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Wild-O-Tron 3000™

The Netent provider brings us a free slot machine called Wild-O-Tron 3000™ built of 5 reels, 3 rows, 20 fixed payment lines that can make us win a jackpot of 500x the bet! Under the theme of robots, with stacked symbols, wilds substitutions and a Wild-O-Tron feature will guarantee us a good time.

Will is a young science student who with his friend Matt does not stop experimenting in Will’s garage. One afternoon, they hear noises outside and screaming. They look at each other and decide to go out and see what happens. The voices come from the forest near his home.

After a while, Matt tells his friend that he has to go home, so Will continues to look for himself. He doesn’t know exactly what he’s looking for, but he keeps on walking. Suddenly he sees something under a shelter… He approaches and removes the blankets. And what does he see?

Looks like parts of a robot! Of a robot or more than one, as there were parts of all the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, grey and golden, as in the free slot machine Wild-O-Tron 3000™. He’s going to pick up his father’s van and put all the parts in. On return, he discharges everything in the garage that he has appropriated for his experiments.

The next day, like every Saturday morning, Matt goes to will bring him doughnuts and see what he had told him the night before. When he arrives in the garage he does not believe his eyes. It’s all parts of robots of different colors! What are they going to do with it? Well, put them together!

They could not do that in one day but at least they will start. First of all it is necessary to classify all parts by color because there are heads, trunks, and bottom parts. But how? The golden obot, the oldest one looks like it’s already assembled. It only needs to connect a few cables here and there and…

He opens his eyes! Looks like Wall-E, the robot from the film which appears in the Wild-O-Tron 3000™ game of chance. And he’s talking! His name is Tron 3000. He’s so happy to be a new operative! For lack of budget, the experimental laboratory where they were all, had to close and for bad-intentioned person to use them Dr. Willis hid them in the forest.

Tron 3000 was going to help his friends rebuild all these robots. From the less modern to the newer as in the casino game of Netent. These are all unique prototypes that had to be used for the defense of humans, but unfortunately apart from the lack of means, the director of the famous laboratory wanted to manufacture them as weapons of war.

That’s why Dr. Willis hid the pieces in the forest so he wouldn’t be able to gather them and make tons of money selling them! But the famous director noticed it and he had the pieces searched and also to Dr. Willis to get them up and finalize their respective construction. He had found a particular investor who would make him particularly wealthy!

Tron 3000 told his friends Will and Matt. We need to find Sarah Willis. Before the director does, she also has the microchips that will make the other robots work, and we must not waste time. The two friends are searching the internet to find out where she might be, but someone is ringing the doorbell!

That’s her! She found them! She had put in the heads of all the robots parts to be able to find them. The robot jumps with joy when he sees it. She becomes sad when she sees all the other pieces of robots that are going to have to be assembled. Come on, let’s go! Between the four they should soon finish!

The garage had turned into a place full of light, electricity as in Wild-O-Tron 3000™. Sparks that spring from everywhere are proof of the activity there! It was almost over. The only need is to insert the microchips so that they can work and program them.

But Tron 3000 warned them unfriendly human forms were approaching! It was the director and two of his colleagues who after doing his research, he recalled that he had put a tracker under Dr. Willis ‘ car and only had to follow the signal.

The thing was getting complicated. The robots were all mounted and the chips inserted. When the guards smash the door… All robots open their eyes and start. They serve to defend the human race and that’s what they’re going to do!

They go out in pursuit of the bad, and after a moment of pursuit, the robots come back alone. When Dr. Willis asked them they had done the director and the matons they only replied that the threat had been eliminated. Will’s family has a lot of money and when his father learns everything that happened he decides to finance the program of Dr. Willis.

Wild-O-Tron 3000™ game of chance features


In the main game and during the Wild-O-Tron feature, the robot symbols appear as symbols stacked on the reels. A stacked symbol is a symbol that partially covers the reels (1 or 2 positions on a reel) or covers it completely so it takes 3 positions on the reels. Any part of the stacked symbol if included in a winning line will be paid in accordance with the payout table.

The wild symbol, represented by a robot head and the letter W enrolled, substitutes all the symbols and substitution of wilds pay the higher combination on a winning line. A betting line is equal to the win multiplied by the denomination value and will be paid from the most left reel to the most right reel and only the line the higher will be paid.

The wild-O-Tron feature can be activated at the beginning of each game and transforms all occurrences from 1 to 6 robot symbols during the turn into wilds symbols. The lamps on the Wild-O-Tron ™ machine on the sides of the reels light up with the colors of the transformed symbols. The feature is played with the same betting lines, the same betting levels and the same naming value that triggered it. The winnings will inflate the bankroll!

Opinions about Wild-O-Tron 3000™

The Netent provider introduced us under the theme of robots a free slot machine Wild-O-Tron 3000™, 5 reels, 3 rows, 20 payment lines with stacked symbols, wilds substitutions and a Wild-O-Tron feature that can make us Win up to 500 times the bet at every turn!

The denomination values range from £0.01 to £1, we have 10 betting levels and therefore a bet that ranges from £0.20 to £200, a range of values important enough to make all the mode feel good and find a bet to its extent. The return to the player is 96.01% and an average volatility so we should not wait too long to receive a prize which is still not bad.

The interface is really well done, the technology in 3D is well highlighted, the small robots are charming, the lights that light up on the sides, the music… In short everything is very neat from the beginning to the end! The special effects are also excellent when a feature is triggered for example on the Wild-O-Tron of the electric current lines that passes, in my opinion it’s quite original.

But it must also be said that the game is not perfect, and that it lacks features, no jackpot despite the futuristic theme is well used. So we can still give a good note to this game of the provider Netent Wild-O-Tron 3000™!

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