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The One Armed Bandit™

The Yggdrasil slot machine called The One Armed Bandit™ offers free spins, respins, and a good package of payout multipliers! This video slot of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed betting lines that will start from the left gives us 8 regular symbols: 4 high, 4 low, a wild symbol that will replace all symbols except the scatter, a scatter symbol that will stand out only in the basic game and a bonus symbol that will manifest itself only in the course of free spins.

In the town of Yggstone, a new sheriff has just arrived. He must take the place of the last sheriff on the list murdered by the most feared outlaw in the entire county. The wind carries the brush from one side of the city to the other, its strength is unbearable. The atmosphere is heavy, and it is felt in the air. But the sheriff is a strong and courageous person, he has seen others…

He walks to the office he has been given, but before that he stops before arriving in front of a bunch of posters. You can clearly see the heads of the most wanted bandits. He snatches with a bang and without hesitation the poster of the one who had killed the previous sheriff (as in the introductory video of the game The One Armed Bandit™), big Daddy!

He goes inside the office and introduces himself to the helpers who were terrified. They didn’t dare go out in case Big Daddy showed up again at Yggstone, and it wouldn’t be surprising because he had nothing to lose, no family, no home, he didn’t care to die that’s what made him formidable!

Helpers Mark and Paul were happy to see this valiant sheriff arrive! We had to end with this animal quickly! The sheriff hears that someone is calling him outside. Maybe it’s Big Daddy? His grunts are well known by all! And here is the sheriff who comes out determined to shoot him for him out of the question to let him live, he had killed his brother!

The sheriff immediately accepts the duel against Big Daddy. They are in front of each other, all the people of the city of Yggstone are hidden behind what they can from the doors, barrels, in short all they can find, and a great silence leaves its place to the whistling of the wind, and the insults that Big Daddy utters to him silence returns. And… finally our super sheriff shoots this outlaw and is cheered by all the villagers.

Features of The One Armed Bandit™:


The first four scatter symbols that land on the reels will reward 1 re-spin each. Only 1 scatter symbol will be able to land on each reel. When a scatter symbol lands on a reel and all winnings are counted it turns into a wild symbol and rewards a re-spin with additionally other possible wilds on that reel.

The reel is marked with a badge that indicates when it contains wilds. When a 5th scatter symbol lands in a single round or a re-spin will reward 10 free spins. Each re-spin that hasn’t been used before triggering the free spins will be turned into additional free spins.

Wilds will only appear in reels marked in re-spins and on all reels in free spins. Wins with wilds will receive an x5 winning multiplier that will not stack up and will be added to the winning counter automatically.

The wild will replace all the regular symbols. When a scatter symbol lands on each reel in a normal turn or a re-spin in the basic game will reward 10 free spins. All free spins will start with an x5 earnings multiplier and will have a maximum of one x20 multiplier not to mention the additional multiplier wilds.

Free spins and re-spins are played on the same lines and bets as the trick that triggered them. Each bonus symbol will reward an additional free spin. When 2 bonus symbols fall into free spins this will increase the line multiplier by an x5. By landing 2 additional bonus symbols one will be rewarded with an additional multiplier of x10.

To calculate your total winning per line, you will need to calculate all the winnings per line and then add them. To calculate a winning per line you will have to take the identical symbols aligned in a sequence on the line from the most left reel. Only the highest combination will be paid, but this does not apply to wilds, scatter and bonus symbols that will pay in all ways.

Opinion about The One Armed Bandit™:

On July the 24th of 2019, the provider Yggdrasil released a new slot video with the theme of the Wild West: The One Armed Bandit™. An introductory video with the sheriff arriving and ripping off a poster of an outlaw who will actually be a wild in the game. Superb intro that puts us in the bath immediately: prepare for the fight to be fierce…

There are re-spins, free spins, payout multipliers galore! We can’t complain there’s a choice. In addition, the return to the player is 96.3% and the average volatility. What does that mean? For those who are not too expert volatility is the number of spins that one has to wait for the features to trigger. Well here, we don’t have to wait too long to see the arrival of re-spins and free spins with the payout multipliers.

To get a wink, the village is called Yggstone, in honor of the provider Yggdrasil, it’s well thought out! The symbols are super well made and represent the Wild West well. The provider team very attentive to all the details to make a quality game, it’s really good. There are a lot of games under the theme of the Wild West but it is true that they do not all have the same quality!

The re-spins and free spins keep going off it’s great for players when there are big winnings everything goes off and there are like lightning or shots and during free spins also the interface darkens and you see the sheriff and the bandit. It’s well done! There are changes of movement sets it’s not flat, you don’t get bored, you change the scenery.

Yggdrasil has done a good job and it shows. A soundtrack that fits perfectly with the Wild West and the game The One Armed Bandit™. The graphic charter very well made with symbols very representative, in motion, that put us well in the mood from the intro, it’s great! It is true that for bets we do not top the choice of 0.005 to €2 , which makes us a total bet between 0.10 and €40: there we could do better! But there’s no perfect game!

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