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With the Titan Storm™ slot machine, the image of the force will be exemplary and proudly put forward by beings endowed with both an extremely important and terrifying internal force.

This spectacle which will be largely kept active by titans and other flying animals that resemble being ready to be sphinxes will not run on earth ground but far away from it. Titan Storm™ places will be present in our solar system but on an unknown planet and which is strangely close to Saturn and its natural countless satellites.

This distant planet has some similarities with our Earth but when one starts to look up, nothing seems to match what we all know. During the day, the sky lets see a crowd of stars as if we were in the middle of the night with this gas planet that dominates our field of vision with its plasma disk which makes it so enigmatic. Note that this is nothing unpleasant to look at and personally it offers a rather fairy side to the game.

There is the presence of clouds but these are colorful in a way different than the ones we used to see. These are colored with shades of dirty white and violet. The world of Titan Storm™ and relatively mountainous and we can very quickly realize it with this chain of mountains that does not seem to have a limit. The strangest thing about it is that some mountains are downright suspended as if they were deliberately floating in the air and they were constantly supported by a force beyond our common imagination.

Many beams here and there and especially near the base of these rocky massifs are implanted and they emit precisely their radiations towards this very starry sky. A little further down is a coniferous forest. Everything that’s normal. Finally the where is the interface of the online casino game Titan Storm™, in weightlessness above a meadow that lets see in different places pieces of volcanic rock with as a flower a bluish rock that we could call gemstone in our world.

But the silver game Titan Storm™ wants to make clear and through its title that there will be the presence of beings who are well reputed to conduct fighting forces between them in order to designate the most powerful. Of course, the action is not going to miss in this online game ranked adventure with the king of the Titans and a warrior that players will be able to meet over the games. Other representations will also be present as a sword whose iron is still hot or a lion with blue fur that has white wings.

The minimum bet to start playing money with this game of chance is £0.25. For those who want to increase this value to try to trigger more quickly features and by this opportunity to take advantage of more juicy winnings, they will be able to achieve this up to a limit of £50.00 per spin. Titan Storm™ is a NextGen Gaming brand video slot that does not have a line in order to trigger feature. In contrast, the Titan Storm™ game allows you to earn money with 243 ways different.

All this to say that users of this online slot will not be disadvantaged in the face of the acquisition of regular wins. On the contrary, this new configuration to make profits and much more efficient on the long term.

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Not long ago, we had briefly alluded to the features of the Titan Storm online slot machine. Now we are not going to dwell more on this and so we will begin by describing the operating principle of the Titan Storm™ Wilds. This feature is identifiable by the famous Titan which is actually the main character of this online gambling. He’s represented shirtless. It lacks a second to stand upright by bulging as best as it can its chest. In the end, this legendary figure tries to inflate its pectorals to the maximum to impress and amuse the gallery.

Lovers of slots on the internet know, the wild has the principle to act as a substitute for symbols. This will also be the case with Titan Storm™ but what you need to know is that all the icons can be replaced and this will also be valid for the scatter boxes that we will see afterwards. The wild will be able to be active on reels 2, 3 and 4 but in relation to its number of appearance, it won’t issue lots of tokens.


The scatters are icons that are illustrated by the door of a temple. This drawing that represents the scatter feature will be visible on reels 2, 3, and 4 only. What is interesting about this level is that when 3 scatter icons at least will show up on the interface then it is a number of 10 free spins that will suddenly get in activity.

We will go back to the wilds because they will also be able to play a role during the free spins but in a different aspect than the one we can know during the course of the main game. During the free spins, the wilds will have the peculiarity of merging with the scatters. This will have the effect of greatly promoting the formation of pay lines with much more sustained price-winnings than normal.

At this stage of the game, this is clearly called getting titanic winnings. Prize multipliers will also be able to join free spins in the event that 5 similar icons are present. Therefore, it is a multiplier of x4 that will be active.

To end with this feature of free spins, it will of course be possible at every moment to unlock again 10 free spins that will not fail to the counter in course.



According to my personal opinion, I can remember from Titan Storm™ that this one is a very good title of the NextGen game publishers online Kid. I really liked the graphics offered with this particularly catchy internal story that gives the desire to discover other turns of the game (features).

For me, this 5-reel slot machine offers neat graphics with a soundtrack that invites players to enter a world filled with actions and suspense. With its redistribution rate of 95.45%, I can say that the game is far from cheap and I’m not saying this only because this Video slot shows a rate of 95.45% but because during my demo test, I quickly climbed the ranks. That is to say quickly enter the queen of features that are free spins (10). At this stage of the game, the colors evolve as well as the soundtrack with something much more powerful.

What I can regret but it does not have a fatality is that there is a lack of bonus game with the key to a jackpot or something like that. Otherwise, I highly recommend this game of money ranked adventure to the greatest number of users.

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