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Trustpay is an ambitious international company that deploys its long tentacles without being expected when it comes to providing an express payment gateway for companies of their customers based in Europe. TrustPay has to date 3 services in its infrastructure, the first of which is a secure payment link through credit cards accessible in more than 43 countries including the UK, France, Belgium and Switzerland.

The second offers a banking service from the internet to companies in order to enable them to efficiently manage their cash receipts and disbursements in a momentum of exemplary speed and ease of management. The last service developed by TrustPay is based on instant bank transfers offering the opportunity to immediately receive the funds from the bank transfers made by their customers.

TrustPay is a company that has a European license and regulation. Its head office is located in Slovakia at the following address Za Kasarnou 1, 831 03 Bratislava, Republic of Slovakia. Active since the beginning of the year 2009, the company TrustPay has targeted in the thousand to be noticed from its launch by being one of the first financial institutions present at the heart of the European Union to provide means of payment for the ecommerce-type companies. Other sectors of activity are of course in collaboration with this payment highway including casino-type entertainment websites online.

To allow TrustPay to deploy its wings and therefore to show the world its true stature and its overflowing ambition, this sign has agreed to establish a lasting partnership with VISA Europe, MasterCard and Q’UnionPay have recently been a real pillar in the banking sector. In the Face of this strong cooperation, Trustpay has a Level 1 PCI DSS certification that paves the way for acquiring new territories by legally providing all of the countries forming the European Union of B2B-type services enabling by definition the exchange of cross-border capital by cards and transfers banking.

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The story of TrustPay:

★ TrustPay was born in the first quarter of the year 2009 in order to quickly obtain a payment establishment license and to be among the first establishments to head off the internet for capital movements in Slovakia.

★ The following year in 2010, TrustPay evolved an extra notch by obtaining a well-deserved PI-type license, offering him the opportunity to take his true flight to dominate all the countries of the European Union by offering its services very coveted.

★ In 2012, TrustPay became one of the main partners in VISA and MasterCard.

★ In 2013, events were amplified at TrustPay with a new license formally authorizing him to offer his payment services by credit card for traders and absolutely everywhere in the area Euro.

★ in 2015, TrustPay innovates with the introduction of an online bank account interface. In that same year, TrustPay is now in a position to offer payments by credit card using the means of point-of-use terminals sale.

★ The latest information received by this flowering sign, in 2016 TrustPay has just become a main member of UnionPay.

The services offered by TrustPay and their respective advantages:

&#TrustPay’s services form a solid trio including acquisition cards, corporate accounts and bank transfers Snapshots.

Acquisition Card:

TrustPay is one of the most effective ways to access a perfectly secure and easy-to-use online payment gateway. TrustPay offers a turnkey solution to enable European companies to accept payments through bank cards (visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro and UnionPay) since 43 countries of the world whose United Kingdom.

This means of collecting digital funds is within the reach of all resident traders in one of the member countries of the European Union. The security level is constantly strengthened and follows a protocol to the letter in accordance with the PCI DSS Level 1 security requirements. Other benefits are such as being able to receive payments with a digital wallet of more than 150 Currencies.

To be able to process recurring payments, to benefit from support for 3D secure technology so as to significantly increase the transaction security index by using dual authentication by through a security code sent by SMS to complete the validation of the transaction. But also to be able to stoker the data of the bank cards of the customers in order to make payments much more easily.

An internal TrustPay policy that is reinforced in addition to traditional tools to prevent fraudulent transactions. Provision of motorcycle-type transactions with the aim of allowing traders to collect payment data by post or by telephone and then be able to process them later using the Payment Gateway TrustPay.

Company account:

With TrustPay, it is conceivable to go through the creation of a business account. That’s when multiple benefits are within reach. The opportunity to hold a single IBAN for payments submitted in euro currency. To control at any time of the day as of the night the outings as well as the cash receipts from his business account TrustPay.

To proceed with the opening of this type (internet banking) of account by measuring itself to simple formalities and whose execution proves to be fairly fast. To strengthen the payment service that is attached to its company and to credibility more in front of the entire public of its merchant site. A significant option to be able to accept payments from bank cards under more than 150 currencies, then making it possible to significantly increase its number of business.

The settlement of incoming funds is then processed under a currency of the following EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, JPY, CZK, PLN, HUF in order to appear in the TrustPay account following the calculation of the exchange rate current.

Instant Bank Transfers:

With the technology set up by TrustPay, there is no need to wait for whole days before you see the balance of a bank transfer to his account TrustPay.

Bank transfers have the advantage and not least to be instantaneous, then offering a good payment alternative to receive funds quickly and that since 37 banks and 8 countries (Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and Turkey) located on the ground European.

Other advantages revolve around this option of instant bank transfers such as being able to benefit from a process without risk of chargeback or accepting money without having to worry about refusal to transaction.

Sujet : TrustPay ~ An efficient payment gateway for european companies.
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