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Treasure Island™

The provider OpenBet features a slot machine, Treasure Island™ consisting of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed lines on the theme of treasures and pirates! Easily recognisable symbols and firmly rooted in the theme we will enjoy the three features of this casino game Treasure Island™: Treasure Chest Bonus, Cannon Bonus and the progressive Pirate Treasure jackpot that can be triggered using wilds and scatters.

The pirate Flood after a collision with his ship escaped the massacre because his entire crew had been wiped out by the barbarian Black Moon. He had left him for dead, but Flood was able to escape. After several days adrift, he arrives on an island that seemed deserted. The only things he could get back before his boat went into the sea were the swords (symbols of Treasure Island™) that came from his grandfather.

Completely exhausted, Flood is unable to go any further. He eventually fainted on the beach. The next morning when Flood regained consciousness there was a parrot that kept screaming at his side. Normally in this situation, Flood would have taken his sword and cut it into pieces. It must be said that he did not have good character this pirate! But then everything was different, he had lost everything, his men, his boat, his treasure! In short, all he had left was life!

Instead of getting upset, Flood smiled he must have been happy because even though he had lost everything he was still alive! He gets up and the parrot lands on his shoulder. It’s decided he’ll call it Twist. Oddly Twist spoke a few words and in addition in his language, it was really strange! Well, he was going to start his visit we had to find something to eat for this pirate who did not eat meat!

And yes, otherwise he would have grilled the parrot, but no he had to find something and quickly or he would starve. Twist very intelligent guided him through the forest and arrives at a bush. Here you are! They look like berries! Flood begins to take them with handles and ingest them like a savage! He was completely hungry and not easy to be vegetarian in a world of predation!

After eating, he starts following Twist who seemed to want to show him something, after long hours of walking, they arrive at a somewhat sinister place. There were lots of skeletons and what was it? A treasure chest! (one of treasure island’s scatter symbols™). But what would he do with a treasure if he was alone on the island? Or not?

Features of Treasure Island™:


The wild symbol will be represented by a gold coin that can replace all symbols except the scatter icons (the treasure chest, the cannon and the pirate). The wild symbol will always replace the highest paid symbols. For example 3 wilds symbols will pay the same as 3 Treasure Island symbols.

But if the last symbol is a lower-ranked symbol then the wild will pay as that symbol. Only one payment will be made per winning line, but you should know that a symbol can contribute to several winning lines, so the winnings will be accumulated and the value of any payment will be displayed in Total Paid.

If we discover three or more symbols of the treasure chest, whatever their position they will trigger the bonus game of the treasure chest. You will have to choose one of the three chests that will be shown to us to reveal a payout multiplier of the bet. Three or more cannon symbols regardless of their position will trigger the bonus game of the cannon.

You will have to press the fire button to use the cannon and decide how many steps to climb. Continue firing the cannon until a collecting ball is fired or you reach the top of the trail, you will then receive a payout multiplier!

The progressive jackpot will only be available in the game in real mode and to win it will require 5 pirate symbols in any position. The jackpot win will not or will not be affected by the daily limit of accumulated winnings.

The contribution to the progressive jackpot will be 2% of the total bet. The starting amount of the progressive jackpot is £500. It is not possible for two players to win the jackpot at the same time. The jackpot will be locked when it is won. No bet will be accepted at that time, other players will receive a message warning them that the jackpot has been won by another player.

The current playback will be cancelled and the player will have the opportunity to replay after being informed of the new jackpot values. And if the game is removed then the amount of the remaining jackpot pool will be transferred to another jackpot or retained by the casino partner Openbet.

Opinion about Treasure Island™:

The provider OpenBet game offers us a nice little slot machine, with a pirate straight out of the SpongeBob cartoon series in the trailer. Too funny! It’s the same one! Or almost, but it doesn’t look very nasty this pirate. He is accompanied by his parrot, his swords, treasure chests filled with multipliers of winnings, it’s not bad despite an interface perhaps too simple.

It’s true that it’s an Openbet slot machine that looks old enough but its simplicity still contains features that are not bad at all! There are two and if we play in real mode we will be able to access the progressive jackpot! The only problem is that the volatility is rather low, so it makes you arm yourself with patience to be able to take advantage of the features of the treasure chest and the cannon.

It’s a bit of a shame because this bad point added to a return to the player of 95.04% is not joy either. It’s well below average and I’m afraid the players are getting a little tired of just seeing the reels turn and not seeing the features trigger. Fortunately, coin values start at £0.01, which can make things easier.

We have 20 fixed lines so the total bets will start at £0.20 per spin and as a maximum bet we will have £400 (£20 x 20 fixed lines). Big players can find their way as much as the shy or those who don’t have access to an overly full wallet. It’s not won at all with the casino game Treasure Island™ although the interface is nice but the rest is not too much. You’ll have to boost the features a little or at least be a little more generous!

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Treasure Island™