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Wild Robo Factory™

Wild Robo Factory™ is a 3D video slot with 5 reels, 4 rows and 25 winning lines that go from left to right under the theme of robots. The game has 8 regular symbols (4 high and 4 low symbols), a wild x2 symbol and a regular wild symbol both that can stay on site and on 2 rows. Finally, there are free spin symbols that reward the Robo Free Spins.

In the Wild Robo Factory™, the robots will rebel against their leader Big Robo. Indeed, the technology is so advanced that robots are able to feel emotions, fatigue, anger. In short, almost like humans.

And there’s nothing wrong! There are very few humans left, but Mike, who is a great friend to Willy Robo, advises him. They can’t let it happen or they’ll all go to waste. Because as soon as they start derailing they send them to destroy them.

Not really nice, but this is the new era: humans have almost all killed each other and the majority of the population is made up of robots. Mike explained a plan to Willy Robo who will lead the rebellion. He explained everything to her, it’s very simple now Willy will have to do the same with his companions.

Anyway Mike wasn’t going to leave him alone he was going to help him he’s his best friend! Once in the Wild Robo Factory™, they will take the robots one by one and explain their plan: they will destroy the treadmills so that the robots cannot be dismantled.

They all agree and Willy goes and approaches the first conveyor belt, all will have to do the same they are very attentive! That’s it, Willy turned the conveyor belt in. He won’t be able to destroy anything! The others do the same and before Big Robo can realize it they neutralized them all! No more robots destroyed!

Features Wild Robo Factory™:


There are three types of robots. The first is the Robo Wild. Robo Wilds can be anywhere from 1x symbols to 2×4 symbols. They are always placed on the conveyor belt and move from a position to the left at each turn.

As long as the robot is active on the reels, a respin is offered. Robots become inactive when they reach reel 1 (they will continue to pay but will not trigger free spins o respins). The Wild Robo feature will work like a regular wild when they’re on the reels.

The second type of robot is a wild robot x2. It works like the Robo Wild but it also adds an x2 multiplier on any win it will be a part of. The latest type of robot will be the Free Spin Robo which will always be a 1×1 symbol.

It can fly on any row on the reel and move with the conveyor belt from a position to the left at each turn. It will also offer a respin as long as it is active on the reels. The Robo Respin will be randomly rewarded in the basic game only.

During the Robo Respin, a robot will be placed on the conveyor belt on reels 3, 4 or 5. During the that he there’s a robot active on reels the spins will continue. Robo Free Spins will be triggered when 3 or more free spins symbols in one round.

In Robo Free Spins instead of being rewarded with free spins, players will be rewarded with robots that will be placed on conveyor belt spaced from 1 to 3 positions. These robots will move from the most right reel to the left reel.

Robots will reward free spins as long as they are active on the reels (when they reach the first of the left they will stop giving free spins). Free spin symbols also appear in Robo Free Spins and will pay by adding the same number of robots that have activated free spins.

They’ll pay as follows: 3 free spin symbols will reward a free spin mode with 5 robots. 4 free spin symbols will reward a free spin mode with 10 robots. 5 Free spins symbols will reward a free spins mode with 15 robots. Robo Free Spins are played on the same betting lines that activated the round.

If free spins are triggered during a Robo Respin, free spins will be activated after the respins is played. Multiple free spins mode can be triggered in a single Robo Respin lap and in this case all the winning robots will be accumulated in a single Robo Free Spins session.

The Swap symbol will be that any low symbol can be randomly transformed into its high symbol equivalent to guarantee a win. For example, the low green symbol may change to a high green symbol. This feature can be activated in the basic game, in the Robo Free Spins and in the Robo Respin.

The Overload System will be that during free spins the conveyor band can randomly reverse moving the robots back between 1 and 9 positions. This feature will only be available if 3 robots have moved from the conveyor band to reel 1. A maximum of 4 System Overloads can be activated in a free spin session.

Opinion about Wild Robo Factory™:

On June the 24th of 2019, the provider Yggdrasil offered us its latest video slot with no download Wild Robo Factory™. A video slot of 5 reels, 4 rows and 25 fixed lines under the theme of robots. As usual the work is extremely well done and under an interface with dark colors we will discover the factory of robots.

Wilds are orange-colored robots that contrast with the rest of the interface and stand out a bit from the rest. It’s nice to see your robots on the treadmills to give us prizes! It really looks like the factory is working due to the special effects of 3D technology really present in Wild Robo Factory™.

There are still a lot of features and its derivatives (Robo Conveyor, Robo Free Spins, Robo Respins, Robo Wilds, Symbol Swap and System Overload) which will allow us not to get bored. We can move from one to the other with ease because the volatility is quite high and the return to the player with a 96.4% will not fail to give us plenty of prizes.

The coin value will start with €0.002 which will give us a starting bet of €0.05, we must not forget that we have 25 fixed lines. The maximum value of the coin will be €5 which will make us a total bet of €125 per round which is still good enough for people who like to play hard to earn more.

The provider Yggdrasil really targets all audiences with this kind of bet which is good because if the player finds everything (choice in features, in bets …) there will be less chance that he will go elsewhere and that’s the goal of any software who respects itself . The theme may more or less please but if the player is not bored we have practically won the game.

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