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Viking Fortune: Hold and Win™

On March the 21 2019 the Playson software released a new slot machine whose theme is the Vikings. Very fashionable lately on slots, this one agrees to immerse us in a world hard, hectic acts of barbarity without limit but both crowned by great riches where everything is allowed to be recognized among the greatest. Features, bonus games, free spins, three jackpots that can lead us to a gain of 1000 times our bet!

Runnar the Viking and his companions had just returned from looting the Eastern countries, and the loot had been impressive. They had to go back to their Lord the mighty Floki, but before they all wanted to see their family. When they arrive at the village, the spectacle is horrible: Runnar had not obeyed the orders of his Lord, he had gone the other way and the Lord had ordered his men to go to the village and give a good lesson to bushes.

He had destroyed his barn and his wife and two young sons had been brutally killed. The rage invaded him. But where was his daughter who also stayed, he couldn’t find her. He asks everyone and it is then that one of the women responds to him, Floki has made her kidnapped and taken to the Castle. He had taken her to marry her as a sign of punishment against Runnar, no one can defies him, it is he who command!

Completely out of it, Runnar and some of his men venture to the castle to get revenge on Floki and get his daughter back. They had to be cunning because if Floki’s men saw him before entering they would kill them without mercy, but they were the ones who built the new castle of the Lord. So they knew exactly where they had to go! They soon come home and eliminate one by one the men on their path.

When they arrived where Floki was located, Runnar ordered his men to seek his daughter while he would settle his account with this bloody Lord. When Floki sees it, it becomes white. He calls his men but in vain. Nobody answers, they’re all dead. Suddenly we hear one of the men of Runnar screaming. He found his daughter. His vengeance could finally be consumed. They begin to fight with their swords but Runnar in a moment of inattention from Floki pierces him his body.

It was a death too sweet to pay for his crimes but he could not start again or submit anyone. Vlayda and his father decide not to separate and go together to fight and loot. She had just become a Skjaldmos, a Viking Warrior! She did not want to stay in the village and would be more useful to his side.

Features of Vikings Fortune: Hold and Win™:


The wild symbol inscribed in gold in a wooden frame can substitute all symbols except the scatter and bonus. The scatter is represented by a chest filled with gold and it can trigger the free spins but it will appear only on reels 1, 3 and 5. The bonus symbol represented by a gold coin with runes inscribed all around, if we find 5 or more bonus symbols will activate the bonus game, the payment is indicated on the symbol from 1x to 24x the bet and they will only pay during the game bonus.

The free spins will be triggered when the scatter symbol is on the reels. 3 scatter symbols will activate 8 free spins, and 3 scatter during free spins reward 8 additional free spins. During the free spins some symbols will be converted into colossal: the golden coins (bonus), the Viking, the Skjaldmos (Viking Warrior), the Wolf and the Raven. The colossal symbol is a 2×2 or 3×3 symbol that will appear anywhere on the reels.

The bonus game will be triggered if 5 or more bonus symbols arise on the reels. All bonus symbols will remain glued to the reels during the game. Only bonus symbols can land on the reels during the bonus game. 3 re-spins are offered at the beginning of the bonus game. Each new bonus symbol resets the number of re-spins to 3. The bonus game continues until the re-spins finish or all the boxes are filled with bonus symbols. When the bonus game finishes, all the values of all bonus symbols are added and the total amount is paid for.

There are three jackpots, the Mini, the random appearance of the mini bonus symbol during the bonus game will trigger the Mini jackpot. The random appearance of the major bonus symbol during the bonus game will trigger the Major jackpot. If we fill in the 15 boxes with the bonus symbols indifferently from mini, major or simply with a quantity inscribed then we will be able to win the big jackpot with a value of 1000x the bet!

Opinion about Vikings Fortune: Hold and Win™:

The Playson provider offers us its new free slot machine under the theme of the Vikings, very fashionable for the providers in recent years thanks to the television series Vikings. This 3D video slot of 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 pay lines has a bit of everything: free spins, re-spins, a wild, a bonus game, a progressive jackpot. In short no room for boredom! The colors of the interface are sober which is quite normal for this theme and what emerges is the currencies and chests of gold, it jumps to the eyes, it makes us continue!

The interface is not of an extreme originality but it is in agreement with the subject. Greyish tones, a landscape behind the mountain, a temple on the left side, and the reels on a grey background in the middle. The symbols quite in relation, a Skjaldmos (Viking Warrior), a Viking, a Wolf, a Raven as the high paying symbols and the letters of a card game as the low paid. As for the wild, the bonus and the scatter, they are in gold color which brings them out of the table of game.

At the level of features you cannot complain either, it’s varied. RTP is 95.2% it’s not a marvel but volatility is average to high which allows the player to be able to enjoy the features practically from the beginning of the game. The Vikings Fortune: Hold and Win™ slot machine does not give giant prizes but if you have a little patience it is fairly regular. You have to say in fun mode it’s always a little easier, but if you decide to play in real mode it does not look bad.

Bets range from 0.25 to €100 which allows many players to find their place. It is true that not everyone can afford to bet in the same slice of betting, nor everyone has the same experience so it is important to have a lot of rank of bets to be able to satisfy the greatest number. From the most shy to the most daring and experienced. The maximum prize that can be paid is 1000x the bet and that for a bet of €0.25 it will be €250 but if we bet €100 the prize will be €100,000 which is not bad at all!

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