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Ticket to the Stars™

A slot machine, Ticket to the Stars™from the provider Quickspin just released from the oven, on February the 12th of 2019, comes to make us dream through stars, with its 5 reels, 3 rows and 243 ways to win. Its major goal is to enrich us through its fall of wild symbols. 3 Free Spins Bonus features, unlimited multiply meter, and Swooping Reels that can make us win in a single free spin up to 10,000 times our bet!

The trip around the stars is ready to go! Commander Morland and Hostess Katia welcome the Vip passengers who will be on board. Mankind has practically extinguished itself. He’s still the richest. Those who were able to afford a ticket to the stars (Ticket To the Stars™). The earth is filled with rubbish and we can no longer live there.

Morgan a millionaire but mostly a visionary had planned what was going to happen: the air poisoned by the waste became unbreathable. We had to find another place to live. But that’s how it all costs money and lots! And it was a trip of the most exclusive direction the stars in a state-of-the-art spacecraft, all the amenities, robots endowed with artificial intelligence that are going to be to the small care…

Servers are not humans. These are robots as can it be seen in the free slot machine Ticket to the Stars™. As a paying symbol, because humans come back too expensive. Morgan has built dozens and dozens of robots all made on the same model that simply are there to be small care with the guests, without questioning, simply obeying.

Captain Morland and Katia (the pilot and the hostess of Ticket To the Stars™) were delighted to make this trip as they were chosen from among many candidates. They were going to win in a single trip an incredible amount of money! More than they had won in all their lives and such an opportunity they could not let it pass!

Of course, Morgan was the first to get aboard, the best suite, his, everything had been planned in the ship. It was like doing a cruise but in space. There were rooms with windows on the outside, like on the boats, carriers taking us to the pool, to the gym, to the cinema… In short, there is nothing missing!

The passengers, Morgan, Morland and Katia all had a bracelet that had been put to them for safety. That’s how the guardian robots could recognize them. In case someone climbs without permission. It would be eliminated very quickly, but safety was paramount for the boat.

Everything is going wonderfully well, until in one of the rooms two pranks are surprised by guardian robots who were hidden and wanted to go out for food. They had not eaten since they were gone that’s why they came out of hiding. How’d they get there? They had thwarted all security, they were good! Robots had to eliminate them and no one would realize it.

It is not in the projects of these two to let themselves get caught! We see robots in Ticket to the Stars™ from everywhere because the two individuals escape and make them run in every direction. The alarm jumps and Morgan becomes furious because he does not know how it could have happened: a high security to get into the super ship of luxury and which had been foiled by two people.

They are stopped by the robots and just before they being executed they are taken to Morgan who must decide their fate because it is the largest authority aboard the space shuttle. What was he going to do with them? He didn’t really know it but we had to find a solution immediately… After a long discussion with them, the millionaire decides to release them, to have them put bracelets and in exchange they will work in the ship as cooks!

Features of Ticket to the Stars™:


The Snooping Reels will be triggered in the basic game or in the free spins bonuses by any winning combination. Any symbol that is part of a winning line in a round will disappear. The empty spaces will be filled by the symbols that fall above. All new winnings will be added to the existing ones and the feature finishes when there are no more winning combinations.

The free spins bonuses are triggered if 3, 4 or 5 bonus scatter symbols are raised on the reels and will give 15, 20 or 25 free spins respectively. Any additional scatter symbol will add 5 free spins. During free spins bonuses there is a gauge with a limitless win multiplier that starts at 1. The multiplier will increase by one after three more wins plus two more are rewarded. The scatter Bonus symbol appears on all reels only during the main game.

All winnings will be displayed in the Win box, the paid symbols will be reflected in the winnings table. Betting lines will be paid from the most left gain to the most right win and only the highest win will be paid. In the free spins only the total win of each round will be shown in the win box while the total win accumulated for all free spins will be shown in the Total Win field.

Opinion of the free slot machine Ticket to the Stars™

On February the 12th of 2019 was released the latest slot machine of the provider Quickspin : Ticket to the Stars™, a trip to the stars with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 payment lines, a super pilot and a magnificent hostess who can make us reach a maximum of 10,000 times our bet!

Bets can go from £0.25 to £100 which allows a good number of players to access the game. A really important statement for today’s online casino software. Be able to reach a wide range of players as much as possible, as it is also important to have a lot of (small) players but who are very loyal than High Roller who do not skimp in their expenses.

With a return of 96.52% and high volatility it is not necessary to wait too long to see the features on rollers. With bonus symbols and wilds we can see how we are offered free spins that free prizes that come to enrich our bankroll. We can receive a maximum prize of 10,000 times our bet, if we bet £0.25 it will be £2500, but if for example we wagered £100 then we reach the incredible sum of 1 million pounds!

The graphics of the casino game Ticket to the Stars™ are extremely neat. The space shuttle, the special effects, the triggering of the features make that accompanied by a music that reminds us of space films really plunges us into the atmosphere from the start and the fans will really feel comfortable. There is a little bit of all the free spins, multipliers of earnings, prizes that can reach a considerable amount. In short, I give a good note to Ticket to the Stars™ of Quickspin!

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