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Warlords Crystals Of Power™

Warlords Crystals Of Power™ is a 3D video slot that has been set up by one of the pillars of the gaming development industry available in the enclosure of many French virtual online casinos.

His name is Netent and he stands out in front of all this slew of gambling designers who are struggling to hold the course in the face of the exponential evolution of Netent which today presents the game of Warlords Crystals Of Power™.

A real leader who promises to offer a tornado of features but I will remain discreet about this in the introduction of this table of earnings and I’ll bounce back on my personal point of view in the opinion part available at the bottom of the page.

Warlords Crystals Of Power™ is an online casino game that stands in front of its audience using 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 fixed pay lines. A one-armed bandit who has a unique talent to combine multiple series of action and real suspense by appealing to the relentless power of an army of features.

All this undesired stir to the delight of players who will choose to operate the 5 sturdy reels of the 3D video slot Warlords Crystals Of Power™. Wheels that have the major feature of concealing characters from different horizons.

The protagonists with well-soaked personalities having a point in common that is to preserve costs their respective crystals which in the absorbing history of Warlords Crystals Of Power™ are 3. There is a sapphire red color, the second emerald green and the third blue quartz color.

Supported by a particularly dynamic soundtrack, Warlords Crystals Of Power™ is a three-dimensional game that is constantly inhabited by fights of a rare violence orchestrated by 3 ethnic groups that no culture ratio. A single thread connects them.

This lack of empathy towards his neighbor fed by ruthless bloody fights. In the heart of these infernal battles and fed by extreme cruelty drown 3 distinct clans which for the first is called Barbarian, the second Priestress and the Last Samurai.

In pictures, these groups are represented for each appearance by an iconic actor. The Samurai are characterized by a man of slim appearance and particularly agile in combat with the help of his fearsome catana sharpened like a razor blade. It is almost impossible to escape him except by ending up being cut into slices. This not frankly convenient samurai wears red color protections and his pet boils down to being a wolf.

On the side of the Priestress, it is a young woman who throws herself into the water but mistrust because the latter and of a formidable precision that proves to be deadly at every attempt to strike towards her Enemies. With the help of his arch, which counts countless deaths, she is able to kill in a single shot for great distances. Once in his line of sight, it is almost improbable to him in escape. She is constantly accompanied by a Black Panther that protects her during possible hand-to-hand combat.

The Barbarians are represented by a man who is visibly marked by many fierce clashes. A ruthless being who wields the sword forcefully and does not hesitate to finish his countless victims with a sledgehammer. A man who swears only by blood and who deceives loneliness while waiting for the clashes by taking a wild boar ready to load everything that moves in the vicinity.

Formerly in the world of Warlords Crystals Of Power™ lived in harmony with many peoples who shared the Wealth of the earth with equal masses but it was a time when the events took a turn which became of a terrifying darkness to eyes of many civilizations. The man became gradually aggressive towards his neighbor and it was no longer possible to live in peace and the only way to win her back was to fight for her.

Many battles were fought for centuries to reduce to dust the entire civilizations that were not ready at that time to fuel this ever-evolving degree of violence. There was no more place on earth for the weak but only for the warriors who over time had found in these fights of rare intensity their reason to live by dissharing in 3 groups dispatched in the four corners of the world.

The Barbarians, the Priesteress and the Samurai. Sometimes the latter meet, but this is never in a pacifist project. No agreement is found between the opposing parties which results in waves of clashes where each rival has his own way of defending himself and attacking his enemies to be slaughtered at any cost.

This is what the identity of the mobile casino game Warlords Crystals Of Power™ offers its audience to live. To put himself in the shoes of his fighters who have become unwilling before these events flooded with brutality and fed in addition by defensive weapons aimed at either maiming or removing life. To stage all this, nothing like features and Warlords Crystals Of Power™ took out the artillery!

A game that ranks among the richest in terms of game options with simple wilds, a feature Random Overlay Wild, scatters , a special feature battle, Re-spins, Free spins as well as Extra Free Spins, earning multipliers, a special feature final chance and to finish an opportunity to unlock at every moment that spends a jackpot worth £1 000 000!

