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When Pigs Fly!™

When Pigs Fly!™… This is where the publishers of the powerful online gambling software Netent come in with its latest variant When Pigs Fly!™ A title that can tell long and leave lots of players thinking. What’s going to happen behind this slightly caricatural title where pigs seem to have taken the power?

In the heart of this slot machine, it is not going to be about seeing pigs frolic in the open air. The humorous tone will not go in this direction by allowing the pigs to carry out all kinds of pirouettes like having the gift of stealing as well as evil with small wings and then turning to ridicule and purpose amuse the gallery.

Developers Netent these are projected further into the imaginary by moving away from the farmer landscape where pigs coexist with other animal species. With the game of chance When Pigs Fly!™ we are light years away from such a scenario.

The interface of the game rests in a place kept secret by the American Army by suspecting again the Zone 51 which really does not have any secrets for anyone. A large-scale space project is to take place in the next few minutes…

Only the activation of the features of the slot machine When Pigs Fly!™ Can give birth to this great space mission that has been prepared at length by engineers, mathematicians and highly trained cosmonauts willing to risk their lives to allow the swine race to carry out their first missions In this infinite universe where even humans don’t know much. Beyond our own solar system, this horizon is one of the greatest puzzles of Mankind.

This mobile game Netent offers a graphic charter that imposes and perfumes the players as soon as they arrive. The night has just fallen on a plateau that is surrounded by a mountain range with the eyes of cameras that literally squared the area in order to detect the slightest intrusion from the outside.

The interface of the video slot When Pigs Fly!™ is positioned in front of a runway allowing gear to take off and land. At the end of the race is a rocket that lets think of Tintin in the Objective Moon episode. Purple in color with a purple checkerboard, this spacecraft lets gas escape several meters to the round.

A state that makes it clear that there is not much time left until this rocket starts to take off to conquer space and why not sympathize with our brothers and sisters present all over the Cosmos.

Returning to the place where the screen of the game is located, a pig stands constantly standing like a pasture or a green plant. He will be the sole protagonist of the game and will have the feature of accompanying the players to the end of the features and especially during free raises by gradually threading its cosmonaut equipment.

Alluding to the features of this video slot, When Pigs Fly!™ Offers simple wilds, free reminders that we can call re-spins, free games as well as a chance at any time to be able to pocket a fixed jackpot worth £480 000!

With his gameplay that promises to fill the pockets of many players, When Pigs Fly!™ Has a range of relatively flexible bets starting from £0.50 to reach an apogee of £100.00 which in passing offers a comfortable seat for all types of players.


When Pigs Fly!™ is not a regular mobile casino game. It is one of a kind and it is noticed as soon as you start playing. This slot machine has 5 reels and 3 rows but some squares seem to be absent from the set. This rather strange setup as unknown until then in the range of games of Netent allows for the title of When Pigs Fly!™ To form very special figures with certain active boxes.

But this particularity of this game does not stop there and it is at this precise moment that it becomes interesting. This game of money also works through free raises. That is to say that every time a prize is obtained, a re-spin starts operating without asking for any authorization before entering into action.

This is when the game changes shape from the first free lap taking advantage of this sudden metamorphosis to offer up to 135 ways to collect prize! If gains are made during this first spin offered then a second re-spin is put in working condition with a new figure formed by boxes on the 5 reels of the mobile slot machine and an increase in the number of ways to earn money passing This time to 405!

This scheme will be able to endure up to 5 free raises and if this is the case then it will have the effect of offering those lucky and lucky to the game to get a number of 8 free games where the possibilities to win chips will be passed to a level of 3125!

The never seen in the toy library of the Netent games and moreover this state of affairs is similar in competition. When Pigs Fly!™ is a unique game of money at the level of its way of presenting itself to its audience and its real force of redistribution of prizes through its thousands of possibilities for this to become reality.


During the course of free spins that can only be activated in the case Where 5 free and consecutive reminders have emerged, the game interface will find a standard configuration. Players will no longer be displaced compared to what they will be accustomed to seeing in the field of five-reel slot machine.

To be clearer at this level, the screen will always consist of 5 reels and 3 rows but all the squares will be visible. There will be no empty space. On the other hand, the graphical environment will have evolved since the pork will have taken advantage of the arrival of free spins to embark in the rocket.

The graphic Charter will therefore allow to see a landscape illustrating carefully the immensity of the universe with its billions of stars and its planets here and there. In a rather offbeat atmosphere, the cosmonauts of human appearance will drop the ballast to allow themselves to make antics in all kinds.

For example, take himself to Superman with the outfit that goes with it and make it back and forth in space. For the more kamikazes of them, they will use missiles of destruction as vehicles to go exploring unknown places in the universe. Players will be very far from the level of seriousness That we know of people who leave to do space missions at high risk or the slightest mistake can prove to be fatal for them as for the crew while integer.

Whether it is during the free relance course or during the process of running the game, simple wilds may appear as flowers in the spring. It will not be very difficult to notice them on the 5 reels because these jokers will be simply marked by the term wild with a sweet pink color.

A coloring far from being randomly selected to most certainly refer to the color of the pig leather of our farm farms. This feature can be present on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 if it wants to add value to the game.

That is to say distribute batches of tokens by acting as a substitute of symbols knowing that all the icons of When Pigs Fly!™ will be replaced by the action of the Wilds. Indeed, Jokers will be able to act very well in groups in order to amplify the chances to form victories more at least large.



When Pigs Fly!™ is a very nice mobile video slot to browse. I love humorous games and quite offbeat of reality and when there are animals it’s even better. Tornado Farm Escape is the perfect example of humour.

Regarding this title, Netent did not draw inspiration from his other creations and I find that the theme is welcoming with this pig who watches us from the corner of the eye and invites us to dive into the free spins to allow him to embark in the rocket that only asks him to take off to the unknown.

The gameplay is a bit frail but it knows how to exercise agility to serve comfortable gains over the duration. The free reminders are the perfect example of what I would have liked to be able to take advantage of evolutionary gain multipliers as for the game Pearls of India with each new notch in the re-Spins.

But at the end of the course, the game of When Pigs Fly!™ offers free games to the number of 8 that have the advantage of not being stingy in price. During my test in free version and with no download on the site, I was able to activate at the end of the free spins a mega win with a value of 1600 coins as proves the image illustrative located just above this paragraph.

In addition to this opportunity to be able to play for free, which makes the real redistribution force of When Pigs Fly!™ It is its ability to progressively activate thousands of possibilities to pocket money. In total and during free spins, the game active 3125 ways to win what is just incredible and both new!

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