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The Tipsy Tourist™

Available today even on September the 16th of 2015 on all the online casinos Betsoft Gaming, The Tipsy Tourist™ presents itself of a completely different kind compared to the other video slots of this talented publisher. For its new title, Betsoft Gaming has chosen the beaches of Miami Beach well known for their white sand and turquoise waters. The Tipsy Tourist ™is an online casino game that is available on long-version Avis Casinos with a three-dimensional presentation cinematography that traces the tedious life of an office worker. The latter only dreamed of escaping for many weeks. This bureaucrat spends most of his time stamping and checking the authenticity of hundreds of administrative documents.

As soon as one stack is completed, another is deposited on its workspace by one of its many co-workers. Not far from it is a wall where a clock is hung. In its sense, this perfectly illustrates hell by constantly looking at its dial where the needles seem not to want to be in accordance with the course of time. For him, the seconds are minutes and the minutes are references to endless hours. He is bored to death by completing this repetitive task, which consists only of checking stacks of documents and then dabbing them to the black anchor to certify that they are in compliance. He carries out this recurring operation by holding his head through his left hand that rests on his desk.

Force of exhaustion and permanent boredom in the face of this job too repetitive to his liking and which leads straight to constant trouble, he made the decision to go alone to the cafeteria. With his bent back and face invaded by despair, he approached a coffee maker to pour some of his contents inside his personal mug. It was then that he saw a very colorful poster that allowed to see a plane ticket for a dream destination! This is The tipsy Tourist™!

In a split second, this all-sheepish and sad character found himself sitting in a Boeing 747 to Miami Beach! It was no longer the same character with this smile on his lips looking at the scenery from the window of the airplane. Shortly after this air transport, he found himself at the front of the airport where a taxi from the brand Betsoft Gaming was waiting for him. This character very excited to sunbathe at the edge of the beach made a rotation at 360° on himself that resulted in allowing him to benefit from an immediate makeover from head to toe!

Finished this black suit that he could no longer bear. From now on, he left room for sunglasses with smoked glasses, an open shirt of green color with small white weights, a blue shorts with navy stains and of course tap dancing to ensure maximum comfort. It is no longer the same man. The latter crunches life with full teeth by enjoying the sun rays and taking the time to chat with pretty girls in bikinis…

As usual, Betsoft gaming online game developers always embed the character (or characters) next to the slot machine to accompany players in their game session. This joyful and metamorphosed protagonist as a tourist will be present. He will take the opportunity to participate in the activation of the features of the video slot machine The Tipsy Tourist™ that are numbered 3. These options to increase the chip capital are wilds, free games as well as a bonus game!

With its 5 reels and 20 lines, The Tipsy Tourist™ is a free casino game that offers the opportunity to bet from £0.02. A minimum bet that can increase according to the requirements of the players and that up to a limit of £100.00. Note also that this value under the currency of the euro will be influenced by the number of lines (from 1 to 20), a denomination value (from £0.02 to £1.00) and a coin value (from 1 to 5).



The first feature of the three-dimensional video slot The tipsy Tourist™ refers to the wilds. I speak in the plural of this option of substitution of symbols because these jokers will have the power to stand several times after the end of a throw. This already marks an advantage that will aim to maximize the chances of entering a victory with a small number of laps that requires each time a bet based between £0.02 and £100.00. This wild option in the game The Tipsy Tourist™ is represented by a wooden sign that shows in red and white the way to go to a night party on the beach.


Free spins are also active with the slot machine of 20 lines of The Tipsy Tourist™. The wilds will also be at the appointment in order to accentuate the final total of the earning obtained at the end of this free session. To enter this free spins option, The Tipsy Tourist™ requires you to obtain a symbol on reels 3, 4 and 5 that represents a multi-colored fine plastic balloon.

Once these illustrations show up on these reels of the video slot machine, the free spins will then come to light with this presence of the wilds. When they appear, they will not disappear after a free new game. They will have the ability to stay frozen on their landing location.

This will have the effect of amplifying the formation of winning lines and knowing that only the highest in price will be retained. The number of frozen wilds has no limit. There is no maximum ceiling that leaves the machine to The Tipsy Tourist™ the opportunity to exploit all its power of redistributing credits.


A third and last feature will also be subject to activation when 3 icons of a red plastic cup containing alcohol will be present on the reels number 1, 2 and 3. This feature of the game The Tipsy tourist™ is called the bonus round drink! Once the 3 icons will be present on the areas we have just stated, the bonus game will offer a new configuration to export the players in a place by the sea.

Players will embody a second character who is a beautiful blonde girl. It is also possible to meet it in the form of a standard symbol in the game. This young woman will stand her feet in the hot sand and face a wooden table. Three plastic glasses will be present in front of her. They will be filled to the brim with an alcoholic beverage and both carbonated. On the other side of this big table will be the main character of The Tipsy Tourist™. It will also have 3 cups filled to the brim of the same substance. The goal to earn money in the bonus game will be to make this person drink and avoid drinking in turn. By making him drink, chips will fall in the cashier.


If not, the game setup will not allow The accumulation of additional credits in cash. To play, the rules are simple. Just click either on (Mug) or (tree). Once this choice is executed, a piece will turn on itself to reveal the face of one of the two characters (Woman or Man). This will have the effect of drinking either one or the other and therefore offer new chips or not.

With a little luck, it will be possible as it happened to us during our test of the video slot The tipsy Tourist™ to render completely under our opponent. A three-dimensional cinematography illustrates perfectly well this scene with a nice touch of humor to frame the end of the bonus game of The Tipsy Tourist™.



Personally, I was blown away at the quality of this new slot machine Video Betsoft Gaming (September the 16th of 2015). The three-dimensional graphics are sublime. These are so neat that one might think that we are facing reality. Betsoft Gaming Publishers can be proud of this title to the multiple animations in the background of the slot machine and the countless gestures that the character performs during the game, features even when one stops playing to go and have coffee. The Tipsy Tourist™ is one of our Betsoft gaming games that we have ranked in our favorites. The soundtrack is also a real treat and it frames very well the progression of the players in the game. For example, the music is amplified to accompany the actions and it decreases in flexibility when returning to the main game.

In my opinion, the features are in sufficient numbers to allow the game to offer a series of additional actions aimed at bringing more adventures and thus create a climate of total amusement with fast winnings and at the same time generous. I really liked the principle of working bonus game where I could go twice. I managed to get three glasses of my opponent to drink, which earned me a nice win close to the 900 coins if my memories are good. The Tipsy Tourist™ is in my view a profitable game of money that offers a decent redistribution rate.

Some might be appreciated a jackpot but the features are already doing a very good job at the rate of pay. We did not mention this in the contents of this review of the table of earnings of The Tipsy Tourist™ online game but the latter also offers a double up that offers the opportunity to double the amount of its initial bet! Access is open every time a prize is won whether it is in the main game or at the end of a feature!

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