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Theme Park Tickets of Fortune™

The Swedish-based Netent publisher continues to develop its collection of mobile casino games by spawning a stint as Theme Park Tickets of Fortune™.

A video slot game that throws with colorful graphics that have all the assets to stage an amusement park and not any one since it is the most complete in terms of entertainment. The biggest ever built up to now knowing that players will be able to spend a good time entertaining themselves with various attractions via mini bonus games!

Today I do not really want to make the suspense last in my remarks so I will be direct. In the gameplay of the slot machine without download Theme Park Tickets of Fortune™ there will mainly be games of strength and agility. The prizes promised to the public will certainly put the other slot machines of the brand Netent on the key at the level of their remuneration force.

These mini games are endowed with earnings multipliers which for the great of all is X864! A huge score knowing that the game offers a theoretical redistribution of 96.52%. So all this translates into the fact that the Theme Park Tickets of Fortune™ game opens up to regular and fairly generous price-winnings in the long run. For those who have a profound attraction for games with festive atmospheres, I invite them to discover The slot Samba Carnival edited by one of Netent’s main rivals, the firm Play’n GO

The Theme Park Tickets of Fortune™ slot machine is available on mobile and tablet and it is built of 5 reels, 3 rows and 50 lines. A fixed slot that offers a colony of features all as original in relation to each other.

Users of this virtual slot will be able to meet every moment of their game stacked wilds, a special feature under Claw, free games with Scatters, a bonus game that like free spins activate a wheel from the Fortune to access the 6 mini bonus games.

To add even more chili to the gameplay of the game of chance Theme Park Tickets of Fortune™ The latter offers a fixed jackpot worth £75 300 which can be found at any time in the cashier of one of the players connected on a real version of the game.

Before activating the 5 reels, 3 rows and 50 fixed lines of the video slot, the latter has a solid configuration to enable the setting of betting values based between £0.25 and £250.00. The lines of this slot machine being frozen, the latter leaves an opportunity to be able to fix an available part value between 1 and 10 and a denomination value between a range from £0.01 to £1.00.



The stacked wild feature is dedicated to an attraction that has the strongest point of dramatically increasing the adrenaline rate of each of us. It is even the cause of repeated cold sweats, tremors forming a perfect duo with fear.

A merry-go-round for people over the age of 18 which don’t last very long in the face of its featuring but this short time can prove to be a real ordeal for some who would have neglected its abilities to make nausea. This is obviously the Big 8 that is generally seen from a very far distance because its steel circuit literally overlooks the height of the amusement park. He also attracts eyes thanks to the various cries of anguish coming from his direction from those who are traveling on these endless rollercoasters.

The stacked wild are well present to allow this carousel to make a place in the gameplay of the free slot machine Theme Park Tickets of Fortune™. This feature belongs to the Wilds family. A feature that acts like a joker by substituting icons. Random replacements to allow the game to assemble winning symbols and in purpose to form pay lines to keep only the richer in prizes.

The Stacked Wild of the video slot Theme Park Tickets of Fortune™ will be able to act on 1 single box, 2 at a time or on the whole height of a reel. Everything will depend on its good mood because its different events will be done in a totally random way. This symbol replacement feature will have full power over all icons except those that represent the scatters, bonuses, and special Claw features. Finally, the featuring of the stacked wild can only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 if it wants to enter action.


As it is very easy to see, the interface of this game of chance with no download is composed of a large number of symbols such as planes, crabs, cars-bumper, wooden horses, etc.

The special feature that bears the name of Claw is a mechanical clamp that can be found in games of type catch-simpletons. These Plexiglas-walled cages that contain plush or mystery gifts and where the goal to win them and seize them by appealing to a large claw with 3 teeth to gradually bring them into an outlet hole with the help of a joystick.

This option will present itself in the game in a totally random way. So there is no specific course to follow in order to be able to access it. When it is in its socializing period, it will present itself in the center of the screen to enter one of the symbols present on the interface at that time. This will have the advantage of offering players a lot of chips and multiply between X2 and x15 the amount of the bet current.


Scatter icons will be part of the walls of the Theme Park Tickets of Fortune™ online casino game illustrated by 3 Tickets in gold color with the word scatter mentioned above, this feature will have power of action on Reels 3, 4 and 5.

Once this case comes to life and it is not necessary to wait much longer before you can live this moment, the game will experience a new approach with a wheel of fortune that takes up all the space available. The latter will be made up of 12 positions that for each of them would allocate a number of tickets (1, 2, 3 and 8) to be able to enter an attraction.

But before that, this wheel will have to be stopped and to do this, simply click on the stop button visible in the bottom right of this lucky wheel. Once the Tickets are in the pocket, the game will export the players on a virtual map of the amusement park.

Depending on the number of tickets in the pocket, some attractions will be open and others unfortunately closed. With those that will be open, you will have to make a choice by clicking on it. This is how the latter will open up and let the players entertain themselves by having at the same time gains associated mostly with multipliers of earnings.


★ These game points are numbered 6. The first is the Punchbag that is a game of strength. The goal is to give a point in the Punchbag in order to obtain at first a lot of chips and then to see its bet amount multiplied between x2 and x25.

★ The second game is the SledgeHammer, which consists of giving a blow to the latter in order to collect tokens and to be able to multiply between x1 and x100 the amount of the current bet.

★ The third mini game focuses on the Skee ball Bonus which is a ball toss where players are entitled to 5 tries. Each ball throw makes it possible to win more or less important prizes.

★ The fourth game is the Can Tower which is built from 3 towers formed by 6 cans. Each box that falls through a throw saves money. In case all boxes (6) fall from the castle, the game Theme Park Tickets of Fortune™ will offer a multiplier of x864.

★ The fifth space of play is the fishing which is a peach game with 5 choices. Each part of fishing allows to multiply between x2 and x50 the amount of the current bet knowing that it will be possible to win additional fishing parts.

★ Finally the last mini game is aimed at a game of duck shooting under the title of Duck Shoot. The players are entitled to five rifle shots. Each target reached allows the amount of the bet to be multiplied between x1 and x50 the current bet.



Theme Park Tickets of Fortune™ is a very fun online game with a very loaded gameplay feature and I have to Admit that I love it.

Offering a particularly playful game when you reach the mini games, this mobile video slot offers compensation for More comfortable With a theoretical rate of 96.52%. One of the most cozy if we make the comparison with the other games of the Netent production brand.

Multipliers are almost present at all the doors of the attractions made available with values of extreme importance. In the mini bonus game where the goal of the game is to drop canned cans by throwing balls, we talk about a coefficient of multiplication of the order of x864. From my experience, I have never seen such a high gain multiplier.

The game Theme Park Tickets of Fortune™ has not only this Trump in its gameplay and consequently it trickles many other strengths such as being able to win a fixed jackpot but worth £75 300! Netent is a gambling publisher that is well known in the eGaming sphere to equip these slot machine with prize pools with whopping content.

Other than the compensation aspect, Theme Park Tickets of Fortune™ is a casino game that is very fluid with neat graphics that will probably seduce a large number of players. This has been my case and so don’t be surprised if this Netent title is present in the favorite Avis Casinos games. A variation of 5 reels, 3 rows and 50 lines that I’m not ready to forget.

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