A veritable regiment of features where players will be able to activate them from £0.15 per spin. With the configuration of the online game Warlords Crystals Of Power™, it will be conceivable for players to evolve at the level of the total amount of their bet having this chance to progress up to £150.00 per spin which is more than correct.

A value in Bet max ( Maximum bet) that leaves room for players who have a fairly large budget. To define a certain level of bet, players will be able to influence a level of coins per line that oscillates between £1 and £10 and this great opportunity to be able to select a denomination value available between £0.01 and £1.00.



The Wilds simple of Warlords Crystals Of Power™ are represented by a kind of golden rosette that is set 3 crystals, one green, one blue and one red. Sacred Jewels and an intense brilliance see blinding limit which for each of them belong to 1 of the 3 groups clashing relentlessly as soon as an opportunity commits.

The ultimate goal is to exterminate the opposing people to dominate once and for all and durably the surface of the Earth. In the hustle and bustle of the Warlords Crystals Of Power™, the simple wilds will be the key to the formation of winning lines by acting as substitution items. They will be happy to change the presence of all the icons of the game in order to create high speed pay lines.

To do this, the simple wilds of the Warlords Crystals Of Power™ will simply replace all the symbols they find on their way. The only exception to this rule is the scatters that will not move one iota during the intervention of the simple wilds.

In addition to cleaning up the interface that offers space to 5 reels, Warlords Crystals Of Power™ will allow simple wilds to credit batches of coins according to their number on the wheels. By getting 3, 4 or 5 wilds icons, the latter will offer respectively 15, 60 or 300 chips!

Random Overlay Wild:

A first special feature will come to add its grain of salt. This is the game option Random Overlay Wild which belongs to the large family of wilds. This feature will have 3 facets in the game at the level of its way of presenting itself to its audience.

The first is named after Barbarian Hammer and its idea is to present itself through 4 simple wilds but in the form of a compact square on the reels 1 to 4. The second form bears the name of Pinteress Arrow and it is responsible for offering 2 up to 5 wilds symbols on the reels 1 to 5.

The last form is titled Samurai Sword and as for the case of the feature Pinteress Arrow, this option offers between 2 to 5 wilds simple but this time on the wheels 1 to 4. Additional small precision, once the option is made active, the symbols will be replaced by the items Random Overlay Wild.


As for the Random Overlay Wild feature that we have just dehulled, the scatters will be in full capacity to leave a place for 3 forms of Entertainment. Each scatter offers a unique free Spins game universe. The blue symbol is supported by Barbarian Free spins, the green scatter symbol for Pinteress Free spins and the red icon illustrating Samurai Free spins.

In the main game, each scatter to its own way of offering money. This can happen through the reward of 3 extra free games, of crowding of earning multipliers or then of the birth of a Sticky Wild. Thanks to the intervention of the scatters on the reels, Re-spins will be able to see the day from the moment when 2 scatters will manifest.

To have an impact in the game of Warlords Crystals Of Power™ the scatters will have to show up on the reels 2, 3 and 4 only but will be able to appear on the reel 5. During the operation process of the Re-spins. In the event that the scatters are of the same nature and only in this configuration, the Re-spins will begin immediately.

In the reverse case of things, by visualizing scatters of different colors, the latter will transform in the stride so that they reappear with a similar color. A staging so that the Re-Spin can start and do its remuneration work if it finds the necessary motivation to do so.

Special feature battle:

A feature called Battle will be able to make a narrow pass through the presence of the wilds on the battlefield and that is the least we can say. In this explosion of violence fuelled by multiple hand-to-hand combat, 2 Scatter symbols of a different nature that will appear on the reels allow to activate a battle.

The goal will be that the winning clan transforms the second scatter into its own identity so that the Re-Spin can take over and serve prizes in turn. There will be 50% chance for the selected symbol to be the reference scatter.

