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Trustly is a Swedish-based payment institution that is approved since its launch in 2008 under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen). Piloted by the Trustly Group AB company with business identification number 556754-8655, the Trustly service allows banks, e-traders and online casinos to receive and issue both payments instantly from accounts in Bank of their customers. On the consumer side, Trustly allows them to deposit and withdraw money from their bank account immediately by validating a procedure built in 3 steps.

To provide a legal framework for its activities, Trustly offers its secure payment services in accordance with the Payment Protocols Act (2010:751) and, therefore, may not present permanent cross-border payment services within The European Union.

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The story of Trustly

★ Trustly is far from being a european company that dates from the last rain since this gateway specialized in instant online payments has made its first steps in the course of the year 2008. On the day of his birth and with the support of a well-honed communication strategy, Trustly scored points by becoming profitable as soon as he opened to the public.

★ In 2009, Trustly embarks on innovation to set up a new platform that is capable of significantly improving the experience of users with a more modern and above all ergonomic structure. During the same year of hard work, Trustly was rewarded by accounting for 1 million of transactions.

★ In 2010, Trustly began to truly emerge from its comfort zone in Sweden by planting new offices on the island of Malta. The landmark of online casinos. During this year, Trustly recorded 2 million transactions in this momentum to attract potential investors like Alfvén & Didrikson.

★ In 2011, the secure online payment Gateway Trustly won a good share of the cake vis-à-vis the technology companies established in Sweden by appearing as the stronger in terms of growth. This earned him the price of the second innovative technology company in Sweden. It was then that 4 million of transactions were recorded during this year 2011 and Trustly took advantage of the strengthening of its power to install its quarters in Spain in the city of Barcelona.

★ In 2012, Trustly was a umpteenth time decorated as the third Swedish company holding the stronger growth. This year was grandiose with more than 7 millions transactions.

★ In 2013, Trustly tapped into the eye of Blocket. The latter trusted him to effectively secure transactions between private customers. A little later in the same year, Trustly won the first prize for the best secure payment provider by Mobile Money.

Trustly now allows digital transactions to be carried out using Western Union. To promote the exponential growth of Trustly, the company Bridgepoint Development invested 23 million euros. Trustly wins the award of Trustly CIT Golden Card in favor of the most innovative current payment method.

Trustly still goes far in its strategy by leaning on a possible collaboration with the giants Paypal and MoneyBookers later become Skrill. As a force for innovation, Trustly launches a new module called Payout Express that allows everyone to make real-time payments on bank accounts located absolutely anywhere in the Euro zone.

★ In 2014, Trustly begins to lose itself in the face of its countless customers. He still retains group and Facebook by processing more than 1 million transactions on a monthly basis. Trustly does not stop praising its powerful determination to shadow many competitors like Trustpay by being valued at the 50th position of companies that have a project to revolutionize the financial service.

★ In 2015, Trustly gained more ground by crossing a new course. To deploy in a single treaty on 21 new markets in Europe. It is then that Trustly ranks in the top 3 of the payments category at the FINTECH Awards ceremony. Avanza quickly became the first Swedish bank to offer its 500 000 customers instant deposits from other banks using the services of Trustly.

★ In the last news, in 2016, Trustly opened new offices in London and Cologne. A future that promises to be very Promising

Trustly allows to make online purchases from ecommerce shops (online shopping). The only condition is that these virtual shops are in partnership with Trustly. But as we can now understand, Trustly is a company that wants to be at every corner of street.

As a result to this, it is possible to be able to deposit and withdraw money from a virtual casino using the Instant payment gateway Trustly. This firm of Swedish origin specializes in the express payment either for withdrawal requests or to credit its casino account using a bank account. Established in 29 countries including the United Kingdom, Trustly offers a highly secure payment gateway that is approved and controlled by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. This revolutionary company has a European licence in accordance with the Payment Services Directive (PSD, 2007/64/EC).

★ A first advantage with the use of Trustly is that the consumer does not have to proceed with a pre-registration to use the system. The administration of Trustly states from its website that no sensitive information is recorded on their web servers and that they are unable to access the bank accounts of their clients.

To encompass this privacy policy, Trustly protects its system with a sophisticated data encryption standard in addition to the protection technologies used by banks. Multiple layers of protection that make the task extremely difficult for hackers who would have the ambition to steal information sensitive.

★ The second advantage with the use of Trustly in addition to being able to pay and withdraw money safely is its ease of use. A well-thought-out gateway that has a responsive design version offering perfect compatibility on nomadic devices of smartphone and tablet types, but also on MAC and Windows computers.

All consumers can use Trustly that they have a device that fits in the palm of their hand or that they are present at their desk. To pay or deposit funds, just follow 3 small steps.

The first step is to select your bank and connect to it naturally by filling in these access codes. As a result of this perfectly encrypted and secure end-to-end connection by the Trustly technology, it is enough to select the account from which the payment will be made. For example, his current account or his savings account. Once the account in question has been selected, the Trustly system will return the consumer to a confirmation page of his purchase and it will be necessary to definitively validate his order or even his deposit or withdrawal from an online casino.

The cases are multiple but the procedure for using Trustly remains Similar.

★ The third advantage with Trustly is that deposits and withdrawals from a digital casino are instantaneous. Yes and that even for the procedure dedicated to the claims of cashing of gains and we will now understand why. In the vast majority of cases, it is necessary to take its pain in patience and wait wisely up to 5 working days to collect money when using the method of withdrawal by bank transfer. A long-term verification procedure to check whether the online casino bank account has the necessary funds to validate the request to withdraw its client.

The management system of the risks Trustly identifies whether the necessary funds are available in the payer’s on-line bank account. In our case the online casino. This makes it possible to establish an immediate authorization of the payment. Ultimately allow the player to make an immediate withdrawal instantly visible in his bank account staff.

Trustly for Merchants.

Trustly offers its instant and secure online payment services for e-commerce type companies but also opens in the gambling market such as online casinos. By adhering to Trustly, operators can accept without any hassle payments made via bank account transfers at local and international level and this through all the States members of the European Union. No additional management fees apply to allow customers to pay their order and/or deposit money in their online casino balance by logging into their favorite bank account.

By Trustly’s ever-advancing technology, merchants can be sure to offer a sustained user experience to their clientele. The Trustly module allows customers to make inbound and outgoing transactions from mobile devices, tablets, or from their PCs with an increased security-based level compared the bank and users account information.

Once the order confirmation has been completed and then the approval of the payment displayed on the last page of payment procedure of Trustly, the customers are then automatically redirected according to the case of figure on the site of the seller or the casino online.

The Trustly system offers a minimum of work to be implemented on their customers websites. Trustly’s administration makes available plug-ins designed for e-commerce that require no additional coding. Documentation (code available for PHP, Java and Python) is also made available but the integration work is very simple to implement with code that only asks to be copied and then pasted into the source codes of the sites of their customers (merchants and online casino operators).

Trustly remains at listening.

A help page is available from the Trustly site and it breaks down into 2 parts. The first is dedicated to consumers and the second to merchants. As far as the area for clients is concerned, they have access to a very comprehensive FAQ (frequently asked Questions) that covers many categories. For example, questions related to transactions (deposit and purchase), fraud, terms and conditions, direct debit, etc.

For merchants, the latter have access to a member area where they have an account manager assigned to them on the first day of use of the services of Trustly. There is also a technical support that covers a Trustly integration guide, the detailed presentation of the services offered and a frequently asked questions focused on integrating the payment gateway Trustly.

At the level of the languages of communication, it is possible to dialogue in English, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish.

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