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Under the Sea™

Under the Sea proposes to those who wish to operate it to play in the company of a charming mermaid. This main character in this story is very comfortable in the water to see the many actions it makes when the slot machine offers tokens.

With its theme that merges both animals, aquatic and adventure, the video game interface Under the Sea™ offers three-dimensional graphics that are in our opinion perfectly well-managed. Despite its conception by the publishers Betsoft Gaming in the course of the year 2012, this little jewels has nothing to envy to the recent videos slots of the brand that we can discover today as for example the last game Weekend In Vegas™ which was created in July of 2015.

Under the Sea™ game screen is completely immersed in the depths of a turquoise water. The latter is only a few meters below the surface as it is very easy to notice the constant movement of the waves. A superb staging with this weak sea current that trains in a movement of going and comes all kinds of flora like algaes that rest on a massif of corals. Other than this multicolored aquatic vegetation coexist with sea urchins, anemones and even a five-pointed starfish. To make it useful, the latter acts as a spin button to launch the 5 reels and 30 pay lines of the game of chance Under the Sea™.

We can therefore approve that the graphics of under the Sea™ are an incredible beauty with multiple finishes that implies that the publishers Betsoft Gaming have wished with this title to bring as much realism as possible. In our opinion, this is perfectly well done with this soundtrack that quickly drags us into the heart of the Under the Sea™ game. The periphery of the screen exports us quickly in the lively of the subject but the content of the interface that forms the 5 reels goes even further by not depriving itself to add a touch of humor and festivity.

In addition to being entertained with this little mermaid with blond hair and pink lips, players will be able to have fun with different breeds of fish including one that looks very much like Nemo fish. On the other hand, the others are probably part of the overflowing imagination of game publishers Betsoft gaming with representations of fish not listed in encyclopedias. On the other hand, they hold a common point which is to let their faces hang angelic smiles with beautiful white teeth and aligned.

The online gambling under the Sea™ does not want to stop in such a good way with its three-dimensional graphics. If not, it would have been a pity. This 5-Reel slot machine stores 3 features in its bowels. They focus on wild icons, scatters that open up free spins and finally a bonus game where chance promises to be at his apogee.

Under the Sea™ is a video slot that is configured to satisfy all online casino game players. To do this, this variant of 30 manual gain lines offers the opportunity to play from extremely low sums of money of £0.01. This rate can of course be progressively revised upward with the possibility of playing to the maximum with the sum of £150.00.

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The first option to play under the Sea™ and also the one that is very likely to showing on the screen most often concerns the wild. This feature also has the name of joker.

Its peculiarity during the operation of the game is to act as a substitute of symbols with the absolute mission of forming pay lines of gain. To go in the direction, the wild will therefore be able to replace all the illustrations of the game except the representations of the trunk and the wreck of the boat. But this joker feature will go even further in the face of its intervention in the game with the advantage of programming earning multipliers.

These are scalable in the face of the number of appearances of the joker on the screen. To the maximum, it will be possible to graft an x8 index multiplication coefficient on all the profits obtained by this feature!


The second option of the three-dimensional slot Under the Sea™ is based on free spins otherwise titled free parts. In its maximum configuration, this online game offers the possibility to be entertained for free for 15 rotations! A feature that is far from being struck down with as a symbol the depiction of the wreckage of a wooden ship. Maybe a boat from pirates?

To start playing with free spins, the game will ask to gather anywhere on the screen 3 performances. With a lower number of 2, free spins will not be able to operate. On the other hand, the game will not leave this opportunity to leave as it came without leaving the player a lot of 200 tokens of Casino! During the process of the featuring, the interface of the game will not evolve in terms of the graphics what is in our opinion a shame.

A single change will take place and it will find itself down in the middle. This change will leave room for the countdown of the free games in progress. On the other hand and this is important to underline, all the profits realized will benefit from a multiplier of winnings of x2!


The last and third feature of this game of chance of the brand Betsoft Gaming head to a level Bonus! As it will be clearly possible to realize, the screen will be sometimes accompanied by the illustration of a wooden chest securely attached by a padlock that will eventually break to let see gold in large quantity.

To be able to penetrate the inside of this bonus game, it will be asked to collect on the screen a number of 3 coffers at least. The place of appearance on the 5 reels will have no influence in order to operate this feature of Under the Sea™. Once immersed in this special level, the interface of the game will radically change its appearance to let see at the bottom of the water on a white sand mat and some rocks here and there that accompany a number of 6 chests. The latter will be aligned on 2 reels of 3 and the goal to earn money will be to select 1.

If the contents of the chest reveals gold then it will be asked again to click on one of the remaining coffers. Each selection will allow you to pocket a random batch of chips. On the other hand, if the player finds himself nose to nose with the word (collect) then the bonus game will suddenly end and the user will be forced despite him to return to the main game.



Under the Sea™ is in our opinion one of the most neat slot machines Betsoft Gaming on the Graphic plan. The sound is also a real treat and it does not establish after a while a boring climate that simply gives the desire to reduce it to silence.

Other than this visual and sound aspect, Under the Sea™ is a silver game that offers a perfect trio of features. The wilds intervene almost permanently in order to create the pus often as possible of the winning lines. The earning multipliers that join the unfolding of the actions generated not the features and which participate in the expansion of the acquisition of random prizes. This bonus game with particularly juicy profits and this option of free games that offers a probability to activate up to 15 rotations which is far from being negligible.

We retain from Under the Sea™ that this video slot has a particularly playful and remunerative content. We have them a bit of trouble to get into the two great features that are the free spins as well as the bonus level. With a little patience, we still managed to get inside in order to extract a maximum of chips and it was rather a successful mission for our administration. We regret the lack of the double up option which is well known for online games Betsoft Gaming.

This feature offers us the advantage of being able to try to double its freshly won price by activating itself in the stride. Under the Sea™ is a game of chance that is classified in the section animals, adventure and aquatic and we strongly believe that this slot machine Betsoft Gaming will satisfy all players who especially like this kind of theme to play in Line.

Subject : Under the Sea™ ~ Play with a slot machine at the bottom of the sea!
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