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Why is the welcome bonus so important ?

Online casinos have few ways to distinguish themselves when you are interested in lending. At the end of the day, what really differentiates them from each other ? After reflection, we can say clearly that the criteria for distinguishing them are not even counted on the five fingers of the hand.

The sites specialized in the eGaming essentially concentrate their work efforts at the level of their graphic coverage. Most of the time they have the role of immersing the Internet users in the heart of a very specific theme. The goal is to charm the eyes of the visitors so that the latter progress in the content of the site to discover its other facets unknown such as for example the section of the games.

A deeper navigation that undoubtedly accentuates the desire to become a member after a few clicks. The more a casino has gambling and the more chances it will be to seduce its users by naturally inviting them to create an account to start entertaining for free or with real money funds.

The index of fame at casinos sites and forums is also a very important demarcation criterion. It is common to see complaints from players on discussion forums. This is inevitable in the knowledge that some are truthful and others are purely defamatory. After checking an account through a username mentioned in the content of the dispute, it is very positive to see problems solved by one of the operators of the online casino concerned.

An agent who intervenes directly in the conversation available to everyone. You quickly feel a willingness, an implication from the casino so that the situation will unravel as soon as possible and the player can regain satisfaction even if he could have waited on his first direct request to the casino instead of shouting at the scam on Dozens of English forums related to gambling on the Internet.

Disputes of players resolved online for a gambling establishment is often a good reputation. It certainly reassures the consumer. The goal is for the online casino in question to clear a good image of its administration and thus be able to endure in time to keep an active mass of players satisfied as long as possible. This is the major mission of any company.

Another point is perfectly merged with the latter that we have just mentioned. This is the general quality note of his customer service. It must be blameless. We know from experience that online casinos that do not offer responsive, courteous support, providing low-quality textual content and who do not offer English-language assistance, have very little chance of relying between their walls regular registrations. Depositing players as well as regular players that we call in VIP gambling jargon. The support has to create a climate of trust and it must respect its customers especially with payments sent in time.

So these are the few points that an online casino must continually maintain if it wants to take a certain advantage over its competition. Rivals who, as we used to say, are fierce enough and do not hesitate to mount the fangs when they feel the need.

But there’s always one but anyway. We have forgotten one last point where rather kept in mind the one that interests us most in this opinion. The last pillar for a virtual casino to be able to attract a large majority of its audience is of course the Welcome bonus ! A bonus we qualify as king bonuses and we will together understand why in this review of the welcome bonuses of the English online casinos.

The bonus or welcome promotion is displayed mainly in two places on an online entertainment site. Its privileged area remains the home page where it proudly presents itself with the elements of the scenery. Almost impossible not to notice so much he likes to dominate his display space, the welcome bonus is also available at the top of the poster in the section that includes all the other promotions of the online casino. When we say that the welcome bonus is king this is good for a reason and we will now bring him all our concentration.

The welcome bonus has the peculiarity in addition to offering free casino chips to pair with other forms of bonuses. An asset that allows him to have a formidable force by giving in the aftermath a great opportunity for new register so that they can enjoy even more for free money !

To go further…

Presentation of the 9 types of welcome bonus.

1: Basic and quite frequently still today (3rd march of 2016), the registration bonus valid from the 1st deposit is in the form of percentage with a maximum deposit limit not to be crossed. If this threshold is exceeded, the bonus will not be able to be grafted with the initial deposit amount. As a result, the player will only find himself with his base bankroll from his cashier without the big boost caused by the welcome bonus.

Other information: Before accepting a welcome bonus, it is imperative to make its deposit before starting this process of obtaining. The welcome bonuses can depend on the internal system of the casino credit itself in different ways. Automatically, by means of a bonus code to be filled in cash once the transfer is made and visible, by validating it manually by checking a box provided for this purpose in the section cashier during the first deposit procedure or then of the claim directly from online chat.

Here is an example of calculating a welcome bonus at the first standard deposit. A bonus of 100% up to £100 allows to benefit in case of acceptance of the bonus on the part of the player of a maximum of £200 to discover in real mode the games of the casino. In this case, the bonus has the principle of doubling the deposit value up to a limit of £100. Lucky31 Casino is a renowned brand in the world of Internet gambling that offers this type of bonus as a result of registering a customer account.

Casinos First deposit bonus


100% up to £500


100% up to £100


200% up to €200


100% up to €265


100% up to €250


200% up to €120


First deposit doubled up to €200.