In the event that 2 scatter symbols of the same type will show up as a flower in the spring with another scatter items but not belonging to the same family, then there will be a war. A clash of shocks to ensure that all present scatters become by force events of the same origin and allow the Re-Spin to launch. In this situation, there will be 75% chance for the dominant scatter symbol to rub off on the missing scatter.

If 3 scatters of different natures will appear on the reels, the scatters will be transformed following a battle so that these 3 scatter items are similar between them. That’s when the Re-spins can start spitting out hundreds of chips. In this scenario, the probabilities will be the same for a symbol to be selected as the active scatter symbol.


As for the scatters or the featuring of the free games that we will dissect in a short moment, the Re-spins are presented in different ways on the screen. This powerful ability to be able to transform the scatters so that they are similar in nature and that before the Re-spins begin to act in the game.

In the event that 2 scatters of the same belonging are on the reels, the Re-spins will not arise any question and immediately start. During the course of a re-spin or several re-spins, the active scatters will remain frozen on their respective locations and the other symbols will be inactive.

During the Re-spins stage, there is a total absence of additional gains on the lines. It is quite possible to be entertained with other Re-spins in the specific case where a new scatter of a similar nature to those already active takes the initiative to manifest itself.

To feature optimally, Re-spins use a different set of reels than the base spin. 3 Scatter symbols or more allow to put into service the featuring of free spins ( free spins). If free spins are unfortunately not activated during the devastating passage of Re-spins then a feature named Last chance will be pleased to intervene in the gameplay of Warlords Crystals Of Power™.

Last Chance function:

The last chance feature will be expressed in order to allow players to progress in the free games. At the time of its presence, the last chance feature will in a first case release tokens that can reach between x3 and x100 the initial bet allowing access to the feature or in another context free a third scatter so that players can validate the enter into the featuring of free spins. A feature that requires to post at Minimum 3 scatters in order to be able to enter the dance and immediately.


In the gameplay content of the Warlords Crystals Of Power™ slot machine, it has 3 levels of free spins. The first is Barbarian Free spins which offers 9 free games, the second that is illustrated by Priestess Free spins which allows to play with 7 Free spins and finally the last level of free games with Samurai Free Spins who gives the chance to be entertained with 5 free spins!

Each passage in the different levels of the free parts offers a very special visual universe. In the 3 possible scenarios, the scatters will be the part to give way to the activation of a random option specific to the free spins game.

During the course of the episode of the Barbarian Free spins, only icons of animals where warriors will be present and the appearance of new scatter symbols will benefit each time from 3 new free laps!

With respect to the Priestess Free spins, the additional scatter symbols will increase the multiplier of a scalable gain at each appearance. For samurai Free spins, the scatter symbols will be the missing link for the creation of a fearsome Sticky Wild that will stand proudly throughout the free spins.



Warlords Crystals Of Power™ is simply a game of an incredible intensity with graphics to perfection that immerses us totally in the many adventures of the game. Gameplay overloaded with features that offers multiple ways to collect money and with series of actions that dissociate between each feature.

The routine is therefore very far from the game with these powerful moments of adrenaline, these release of pressure in the game facing the formidable battles between the different clans. Warlords Crystals Of Power™ is by definition a three-dimensional video slot Netent of exemplary richness and this on all levels.

At the level of its price redistribution, players can be sure to find a good source of profitability by being accompanied by a large family of features in order to significantly accentuate the experience of many users including mine.

What more to ask the Warlords Crystals Of Power™ slot machine?

In addition to having a particularly inflated gameplay see limit ready to explode so the number of options is important, Warlords Crystals Of Power™ offers an opportunity to win a fixed jackpot worth £1 000 000! A game of rare generosity that shows from its table of earnings a theoretical rate of redistribution of its bets for players of 96.89%.

As we can deduce from the readable scriptures in this review of the game Warlords Crystals Of Power™, this three-dimensional variant Netent deserves its position in the favorite games category of Avis Casinos website. A 3D slot Netent which has one of the best ratings in the ranking.

All my congratulations to Netent for having once again provides its audience with an incredible graphic quality casino game combining with ease constant pay and playful content see addictive limit when passing certain episodes of Game.

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