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The most famous Vikings of the television come to do a little visit to try to activate the Hotspot features, Shield Wall, Red Spin and transform the 5 reels, 3 rows and 243 ways to win in 7 reels, 5 rows and 78,125 ways to win!

Ragnar Lothbrok is a farmer who lives in the Kattegat lands in southern Norway, married to Lagertha with whom he has two children Bjorg and Gyda. His brother Rollo and the peasants of the surrounding area go to the village to meet with their Lord Count Haraldson. Unhappy with the latter’s policy, he began to plunder the lands of the west which he said were full of wealth.

For it application, he asks his friend Floki to build him a boat and with some men as dissatisfied as him they embark on a trip to the west. A journey resulting is a success but which directly confronts him to his lord who confiscates all the treasures by leaving only one per person and Ragnar chooses to keep the christian prisoner he had made during the looting.

He also persuades Count Haraldson to let him return to England what the count accepts with a condition, that one of his trusted men travel with them what Ragnar accepts. But during the looting everything does not unfold as planned and Knut the man of the count tries to rape his wife and she sees herself in the obligation to kill him. To protect her, Ragnar confesses before the count to have him done.

After many battles against the count who destroys all that is around Ragnar, he kills his friends, he destroys his farm, he tortures his brother, the challenge to a duel to the death, which finally the count accepts. The farmer came out victorious and he was named Count of Kattegat. He takes possession of his throne and receives the oaths of his subjects.

Ragnar continued his looting and adventures in the Western lands while his pregnant wife Lagertha remained there. Unfortunately everything is not pink color for the Viking, she loses the child she was waiting for while he returned victorious from his last expedition and wondered why the gods punished him with this way!

Later, Ragnar sent by King Horik, tries to conduct negotiations about certain lands of which Jarl Borg has appropriated, but this does not result as easy as that. He ordered Floki to go to Denmark to consult the king’s opinion, left Rollo as a representative to Borg, and left with his men in search of the sacred ash, the Yggdrassil: The tree of the world where Odin had hanged himself for nine days and nights to find the runes of knowledge.

On the way he meets Auslaug a beautiful woman as beautiful as intelligent and he succumbs as a poor mortal that he is. His son Bjorn made him promise not to do it again but shortly thereafter he learns that she is pregnant: He cannot go against the gods! Relations are complicated and Lagertha does not support having to share her husband she goes away with her son from Kattegat.

Several years passed, Auslaug and Ragnar had more children, King Horik finally shares the land and everyone can breathe. More wars between them for the division! They embarked again and against winds and storms, they arrived in Wessex where King Ecbert reigned. Ragnar has other projects besides looting and killing and in fact shares the king who does not look bad at the project.

He goes to give the good news to King Horik but he learns on the way that his family and his village are in trouble. He does not hesitate for one moment and leaves to help them but on the way he loses two ships due to storms! The reunion is short and they put their men in common to defeat Count Borg. Ragnar and Bjorn fight side by side to get to their end.

Count Borg was defeated, and the Vikings returned home full of pride, but he soon learned that the men he had left in Wessex were attacked by King Ecbert. King Horik suggests to him an alliance with Count Borg to leave out of battle to get miserable English king.

Lagertha presents himself with his men to help Ragnar in his mission, he kills Count Borg in front of the whole village and causes discomfort with King Horik but also with his friend Floki, since Ragnar is count things have well changed! When they arrive in Wessex he sends someone to warn King Ecbert that he wants to negotiate. The son of this one goes to tell the Vikings that they are ready to talk about it but on the way back he gets attacked by Vikings who kill everyone except the prince.

The fight becomes fierce, Ragnar, Bjorn, Lagertha, Floki (which appear in the money game Vikings™), Horik and all the surviving Vikings retire after the hard battle. Also King Ecbert proposes once again the dialogue and Lagertha puts himself on the side of Ragnar to try to change things.

Indeed the two parties come to an agreement, peace in exchange for money, treasures, land to cultivate, the release of Rollo’s brother Ragnar and financial compensation for the Vikings who want to stay there. But King Horik has other plans for Ragnar, he wants to get rid of him and his entourage, but in vain it is he who will perish in the hands of the fierce Viking, as well as all his sons, in order to proclaim himself king.

Plans change completely for King Ragnar, and above all, he faces a lot of people who were at his side for a long time. His alliance with King Ecbert seems solid despite the reluctance of some, and the projects of Ragnar go further, now he wants to conquer France! His madness of quantities has no limits!

Vikings™ Features :


The first feature of the Vikings™ random money game is called Hotspot feature. In the main game there is a Hotspot that covers reel 3. When a Viking™ symbol fully stacked in the hotspot game space, all the other Viking symbols in the interface will be transformed into the one that landed on reel 3. Any symbol with a face is a Viking symbol. Simple or elongated Viking items are transformed when the feature Hotspot is enabled.

When an elongated Viking symbol completely covers the Hotspot, the country scatters will be activated. After the characters have turned into the same Viking item, the winnings will be assessed according to a table that we’ll find in the table of earnings that we’ll explain later.

The Shield Wall feature can be triggered in the main game and in the Raid Spin, it will appear as a bunch of mysterious symbols that randomly appear on the reels. Once they have appeared they will be evaluated and paid.

In Raid spins, the game transforms into an interface of 7 reels, 5 rows and 78,125 ways of win! 7 Raid Spins are rewarded with 3 hotspots on reels 3, 4 and 5. When an elongated Viking item completely covers one or more of the reels, all other Viking symbols in the Hotspot game era will be transformed into the same elongated Viking symbol.

Opinion of the redaction of Vikings™


The new Netent Vikings™ 3D slot machine does not disappoint as virtually every game that this software emerges. A flawless graphic charter with the real characters of the television series that gives it its name. Special effects are incredible! The falling snow, the wind that take advantage of it to create all kinds of movements! The soundtrack does not talk about it, we are immediately immersed in the atmosphere, to those who know the series it is crazy!

A return of 96.05% and high volatility make this video slot virtual does not stop giving us prizes. Bets can go from £0.20 per turn to £100. By definition, a good range that makes it possible to make each one’s budget. What Netent research can achieve the most public that possible! There is no time to lose! Come and try Vikings™!

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