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The Genii software has just released a new instant slot machine in Vikingdom™ under the theme of the Vikings set to fashion by the series with the same name, with 5 reels and 3 rows and which can allow us to win in a blink of an eye 102,530 coins! With a graphic chart and a simple soundtrack but in agreement it will be easy to have a good time with Ragnar and Company.

Ragnar a Baltic farmer lives with his family near the city of Kattegat, but frustrated by the restrictive policies of the Lord Count Haraldson, convinces his brother Rollo and some men to join him to go west and discover other land full of wealth because according to him new devices could lead them to this Eldorado.

Ragnar and his men embark and after several days of navigation arrive at the monastery of Lindisfarne in the Northumbria, loot it and return with a Christian prisoner called Athelstan. On their return they are considered heroes because they come back with a spectacular loot and in addition they discovered a new land!

The Count confiscates the treasure leaving only one object to each man, and Ragnar decides to keep the prisoner as a slave, of course thinking that his knowledge might help him afterwards. For the voyage following count Haraldson for of course the presence of a loyal servant of his trust authorizes the raid. The Vikings were greeted by Saxon soldiers who were massacred and allowed the Vikings to loot a large Saxon city.

During the voyage, things get complicated because the envoy of the count tries to rape Lagertha Ragnar’s wife, and defending herself kills him. To protect Ragnar is convicted and is judged by Haraldson, but Rollo’s testimony of his brother will exonerate him from the crime.

Count Haraldson will visit a visionary to find out what his fate is preparing for him, but every time the same answer, Ragnar is his deepest nightmare! It was then that the count launched an attack on Ragnar’s farm which was seriously wounded but did not die. He goes to his friend Floki the carpenter to recover slowly, but as he recovers, he learns that his brother was taken prisoner and tortured to find out where he is.

Rage invading Ragnar sends his friend Floki defy in duel Count Haraldson knowing very well that if the count refuses the fight the shame will haunt him forever… At the beginning Haraldson does not agree but later he accepts the challenge by facing his fate and decides to confront him in battle.

After a brief but intense fight Ragnar kills Count Haraldson and is recognized as the new count and therefore receives the oaths of his subjects including one of the oldest who asks to accompany him in his looting and then have the possibility of dying as a warrior, asks that finally he accepts and proposes to take him on his next trip when the summer will arrive. In addition, his wife teaches her that she is waiting for another child, which is even better.

A few months later, Ragnar and his men returned to Northumbrian, and after a long fight against the Anglo-Saxons, they took hostage the Lord Athelwuf brother of King Aella to receive a good reward, but would fall into a trap that the king will hold them. But Ragnar is too smart and conquers them in a fierce fight from which few Saxons will survive. Rich of treasures and victories returns to Kattegat and learns that the child who was to be born is no longer what filled him with anger against Gods.

Shortly after Ragnar and his family arrived at the temple in Uppsala to learn a little more about his destiny, he begs Odin to help him understand everything that’s going on around him. King Horik of Denmark will also present himself to the festivities and know to Ragnar, after mutual compliments, Ragnar offers his fidelity to the king.

He explains his ambition to send large groups to the west to plunder but also to explore other lands outside the Saxon realms, what Athelstan the Christian Monk said: That is why Ragnar cannot sacrifice it and it is Leif one of his best friends who takes his place.

After a few missions, charged by King Horik, to finish a negotiation to which he is not allowed, Ragnar sends Floki and his men to seek his approval and in the path of the ash, they meet a woman named Auslaug of a perfect beauty. They will meet under the ash tree, the Yggdrasil, the World Tree where Odin hanged himself for nine days and nights to find runes of knowledge.

After this meeting, they will beget the first son they have in common, everything will rush and Rollo his brother will confront him. When Lagertha’s wife becomes acquainted with the facts, she abandons her and his son Bjorg also. Several years after life changed well, the village recovered from a plague epidemic, Ragnar had others children with Auslaug.

The instant slot machine Genii, Vikingdom™ is the perfect way to describe the epic Nordic voyage in the remote northern regions, when the Vikings went out in search of treasures to the west. The three main characters are very well represented Ragnar, Rollo, and Lagertha. These will be the most paying.

Features of the casino game :


All winnings will be paid from left to right except the scatter which will be paid in any position. All winning lines are multiplied by bets and lines. In addition, the scatters are multiplied by the total bets and paid in addition to the winning lines. Of course, only the highest gain will be paid, no accumulation for each line.

The wild of the money game Vikingdom™ is represented by the red Viking with scary air, to the two sharp axes, it takes two squares in height, when it appears 3, 4 or 5 times on the reels it is possible to harvest 60, 150 or 2000 coins. If it appears the winnings will be doubled and it must be noted that it never appears on the free spins!

Vikingdom™’s scatter is the beautiful blonde warrior who can land anywhere on the reels and activate the free spins. Very important, these can not be reactivated during free spins (no re-spins). All bets and lines will be played with the same bet that activated them. If the scatter appears 3, 4 or 5 times 8, 12 or 15 free spins will be rewarded.

The expanding Wild symbol of the instant slot machine appears only on reel 3. It will extend to cover the reel completely so a possible victory. In addition, wins with wilds symbols will be doubled and it only appears in free spins. The Random Wild is the wild that is on fire. The winnings with this symbol are doubled and it only appears in the free spins.

Editorial opinion on the Kingdom™


The Genii provider has released a new instant slot machine: from 5 reels, 3 rows and 40 payment lines under the theme of the Viking series. It does not have a lot of features and actually the graphic charter is a bit simple despite some effects (when the wilds when the Viking crosses the axes and rips the r, during the war cries, etc…).

No jackpot either and when there are not many features this makes you feel… The rank of bets goes from 0.01 to 50.00 pounds which is not bad for players shy or not too accustomed to play, but for players who are looking for thrills, I think it’s a bit too weak even if one can win in a single shot 102,530 coins. In any case I also recommend to try it and judging by itself!

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