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The various tournaments present in the online casinos.


To expand more their entertainment palette, the administrations of the online casino are constantly developing and working to find new ideas to continually surprise their clients. Thoughts that for some will soon find the way to oblivion and which for others will see a constant improvements to bring on a continuous thread of attractiveness.

On the one hand to satisfy the players and on the other hand to stand out very clearly from the competition which in fact sets to be increasingly high. These are the challenges of who will be the best on innovation that today allow the entire industry of gambling on the internet to be as rich in entertainment and more precisely on the part of casino tournaments online that I will expose in this article.

There are all kinds of tournaments but some brands will be focused on a specific category of games which can mean to be embarrassing for some players who have a passion for many sections like roulette, blackjack or even the slot machines. For this group of people, they are forced to go throw several institutions to build a satisfactory degree of satisfaction and this is not always obvious.

Currently, I do not know of a platform among the 19 certified trusted by the website that merge several types of games to integrate them into a single casino tournament. Lately, in May 2016, there was the oscar bianca casino who had seen this way of feeding his tournaments, but has recently changed his bonus section and promotions to include instead other forms of bonuses having for the benefit of being without a wager condition.

Perhaps this most serious casino will revive its weekly multi-category games tournament and if that is the case, I will not miss this great opportunity to refresh this dynamic page that remains like many others on the website of Avis Casinos.

As I wrote a short while ago, online casinos have a fetish section that they always put forward when it comes to launching tournaments. Some online entertainment establishments will have a preference for putting on the podium their games with dealers male and female for the friendly side, others on their slot machines or some pre-selected titles, or even on their games of roulette or table games like for example blackjack.

Some take another turn to focus on users and allow them to participate in mobile casino tournaments. All combinations are possible to give players an opportunity to participate in large-scale events. Competitions that may have a valid time during the 24 hours of a day, a week, a month or more than a quarter in some cases.

To go further…

Table of digital casinos that offer tournaments:

Casinos Type of tournament


Circus Casino is a reel Swiss knife in terms of events focusing on tournaments but not only with this opportunity to be able to register for lotteries full of gifts of all kinds, through the possible acquisition of luxurious journeys to the other side of the world. Dream destinations that only Circus Casino is able to offer its casual players as well as its regular customers since everyone can access them with a single click from their computer or mobile phone. Free tournaments often in connection with reel events taking place in the Belgium territory. At Circus Casino these tournaments are sometimes organized on a (24h plan, for the mornings, afternoon, evenings or night owls) a week or even over 30 days in some cases. There are a multitude of tournaments and lotteries within Circus Casino so that everyone can have fun as they see fit.


Vive Mon Casino is a real Swiss army knife for events focusing on tournaments but not only with this opportunity to be able to register for lotteries packed with gifts of any kind, passing through the eventual acquisition of luxurious trips leading to the other side of the world. Dream destinations that only live my casino is able to offer its casual players as to its regular customers since everyone can access it with one click from his computer or his mobile. Tournaments sometimes organized on a plan of 24 hours, one week see even over 30 days in some cases. Live games as well as random casino titles such as slot machines or even table games are open to allow tournaments to more than €200 000 in cash prizes to hatch. There are a multitude of tournaments and lotteries within the platform of Vive Mon Casino in order to allow everyone to have fun as he wants.


Every week, either every Wednesday, Stakes casino introduces tournaments called the battle of the spins. As we can guess without too much difficulty, these are weekly slot machine competitions that divide into two categories. The first is called Mega Spins is the goal to win a cash prize without any withdrawal requirement is to play with bets equal to the higher than €1. The second category has the same characteristics except that the bets injected into the slot must not exceed the sum of €1 per spin. The winners of these tournaments are posted on the stakes casino website with their best spin (profit obtained), the game, the amount of the bet, their position in the ranking and of course the prize allotted. There is no registration fee, simply play on one or more slot machines of the online casino knowing that it has more than 300.


In my opinion, Laromere is one of the best online casinos in England that organize tournaments over several weeks. Indeed, this room focuses on events that have meaning in real life like EURO 2016, the carnival of Rio de Janeiro or even on the near coming of the summer. Laromere Casino has the desire to unify its tournaments with bonus events. As a result, the themes evolve from month to month with the advantage of not installing a routine that would have the effect of making the regular players flee because of this lack of originality. The casino game tournaments of this brand are based on a bonus points system. The major goal to finish among the top 15 of the monthly tournaments of Laromere Casino is to play as much as possible on five-reels slot. The prices are very varied with an opportunity to leave with big price in cash.Trips for two people or gifts of great value.

But how does an online casino tournament unfold?

In general, entry into a tournament is free. In other words, we can clearly call it a tournament without a deposit but simply in the context of buying an entry ticket. All players of the online casino and whatever their VIP status are automatically invited by email or phone to be entered in the list of participants of the tournament.

They have free choice to participate or not to choose this path. In all cases because the vast majority of the English casinos operate in this way, when a tournament is launched, all bets that the players will realize are converted into a point of loyalty.

Losers or winners, all bets allow you to post bonus points. According to the terms and conditions of the tournament of the platform, €5 earn 1 point or all the €10 of bets allow to win 1 point of loyalty.

It is in this way that the participants in these competitions divide themselves to determine who is on the right track to win a prize. In other words, the more players play and the more they increase their chance to be part of the winners of the current tournament.

Thanks to it advancement, online casinos have an infrastructure that is important enough to provide advanced statistics in the players’ accounts. Regarding the data of the casino tournaments, players can view in real time the number of points they have managed to win.

In parallel to this, the administrations of the digital casinos put online on the website a special page which aims to put the pictures and the color of the theme of the tournament which can rest on the theme of football, the carnival of Rio de Janeiro or even Valentine’s Day, and so on. As it is very easy to see, the themes are very varied and therefore the ideas of internal functioning of the tournaments always answer presents.

In these very colorful contents, a table is always present and this one has as a mission to inform in real time the progress of the tournament compared to the 10 or even 50 first players of the tournament in progress. The positions of the finalists are frequently informed in any case in the instant the page is consulted, their nicknames as well as their number of current loyalty points. Total transparency that allows players to have a good look at what’s going on when they’re making bets.

What do we earn in these tournaments between players?

The prices are very varied and it is this aspect that makes the online casino tournaments more and more popular. Most often, the platform promises large sums of money that can be withdrawn without any constraint.

In other cases, there is money in cash with gifts opening up to multiple horizons like for example high-end TVs, Apple branded products like IPhone 6s, IPad, tablet, MAC computer, etc. Other than, these gifts rather intended for a single person are also displayed and generally valid for two people at least, luxury trips where destinations are multiple as in Kenya, Las Vegas or even Venice to write these few corners of the globe.

The list is still very long but already with these few enumerations, we can clearly understand that the tournaments present in the heart of the virtual casinos are very diversified in terms of prizes. The first place that comes up to being the throne of the great winner is always the one that is the richest in emotion with very often prizes and gifts exceeding €10 000 in market value.

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