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Volcano Eruption™

Its English language title can not be more evocative than that. As we can clearly understand it, it’s going to be very hot during the game games that are going to unfold with the 25-lines free slot machine called Volcano Eruption™.

It is in the middle of the jungle that the Volcano Eruption players will be able to entertain themselves with the features of alternative wilds, scatter icons as well as free spins set at each winning phase on an index of 5. But before we speak to the different ways in which it is possible to grow its chips, we will be interested in lending to the graphic and sound content of this NextGen Gaming adventure slot machine.

With a sound animated by djembe sounds quite spaced in time that in passing strongly suggests that a tribe inhabit these places, the online casino game Volcano Eruption™ greets its users with particularly neat graphics. The first plan is to carefully expose a fairly diversified and particularly abundant vegetation. Through these multiple flowers and fruit trees, the variations of colors are not lacking which has the effect of adding more life to the game. On this vegetable mass lies the interface of the machine Volcano Eruption™.

At the outset, the latter will not show any signs of threat in the face of what the players will be able to discover afterwards. Let’s say it clearly, this future event will not be waiting too long. The change of attitude of the game will operate almost instantly with a sound and a graphic charter very different than the main game. In the beginning, the Volcano Eruption™ adventure game will be accompanied by a calm and relaxing atmosphere with these famous sounds of djembe. The symbols that represent the 5 reels of this online gambling also accompany this restful atmosphere with icons that reflect representations of animals like a chimpanzee, a parrot with multiple colors or a reptile concealed in a clump of oily leaves and thick.

The illustration that will take care of triggering the disturbing element of this story refers to being a volcano that has chosen the present moment to evacuate all its anger through extremely powerful molten lava jets. In the past, this terrifying spectacle had already taken place. It is very easy to see it by focusing on the background of the game. The volcano escapes from its bowels a thick column of ashes that gradually floods the sky, taking care to mask many rays of the sun before depositing on the base of this lava spit. On the surface, the soil no longer hosts this lush vegetation.

From now on, it is a thick ash mat that takes a mischievous pleasure to stifle and destroy everything that it finds on its new territory that it has just taken ownership. Fortunately, the game area is still at a good distance from this carnage that just happened before the players start playing at Volcano Eruption™. Because of this absence on the part of the users, the game of chance will not fail to revive this tragic moment for this corner of the world by exhibiting it carefully during the free spins.

To start playing and in this same direction can evolve quickly within the different features, this video slot offers the choice to bet money that remains available between £0.01 and £50.00. A Paris beach that may prove to be insufficient for some players like those from the group of high roller.

On the other hand, Volcano Eruption™ offers other options at the level of its configuration. Before each new spin, it is therefore possible to make changes to the level of its starting bet, to set up an automatic spins features which can go up to 500 and finally the opportunity to be able to double its recent prize by means of an option named bet in play. The basic principle of this option will be to try to double its prize committed knowing that it will automatically activate after obtaining a prize.



The wild is an icon that is represented by the disruptive element of the game Volcano Eruption™. Compared to what is written a little higher in this table of earnings, it is quite difficult not to know what representation it is. With a slight reflection, we can therefore deduce that it is the volcano. Yes that is correct and the latter is active. Tons and tons of lava keeps gushing out of his heart and nothing seems to want stop it.

A vast territory of the jungle is now devastated. The vegetation is replaced by volcanic rock. This show shows a chaos the most total. The wild will be able to show up several times during the same game, which implies a much more sustained chance of gaining than normal. It will be able to appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 and it will have the power to replace all the icons. No illustration will be able to hold him head.


Free spins will be able to be born from the moment when 3 icons of this fearsome volcano will present itself on the 5 reels of the game. No specific area of occurrence is required so that the feature of free spins cannot enter the scene. The wild was just an appetizer in the face of the carnage that the free spins prepare. When acquiring 3 scatter icons, the interface of the game will radically metamorphose to let see this volcano dominate the whole background of the video slot. The vegetation will be completely devastated.

The soil will be no more than black and grey ash with powerful lava flows. The interface of the slot machine with free spins will not be spared with collisions of molten lava balls, leaving behind them thick traces of smoke and ashes in the sky. No place will be safe during these five free spins. Users will visit the hell for sure but the redistribution power of the prizes is at its peak with a wild expandable titled (Super Joker) which will be present at the center of the game.

These crashes of molten lava balls will leave behind the appearances of surrogate wilds. A cocktail of victories will be expected on condition that you remain whole during this phase of the game particularly hot and terrifying.



Volcano Eruption™ is a 25-lines video slot of the NextGen Gaming brand that I greatly apreciate. For me, the graphics are far from being repulsive with this foreground that represents this magnificent flora of the jungle. The colors are not lacking and in so lingering a little more, we can notice that the whole game is depicted on a painting canvas. This has the effect of adding a touch of extra originality to Volcano Eruption™.

I liked this style of representation very much. The sound is also important with this sound of the djembe which is quite calm at the start and which becomes stronger by becoming much more dynamic during the free spins. The soundtrack clearly marks the transition between the two phases of the game. The first where everything seems calm and the second where the volcano erupts with this ubiquitous lava, these earthquakes, this overwhelming heat and this set blackened by the events.

About the features, I really enjoyed being able to play with automatic tricks and I have to say that the Volcano Eruption™ online game leaves the opportunity to play with 500 spins. The wilds are a good way to collect prizes regularly and I must say that this is perfectly successful with Volcano Eruption™. Moreover, these do not stop in such a good way because they allow free spins to set up. Certainly the number is quite small (05) but the wilds are new present and they are able to show up in an expandable way on the central reels. The principle is to offer 3 times more chance to obtain new tokens.

To finish, I can only recommend the money game Volcano Eruption for those who love adventure slots with thrills. Compared to my test, the redistribution of winnings with the video slot Volcano Eruption™ is not waiting too long. I was able to enter the feature of free spins after 17 spins with a bet of £0.25. Following the consultation of the internal earnings table of Volcano Eruption™, it turns out that the theoretical redistribution rate of this game of the NextGen Gaming edition brand is worth 95.41%.

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