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Still very little known to my liking to the players of the hexagon, Upaycard arrives as A lifeline in the world of e-Wallets accepting customers domiciled in France. We are currently in a relatively dark period where the firms specialized in the use of virtual currency wallets services have this common point of wanting to desert the French gambling market online.

A sudden withdrawal that alerted the public and where hobbyists on the web only have their own other remedies if they still wanted to play the use of their credit card or to call on the bank transfer service in order to be able digitally route their profits into their personal bank account. Even if the administrations of the casinos remain discreet during their payment procedures this is without deviating this hypothesis to see appearing as a transfer order of the titles as game or casino that do not really give the banker a smile. Often this results in cancellations of transaction.

The haunting of any player not being able to see their amount earned at the casino appear on their bank statement while with the electronic wallets such as UPayCard Discretion is the queen of the situation with payment processes always validated. This choice took by many e-Wallets which is to leave hurriedly the game market in France imposes overnight to each gamer to have to inform online banking information that one would keep well for oneself-same.

Seen as black beasts, online casinos had to opt for a new payment solution that at the same time would allow their customers to regain their habit when the simple use of an E-Wallet account but also to allow them to find all the benefits they previously had with Neteller and Skrill. Two giants that actually form one and the same international leading company in the wallet electronic range.

Papaya and EcoPayz are also a safe value for depositing and withdrawing online casino funds instantly but the subject of today is based on UPayCard. A replacement who we’ll see it together double hands all the benefits of his rivals by pulling his game pin with ridiculously management fees down.

UPayCard: A new secure payment solution to play in the English online casinos.

Before entering into the details related to all the services offered by UPayCard to play in a virtual casino, it is more sensible to know in the first place where it originates. Driven by Moorwand Ltd, UPayCard is a provider of prepaid payment solutions that are suitable for both companies and individuals. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in England, UPayCard follows the regulations issued by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom.

Therefore, any user can gild and already be guaranteed to use services bathed within an exemplary reliability, all hooked to security systems leaving little hope to hackers to be able to take control of the many systems put in place by UPayCard.

This firm is today even leading the best prepaid payment solutions in the industry. In addition to offering a wide range of options to use its electronic money around the world, UPayCard has developed very simple infrastructures to handle, both in the eyes of companies and for individuals who, for example, take passion for betting money in certified casinos UPayCard.

This new e-wallet wallet that is starting to make a lot of noise on the web has designed a turnkey system to ensure reliable outgoing and incoming transactions at 100% in terms of speed of transfer and computer security. Almost everyone in Europe is able to use all services free of charge which sometimes impose a management fee but which prove to be very low in the end compared with the few other competitors present in the market of the currency electronic.

For ethical purposes and to ensure long-term trust between its shareholders and its customers, UPayCard operates a wide range of processes to effectively prevent of fraud that she can meet internally. Not everyone is benevolent and some client profiles can use the services of this platform in order to implement illegal actions such as the practice of money laundering or even the financing of terrorism. UPayCard is therefore equipped with very sophisticated algorithms programmed to quickly detect this type of behavior that could animate in the enclosure of its establishment.

The main advantages that can be seized when creating a UPayCard account

Now that we know who is UPayCard, it has come time to know what are the main advantages of using this famous electronic account. To begin with, it is important to know that this platform which is translated into English by means of the translation of Google, allows to protect without burr its bank details when one has as an example for wish to order an article from a site eTrade.

Security protocols that work hand in hand to ensure that transactions through the UPayCard service are secure are Finance Wide, PCI security Standards Council, and SSL secured to encrypt all data passing between the web browser of the client and the web server of the merchant site.

Online casinos UPayCard also make calls to these technologies that no longer really have much to prove on the ground in terms of computer security. By depositing money in an online casino with UPayCard This allows us to avoid spreading our lives by playing in perfect anonymity since a simple email account UPayCard enough to credit or debit digital money from the bank of the Game site.

With the use of a UPayCard account is to be able to make incoming transfers, outgoing, between accounts in a snap of finger in most countries of the world and again with the support of an ultra technology secure! Balance amounts are protected from prying eyes with the relentless support of operational technical processes that ensure fraud prevention to reassure users of the security level of their funds UPayCard.

Whether for individuals or contractors, the accounts made available operate under several currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, DKK, NOK, PLN, SEK, RON, TRY, ZAR, AED, CNY, HKD, SGD, JPY, CZK, RUB, CHF, HUF, BGN, BRL, INR and MXN). An opportunity to be able to deposit in an online casino UPayCard with the currency of his choice. In addition to being able to use his UPayCard account for example to play in real in an online gambling platform, it is also possible to be able to activate a good number of options.

For example, this opportunity to be able to request a MasterCard ® physical card. A free application where its management costs are minimal. For example, shipping and handling costs are £9.95, purchases are free of charge, the exchange rate is 3%, the free monthly fee or a fee of £3.50 for the use of cash withdrawal from a cash machine. Other than the plastic card, UPayCard also leaves this bargain to be able to buy a virtual card with a price of £5. For example, purchases are free as well as the monthly fee and the exchange rate is also set at a level of 3%.

The best remains to come up with a pricing of the use of UPayCard services judged to be very low. A statement developed with the comparison of the different tax plans of the other current electronic wallets such as papaya, EcoPayz, Neteller or even Skrill who visibly are always thirsty for money with a fee that keeps climbing in arrow.

The creation of the account, the monthly charges, the activity of receiving and sending money, checking its balance online via the use of the mobile application, declaration on the internet and the inactivity does not collect any credit. In other words, everything is free!

To deposit money into his UPayCard account, a multitude of means are active like bank transfer, VISA and MasterCard transfer, UnionPay, Bitcoin, WeChat, Paypal, Qiwi, Sofort, IDEAL, payer, OKPAY and AstroPay. Every time, the processing fee is ridiculously low. To withdraw funds directly from its UPayCard account, two methods are currently active and cover the bank transfer with a charge of between £10 and £25 depending on the amount requested and via the crypto-coin Bitcoin with a fee valued at £1.

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