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Come celebrate Easter 2020 with Vive Mon Casino!

The Online Casino Vive Mon Casino presents this promotion at the gates of Easter 2020 to entertain its players. A time of year that is celebrated in the various parts of the world. Differently but has something in common: eggs. A symbol of fertility, of life and of rebirth, the egg has been associated with Easter since antiquity.

At that time during the Lenten period, it was forbidden to eat eggs. The eggs laid by the hens were then kept and on Easter Day people made them bless and gave them to the children. Brought according to popular legends by bells (in France and Belgium), the Easter bunny (in Germany and the United States) or the hens (in Tyrol) all eggs are now decorated or used for games in many countries.

Egg hunts are traditionally planned in backyards or family gardens, and this is what the online casino Vive Mon Casino offers: go egg hunting! Every day from March 1st to 31st , 2020 to win great prizes!

Terms and conditions of Vive Mon Casino: Easter Egg Hunt 2020

Eggs reset every day at Midnight. Welcome… to Jurassic Mars! Using sophisticated techniques, we managed to raise some dinosaurs. Don’t worry, we promise you’re safe.

The online casino Vive Mon Casino took away eggs and hid them everywhere! It will be up to the players to find them, capture them and hatch them, revealing what’s inside! You’ll just have to drop a minimum of € 25 in order to access their daily dinosaur eggs.

If players want danger and adventure, they’ll have to be brave enough to dive deeper into the dense, overgrown jungle to find eggs. If they deposit even more, they will have the chance to find an entire dinosaur nest filled with eggs, incubating daily prizes of free tokens, free spins, cash gifts and also Amazon vouchers waiting to be unveiled!

Forward for the adventure you will have to take a hat and a bottle of water to start the egg hunt. The promotion period will start from Sunday, March 1st, 00:00:00 to Tuesday, March 31st , 23:59:59. Players must have made at least 1 deposit of €25 within the promotion period.

Players can claim gifts only once a day. If the current day’s prizes are not used, players will not be able to collect it retroactively. All free spins/free chips will be awarded instantly to the players’ account. The standard bonus rules will apply and you will have to replay 25 times the amount of bonuses to be able to make a withdrawal.

Opinion about Vive Mon Casino: The Easter Egg Hunt of 2020

Vive Mon Casino: Egg Hunting is one of the many promotions offered by this special online casino. A promotion that will take precedence over the loyalty of the players because the more they deposit and the more opportunities there will be to discover prizes! From March 1st to 31st , they will be able to get daily prizes, going in search of eggs! We will have to be very careful because the prices that will not be claimed will not be able to be claimed afterwards.

The conditions for free clicks and spins are the same as for other promotions. You’ll have to play them 25 times to be able to make a withdrawal request. It’s pretty reasonable considering what’s in the online gaming panorama. The conditions as usual are transparent and no one can say that he does not know them because with each promo everything is stated very clearly. Come celebrate Easter 2020 with Vive Mon Casino!

As we have seen in other magazines such as Vive Mon Casino: Pure Gold Giveaway where players by making a deposit of €5000 could opt for a gold-plated iPhone and €15000 as first prize or so Vive Mon Casino: Crazy Cash where the first prize was €50,000! It’s really amazing what this casino offers its players to please them!

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