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Traces of Evidence™

The 4th of may of 2018, the provider Genii brought us one of its latest news in material of instant slot machine: Traces of Evidence™. Under the theme of the thriller this video slot in 3D will leave us in the middle of an investigation on an assassin in series and the mores of a village where the beliefs will is mix and bring us more suspense.

In the small village of Queens, the corpse of a young girl comes to be found the edge of a stream with of obvious signs of violence. The body half-buried and arm in cross the forensic only can verify the death of the young woman if it don’t mistaken she has been strangled. But the case a something bizarre.

The inspector Laura Blanc comes to be awake by the commissar that comes to announce the discovery. This is her village, people know her and it is not really a pleasure to go, but she did not have the choice, she was charged with the responsibility of the survey. She takes a few clothes, say goodbye to her husband, and takes the road to Queens.

As soon as she arrives the forensic says to her all the details, this is the second that they find in the same way. In addition, the murderer leaves a cookie to the body side as his own brand. The file is classified top secret because too much of clues redirected to someone of the village. They need to be careful!

Laura goes to see his aunt Rose that make aware of latest news family: Flora the older sister with a character very authoritarian, that led the company family a manufacture of biscuits, was separate of her husband Victor. He seems always bizarre. He had certainly something to hide. Maybe what this is in the deformation professional she worked for the FBI! the second sister guild was in the same way that the first.

She suspected that he was cheating on her and she do could not support it. She has come to spend a few days with the aunt to take a decision. The aunt Rose was like her mother and even more we could say because the mother had never supported Laura, she beat her, until the day where the father had to take her to aunt Rose to avoid the worst!

A lot of memories and the majority not frankly good this is why Laura doesn’t like to come to the village. But she must investigate… Too much bizarre this cookie to the side of the body without life… She must make a visit to her sister Flora to interrogate her. There are not a lot of people that makes these cookies around there.

The phone rings and Laura can’t believe what she is hearing: another crime! Another body that has appeared close to the stream the same signs and especially the cookie! They need to analyze the meal of surroundings to know where are made these famous cookies. Laura leads the survey as she knows how to do it, brilliant, she done always evidence of a big professionalism but she feared that she is going to discover will not please her…

Again a call that made jumping the young inspector. This time this is his brother in law Fred. Laura goes in a hurry to him. It doesn’t seem frankly good! Oh my god when she arrives at the house of the brother in law, he has a rope around the neck! Laura and her colleague release him and call an ambulance. He has a paper in his hand: a note is written with the name of the second young girl death, it says that he cannot live without her and the other main carries a bandage.

The story gets complicated, now Gilda will know who was her husband’s lover! Laura continues her investigation, but the best friend comes from him to give an alibi, they were both of them in the hospital. Fred had given a shot of fist in the mirror that was in the bar where his buddy had taken to try to make him feeling better.

A third young girl comes and disappear. They don’t need to lose time! Laura and her team have discovered that there had more crimes in the past and all classified open case! The only new element is the cookie to side of the body! Laura didn’t know what to do! The circle is closer each time from the factory of his family.

They need to find clues. The inspector ask its subordinates to search all the newspapers from before and according to the crimes for see the events and especially if it there are coincidences. And after a careful research the police discover that he there are gathering of motorcycles to surroundings to each time that there is a crime!

The bad memories haunt the spirit of Laura who do is not feeling comfortable. She revives each day the horrors that he was climb his mother that for she was death but in reality was locked in a psychiatric hospital. She was a monster and nobody wanted more take care of it. Laura will make a visit for appease his pain but instead the visit didn’t make her feel really good.

Laura is approaching the bed where is his mother but she becomes suddenly histerical. Fortunately that she was attached! The doctor says her that her brother in law Victor comes all the weeks bring her flowers and that he is the only one to calm her. The mother was attached because she had attacked a nurse and had disfigured her.

The circle is close around of Flora and Victor! When laura discusses with her colleague by phone, he has found photos of Flora and the side-car of Victor in all the cases! This is decided! They need to go at Victor’s house and search. This is necessary to find evidences and especially the last young girl which on a not found still the corpse: she was maybe alive!

Laura’s colleague arrives the first on the places, but the receives a shot on the head who leaves him on the floor. Laura arrives practically right away, and starts to search, she finds Victor. They start to beat, but Victor has the top. He admits all to Laura, thinking that he was going to kill her… But behind him appears Flora with a weapon that don’t hesitate not a only instant to him shoot top several time.

Flora came to save Laura’s life and the last young girl that he had not time to murder! The reinforcements arrive and discover the scene: a body extended on the ground, a puddle of blood, the sockets of balls and full of cars of police with their flashing lights on… We just to land on the interface of Traces of Evidence™.

Features of Traces of Evidence™:


All gains are paid from left to right, except the scatter which it can do it in any position. All the lines winning will multiplied between them and the scatters will paid in supplement of winning lines. they will multiply by the gains of total bet.

The free spins will triggered if 3 or more symbols scatter (footprint digital) is landed anywhere on the reels and can be also activated for the free spins. All the bets and lines played will the same what those that have enabled free spins. If we have 3, 4 or 5 symbols we will have 8, 15 or 20 free spins.

The feature Autopsy of Traces of Evidence™, is triggers when 3 or more symbols feature game is landed anywhere on the reels. The prize will proportional to the total of equal of game that the a triggered. The Autopsy maybe triggered for the free spins and the symbol scatter that triggers the feature and body extended in a fed up of blood.

The symbols the most paying are after the wild, the weapon, the bullet casings, the corpse and the portrait robot and the least pay are the symbols of a game of cards A, K, Q and J. and if the chance is with us we can win a maximum of 34,050 coins what is not the Eldorado but it could be worse!

Opinion of Traces of Evidence™

The software Genii brings us under the theme of the thriller an instant slot machine Traces of Evidence™ with 5 reels, 3 rows and 40 lines of payment. In despite an effort in the presentation of the interface the video slot in 3D this only two features, which is not huge to my opinion. The sounds all in done in agreement with the theme, sirens of police, music of background mysterious… but this is not enough to catch a player. No jackpot, not bonuses and the gains can reach 34.050 coins only! The bet goes from £0.01 to £50.00 which is not huge and not enough because the High Rollers will not find their account but maybe that the more shy with a taste for the investigations. I was waiting more of the provider of game of casino Genii!

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