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Weekend in Vegas™

Following the game Mr Vegas to the pure theme of Las Vegas, publishers Betsoft Gaming have chosen to innovate more on this same theme with the help of its new title Weekend in Vegas™!

To return to this ancient creation that dates back several years now, the video slot of Mr Vegas accompanied its users inside a casino in Las Vegas made of bricks and mortars. The main character had a serious taste for showing off by letting see a big smile with white teeth that had everything but natural.

In the course of the cinematography of departure, this main character dressed in a clear and plain suit walked to a roulette table in the company of two bimbos. To spoil the party, this man with provocative looks hesitated for a second to play with big chips on a European roulette mat. During the whole evening, he was lucky. His game was constantly finalized with victories. It was then that the presentation scenario ended to let the players make a few spins for a final goal that was to try in turn to pick up the jackpot!

About the Money game Weekend in Vegas™, this will be of a completely different nature with staging that focus mainly on a trio of long-time friends. These are named Larry, Chris and Ben. The only point in common with the video slot Mr Vegas is that the places of the different adventures to come will take place in the heart of Las Vegas! This new title quite similar to his big brother therefore suggests that the graphic elements will be more elaborate and that the game features will be more advanced and more diversified. Luckily this is exactly the case. If not, it would have made no sense to realize the slot online Weekend in Vegas™. The developers of the brand Betsoft Gaming have perfectly consciousness.

As we have just made the point, Weekend in Vegas™ will be in addition to its three-dimensional graphic chart highlighted by three characters. With their very different physical, clothing and mental characteristics, the latter have been friends since their early childhood. By being present in the same classes and over the years, they ended up together to pass their exams that they successfully validated. Now they are in working life and occasionally more precisely on weekends, they still like to animate a common passion that is to go to Las Vegas to spend a few hundred dollars in the game…

These three buddies are quite different than either physically or in their behavior in the game. Larry is more of a head-in-the-air kind of guy and sometimes he’s struggling to measure danger. Chris is more of a cautious person who doesn’t really like to go into trials he doesn’t think he can overcome. Finally, Ben is a person who has a strong trust in her and he has no fear of failure. It is always worth it to be able to emerge winner of the challenges that he launches himself.

As usual, the games of chance of the brand Betsoft Gaming are full of details whether it is on the gestures of the characters, their respective gestures or even at the level of animations of the backgrounds that tend to evolve between each Feature. This is the perfect case for the money game Weekend in Vegas™! This slot machine has 5 reels and the latter seems to have taken the model on the NextGen Gaming online games by proposing to play and earn money with 243 possibilities.

Weekend in Vegas™ offers wild features, scatters that lead to free spins which in turn will open a certain gate to a wheel of fortune, re-spins and finally a bonus game where it is possible to win supers prize! With its denomination values ranging between £0.50 and £1.00, the free slot machine Weekend™ in Vegas leaves the opportunity for all players to bet between £0.50 and £125.00. A range of bets that should undoubtedly delight more than one gamer.

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The first feature of this 5-reel set and the one that is The most about slot machine games. It is called the wild knowing that it can also bear the name of joker because its role is to complete a line with winner symbols.

Ultimately allow players to accumulate more or less juicy profits. The wild of Weekend in Vegas™ is represented by a billboard that lets you understand that Las Vegas is just behind. This feature can use all of its power on reels number 2 and 4 only. During the free-play process, it will have more free field with the authorization to present itself actively on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5.


The law enforcement forces are going to have at some point to show the tip of their noses. This will be a good time when activating and during the free spin of this slot machine Betsoft Gaming.

As it is now possible to understand, the interface of Weekend in Vegas™ may be slightly shaken by the field of multiple sirens of police cars. White and red blue lights will also be present to radiate in all corners. So you will have to expect a nice show with nice games of light.

This option free spins from the Weekend in Vegas™ money game will be able to start serving free spins from the moment three representations of this nature appear on the reels. It will be possible to win up to 20 free spins in the specific case where 5 icons of these cars of the law enforcement will show up on the screen. What will be appreciable at this stage of the game is that all the payments of a standard nature or generated by the scatters will be doubled. Moreover, it will not be impossible to accumulate other free spins following the first passage of free spins.


But it’s not finished yet with this feature. This is a first concerning the games of chance of the brand Betsoft gaming. At the end of the free spins and whatever the total value of the prizes obtained, a Wheel of fortune will appear suddenly to the screen.

This latter looks strongly like a game of darts but there will be none for this time. This famous wheel of Fortune is built in 3 bearings and it has a central button (Spin) which allows you to throw it. The first circumference gives the player the choice to win 300 chips or to advance in the second level using an arrow on the green bottom.

In case of gain, the game of the Wheel of Fortune will end to allow the player the opportunity to collect the prizes obtained during the free spins plus the one of the wheel to finally return to the main game in search of new thrills. In the case of a stop on the green arrow, the game will orient itself in the second level that offers a price of (2500) or a green arrow to continue and go to the last level that will leave the pleasure for the player to win a prize worth 5000 coins!


Weekend in Vegas™ continues to be more beautiful with another feature that is focused on a Bonus game! As we can see by playing this three-dimensional slot, icons are represented in three blocks to cover the full height of a reel.

These are the icons that will interest us for the rest of the events. The goal of the game to penetrate this special bonus level will be to get on the screen the 3 vertical illustrations of Larry the fong, Chris the prudent and Ben balanced in his way of playing at the casino land.

Once it takes effect, the interface of the 5-reels Weekend in Vegas™ game will suddenly change to export players to the front of 5 casinos in Las Vegas. Above them will be an arrow that will select one of the 5. The goal of this bonus game will be to click on one of the 5 casinos so that the 3 buddies are able to get inside and try their luck at the game to come out with joy on their face. If this is the case, random prizes will be obtained in cashier.

In case of failure is a dry loss for the 3 protagonists, the bonus level will end. During my test, I managed to win with the five gambling establishments. The perfect exists with a pretty big win at the key (+ 6200 chips)!


The re-Spin is a pretty interesting feature because it offers some kind of second chance in the course of a spin. This falls to spades because it is the case for the online game Weekend in Vegas™.

The conditions to play with this additional feature is to get on the screen 2 extended icons on reels 2 and 4 only. It is then that these symbols will remain frozen during the next rotation while reels 1, 3 and 5 will start without commitment from the user. That is to say that this new spin will be completely free. Its only concern will be to activate the generosity of the slot machine.



Weekend in Vegas™ is a three-dimensional online casino game not to be missed. Online gaming enthusiasts on the Las Vegas theme will be in the paradise.

The graphic elements are not lacking to illustrate with a great I this magical place animated and built in large part of games of light, silver, giant screens, strippers,… There’s nothing missing to illustrate this place in the world. I must note that the publishers Betsoft Gaming have been perfectly able to transcribe the entire universe of Las Vegas with the game Weekend in Vegas™!

The features of this online slot are in large numbers which allows players not to fall into a routine too premature. This is sometimes the case but not with Weekend In Vegas™. With a range as important of game options, the prize-winnings animated by multiple staging of the characters are made very quickly notice.

Weekend in Vegas™ is a casino game that can prove to be particularly profitable in the long run knowing that it is possible to win up to 1,210,500 coins by merging the wilds, the free Spins and this bonus game that quickly invades our body with adrenaline. So this is my opinion and in this momentum I take the opportunity to recommend this title signed by Betsoft Gaming to the largest number of players.

Subject : Weekend In Vegas™ ~ A Betsoft Gaming bonus game very remunerative!
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