100% up to €300


100% up to €200


100% up to €200


100% up to €100


100% up to €100

2: Compared to our first example, we saw that the welcome bonus could be consumed only with the first deposit of money. You should also know that online casinos offer at the time of registration to take advantage for example of a welcome bonus of 175% up to £1000 available on the first 3 transfers of money with a specific percentage at each deposit level.

We will take a concrete example to illustrate carefully this type of welcome bonus. The first deposit is 100% up to £450, the second of 25% up to £200 and the last of 50% up to £350. This simple calculation therefore accounts for a bonus on the first 3 deposits of 100% + 25% + 50% = 175% with £450 + £200 + £350 = up to £1000.

Casinos Bonus on several deposits


Welcome Package: up to £400
100% up to £100 on the first deposit
50% up to £100 on the second deposit
100% up to £200 on your third deposit


1st deposit: 50 free spins in Starbust™ (NetEnt) + 100% up to £200.
2nd deposit: 50% up to £100.


1st deposit: 150% up to €150.
2nd deposit: 50% up to €200.
3rd deposit: 75% up to €150.


Deposit between 5 and €50 = 100% bonus.
Deposit between 50 and €100 = 100% bonus + 25 free spins.
Deposit of €100 or more = €100 bonus + 100 free spins.


€1200 plus 150 free spins on the first 4 deposits.
1st deposit: 300% up to €200
2nd deposit: 300% up to €400
3rd deposit: 200% up to €400
4th deposit: 100% up to €200 + 150 free spins.


£1000 on the first 3 deposits
1: 100% up to £250
2: 25% up to £250
3: 50% up to £500


£1500 on the first 3 deposits
1: 100% up to £250
2: 100% up to £500
3: 100% up to £750


£550 bonus no wager on the first three deposits


£300 on the first 2 deposits


1 : 125% up to £200
2 : 100% up to £250
3 : 150% up to £200


1: 150% up to €300 for Lucky Luke
2: 200% up to €200 for Lucky Lucy
3: 100% up to €150 for Lucky Twins

3: Still in a game climate aiming to play real money, some English casinos offer a signup bonus in the form of a percentage as we just saw in our situation number 1 but with a surcharge. A free bonus to play in real which generally for this type of establishment is located between values ranging from £10 to £20.

A hybrid bonus that activates its second part immediately after the funds obtained using the percentage are no longer available in the balance of the account. The small extra free bonus can then be consumed to continue playing in real! Sometimes it is credited automatically and in other cases it is necessary to claim it from an agent from the live chat module.

Casinos Welcome Bonus + Cash Offered


100% up to £100 + £8 no deposit

4: A second hybrid welcome bonus exists and these are generally the online casinos operating with Real Time gaming Software (RTG) that offer it as a welcome. Currently, no French speaking casino of this English-language propulsion brand will offer this kind of extra by depositing for the first time in cash. With time, maybe this kind of welcome bonus will resurface. There is no reason because it was very popular with the English public at the time of the Ruby Royal Casino for example.

This registration bonus has the principle to offer a lot of chips and to credit one hour of play completely free! During these 60 minutes, it is possible to be entertained on all the games of the site taking into account that the prizes earned during this period of time can be withdrawn without special condition. As we may think, this is a very interesting hybrid welcome bonus. It opens to all types of players because all categories of games are eligible during this hour of free games.

5: Slot machines are also named under several names as one-armed bandits or even video slots are very addictive games that charm a large part of the population (+ 80%) of players from an online casino. Many participants devour hours in front of slots of 3 and 5 reels. To expand their types of bonuses, the English virtual casinos, the majority of which use Swedish software Netent offer in addition to their welcome bonus an extra.

Its goal is to offer free spins or even called free spins on a recent slot machine game. Frequently, these completely free spins are based from 20 and can climb up to 100, which is very interesting ! This welcome bonus of the hybrid type consists of the following way. For example, a deposit bonus of 250% up to £1000 deposit with accompanying an extra 50 free spins available on the new game X.

Casino Welcome bonus + free spins


500 free spins.


£300 + 200 free spins.


100% up to £200 + 100 free spins.


100% up to £100 + 100 free spins.


€300 + 100 free spins at the first deposit.


25 free spins and up to €100.


Welcome bonus on the first 5 deposits + 25 free spins once the registration has been completed


£300 + 30 free spins on the Achilles slot machine with the exclusive code TURBO


£350 + 100 free spins


€500 + 200 free spins


120% up to €240 + 20 Free Mega Spins


€350 + 100 Free Spins


100% up to £200 + 100 Free Spins.

6: The bonus we are going to present now bears similarities to the numbers 3, 4 and 5 . It is built in the same way with in the first phase a welcome bonus that is established on a percentage basis with a maximum deposit amount not to be exceeded. Then comes the second part which is called cashback.

