

Editorial opinion on Wild Warriors™:


On November the 22nd of 2018, the Playson provider released its latest Wild Warriors™ instant slot machine, 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 fixed payment lines under the theme of Valkyries, women warriors. We soon discover that the lack of features will annoy us a little. No twists, special effects that leave us speechless on the contrary the likelihood that one yawn is very high!

No jackpot, which also adds, a little simple-minded it seems to me he saw the casino games that are coming out and especially on themes appearing! I expected better on all levels, even if the soundtrack is well in accordance with the graphic chart it does not connect us completely to the game.

I think it’s a bit of a pity, Playson publishers could have developed it a little more especially add features or even a jackpot. The stakes range from 0.30 to £90 which gives a wide enough range (obviously the payouts go accordingly) but it’s not enough to hang us! But as there are for all tastes certainly there are players who will love! One thing to notice we can play in 21 languages! What is at least not so bad.

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