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The Spin Lab™

The Spin Lab™ is a slot that was produced by the developers of the online casino game brand NextGen gaming. This 5 reels and 25 lines slot machine will most certainly be appreciated by online game enthusiasts who are fascinated by the origins of the human race.

The theme of The Spin Lab™ responds perfectly to this with representations that can only be explicit in this sense. During the operation of the game, the 5 reels of the slot machine will be largely developed by multiple biological icons such as atoms, molecules or embryos of human DNA. As secondary illustrations allowing for the activation of pay lines, there will also be the famous figures 10 and 9 that it is very possible to find in the content of lots of gambling online.

To extend this orientation at the level of the symbols, will also present capital letters like the K or the Q. The Spin Lab’s™ game interface is in a rather special place as if a higher intelligence was present without us being able to dissociate it from the elements that constitute the game.

The background gives a very significant view of the mirror of a printed circuit but without the presence of electronic component placed on its surface. Once in a while, these coppery paths will be traversed by an electrifying force as is the case with the online gambling attraction. Beautiful reflections of light are therefore to be discovered on a regular basis and they will be very much more present during the obtaining of tokens. Regarding the structure of the 5 reels of the slot machine, these are drawn by a kind of light beam rather wide which emits its radiation from the top of the screen.

In other words, there is no boundary to distinguish a specific area between each reel. With the graphic design of The Spin Lab™, it’s as if these reels actually form one. During its operation, this NextGen gaming game makes it clear that it has a great gestural fluidity with this soundtrack that allows to hear the sound of a slight gale. In remark, this is very nice to listen.

The Spin Lab™ sits on a dark base with a strange drawing frame in its center. To fill this empty space, are placed within click range of multiple buttons that will allow players to activate a special feature named double or quit to try to double its prize freshly obtained, but also to be able to throw (Spin) the 5 reels, to consult the table of earnings and many other options.

With this bluish black coloration that encompasses the entire periphery of The Spin Lab™ online game interface, that offers its players the opportunity to collect money over time with wilds, scatter wins that will have the effect of activating free spins! In each new spins, it will be possible to influence a bet value that can be between a fairly large tier starting from £0.40 to finalize at £80.00.



The wild is a feature that will play a crucial role in the acquisition of new lots of coins. His goal during his presence on the 5 reels will be to substitute all the icons he finds on his route knowing that he will not be able to influence the scatters earnings. In addition to having a fairly powerful replacement force on all the Spin Lab illustrations, the wild will be able to present itself several times which will give it additional strength to credit packs of chips more or less therefore.

At its peak, the wilds being present 5 times on the screen when of the end of a spin will be able to distribute in number of 1000 chips to its winner. The wild is an icon that is quite strange in the face of its identity. It is illustrated by a sort of grid-like, multi-colored vise that holds between its two parts several types of light and colorful smoke that intertwine and that keeps swirling in order to rise in altitude.


Scatters are drawings that are initially identifiable by a ball of a heavy metal that is chromium and that is in the liquid state. This sphere will be able to radically change appearance by warming up and letting see a bright red color then it will start to release after that a large number of diamonds. The Spin Lab™ is a slot machine that offers free spins and it is the scatters that will personally take care of that. To get a number of 5 free spins, it will be asked to collect a number of 3 scatters and that anywhere on the screen.

Once this is acquired, the interface of The Spin Lab™ is not really going to change its pace but the players will soon notice that the soundtrack will have evolved towards a more sustained rhythm. But before entering directly into the lively of the subject, you have to know that this game of chance allows those who have managed to get on their screen 3 scatters to build their own bonus game that bears the name of bonus Spin Lab. There are 3 that consists of 3 steps.

The first configuration is to make all similar icons like the cube, the atom, the molecule or even the DNA. These boxes will be selected in a totally random way. The wilds will be able to be active but in a stacked way. The prizes to be obtained through the jokers will benefit from a winning multiplier of 2.

The second configuration will be equivalent to that known in the first case of figure. The main representations of the NetxGen Gaming The Spin Lab™ slot machine will be randomly selected and during The Spin Lab™ Bonus operation. The selected icon will be added to the stack. Extra wilds will in this case be added on the 5 reels in order to increase the chances of gaining. The advantage of this game setup is that the prizes will be paid both from the right but also from the left. Every chance to earn money will be on the side of users.

The last opportunity to play with the Bonus Spin Lab offers a first strong point. This is the fact that the main icons will be the object following a selection to cause a random earning. The prizes that will be generated by the wild feature will be accompanied by a winning multiplier of x10! It will also be possible to take advantage of 5 new free spins!



At first glance, the online casino game The spin lab doesn’t really pay off mine. To see it so, we can think of it as a game with a low pay rate because seeing its graphics, we can also follow the logic thinking that on the side of the features this should not be very interesting. But let’s not deceive ourselves right now because The Spin Lab™ is hiding its game well and this is the case!

With his spirit of science fiction, this 25-lines slot machine of the NextGen brand has an internal force that no other online game has yet offered to its users. This asset is based on the fact that it is possible to design your own bonus game with 9 possibilities. This has the effect of leaving a wide choice at the level of the way of playing and therefore this offers an opening to high chances to meet all types of players.

In addition, the routine within the game is not ready to be felt as fast because in the event that players return a second time in this feature free spins, they will be able to devise a new way to make money. The combinations of options are multiple and we greatly appreciated this particularity of this game of money. Boredom is therefore put on the sidelines for quite a while knowing that the rate of redistribution of bets from the slot The Spin Lab™ is between 95.79% and 95.93% making it an online casino game with a higher level of pay than satisfactory.

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