What does it mean ?

This bonus expressed also in percentage is highly reputed and it is appreciated by all with its peculiarity to repay part of the losses of the player. The cashback is usually between a scale ranging from 5 to 50% in the best cases with obviously a money transfer limit not to be crossed so that it can be validated. Let’s take a simple example for a cashback bonus of 20% up to £100. In case of total loss of £100, the cashback activates its magic wand to offer an extra £20 in real money !

Casino Welcome Bonus + Cashback


200% up to 2000 euros + 10% cashback

7: Another form of bonus is dedicated to alternative payment methods. In the vast majority of cases, this type of welcome bonus combines with electronic wallets with the names of Skrill and Neteller. On-line payment systems that ensure that the bottom transfers made between the merchant site (casino) and the customer (player) are certified perfectly secure and highly protected.

No reason to doubt the reliability of these technologies because for many years Neteller has been an international company that has had a tremendous success and particularly in the area of gambling on the Internet. A method of depositing and withdrawing money that is one of the most appreciated of the English players.

The administrations of online casinos make available to their customers a lot of means of deposit and withdrawal in order to provide them with additional comfort of use. They appreciate more when Skrill and Neteller are selected to allow to withdraw where to deposit funds as security is one of the largest with these two online payment systems.

Therefore, it is not for nothing if some virtual casinos like Oscar Bianca offer a welcome bonus of 100% up to £100 deposit with as an extra 25% up to £25 using the Neteller online payment processor.

Casino Welcome Bonus + Payment option


Bonus on every 10% transfer with no deposit limit using Neteller, Ukash, Skrill or PostePay

8: The Happy hour bonus or otherwise named Happy Hour and an offer that fascinates more and more crowds. Its operating principle is very simple to understand. He has all the necessary maps to ally himself with all situations. That is to say that it is possible to consume the bonus Happy Hour on any type of game.

It does not just represent one category of games by being proud to denigrate others. In this final wish to train as other bonuses would do by their nature a multitude of players on the sidelines who could not enjoy it. For the good reason that their type of games is not compatible with this kind of offer at the depot. With the promotion Happy Hour, this is not the case, all gambling enthusiasts can grasp it without any difficulty . Happy Hour is everywhere !

Whether it’s in the Welcome bonus package, in a location of its own from the bonus section of Happy Hour Casino or in the VIP program for users who see the vibration of the game in the long run and showing diligence In front of the institution where they are members. The bonus Happy Hour has this feature which is to be active according to schedules and days of the week defined in advance. Each sign has its own rules about this and the most generous are listed in this table.

Casinos Bonus Happy Hour


Friday from 14:00 to 20:00


100% up to £100


Random opening

9: To complete the loop, is added in last position, the referral bonus ! This great marketing idea from the overflowing imagination of casinotiers on the internet offers their customers to put themselves in the shoes of a sponsor by participating for free in their sponsorship program. A bonus to sponsor friends at the casino that as we can imagine is composed by godfathers and godsons. The benefits are equitable between sponsored players and those who recruit new active players in real life gaming mode. Each sponsorship allows sponsors to earn a commission based on free money and the referral also earns money once registration is completed and their first deposit made.

Opinions on the various forms of welcome bonus.

The welcome bonus cultivates many strengths with its main force which is to offer a lot of money to those who trust it. This extra rate of chips offered by the house allows players to get the odds of getting prizes to the game far more consistent without confirming that they will be victorious for sure. Theoretically, all the conditions are gathered for this to be so. At the casino, chance will always remain the master of ceremonies.

This is one of the bonuses most used by the players. In my opinion, it is very important to read the terms and conditions or the general conditions of use before embarking on the adventure of accepting the Welcome bonus. An advantage to the deposit that allows you to play longer.

In any case with a significantly improved balance against its weight of chips. The welcome bonus is in my opinion a module that is good to take because it allows to be able to play with a merger of several types of bonuses like for example the cashback, that is for me an excellent bonus to remake a health following a defeat.

From the nickname of Second Chance Bonus, the cashback bonus is also very popular in the world of VIP players and it is presented daily in the Online Casino VIP Programs. By grouping them in one bag, the bonus types remain a history of choice. Some players are able to earn regular profits once all the bet conditions are complete.

It is still possible to reach them and his cash amount does not suffer too much during this time of betting required before being able to withdraw. Most English online casinos impose betting requirements but it should be known that since 2015, some institutions have lifted this constraint.

This is exactly the case for Mr Vegas with a complete absence of a condition of betting. A significant benefit that is valid for all the offers at the depot that it makes available to its customers.

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