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Krackenerz™ is a slot machine with no download from the provider Gaming1 that takes us on a journey to the islands with hilarious animals that will serve as high symbols, an Kraken that will be the scatter symbol and a wild symbol in the shape of a treasure chest filled with gold. The low symbols will be the letters of a deck of cards and the whole thing will be set in the mood with a nice little tropical music!

Captain O’Ara’s pirate ship (the parrot in Krackenerz™) has just been attacked and only Leo One-Eyed, Bomb Herman and Munki Kong remain on board, the other crew members were killed by the bad Green Eyes a famous pirate who frightened just by pronouncing his name. Our 4 friends arrive adrift on the shores of Zoho Island.

Life there was too peaceful and our 4 bucaneers had started to repair their boat so that they could check what the islanders had told them: in the distance there was a monster that had to be fought in order to steal the treasures he had taken from the boats that passed by him.

Captain O’Ara was determined that the evening had arrived to loot this Kraken. Bomb Hernan (the anteater in Krackenerz™) is the most fearful wonders if it’s a good idea because there was nothing missing on this island, but the rest agreed: it lacked action! So tonight when the night fell they were going to leave to check if the legend really existed.

At nightfall, the four bucaneers go back to sea and leave to check their information. But suddenly a big storm goes wild and suddenly pulling out its gigantic tentacles of the water appears the Kraken! He was waving his tentacles, which made the waves higher! What was going to happen?

Oh My God! Monki Kong falls into the water! He’s going to drown, that’s for sure! But, no it’s surrounded by a tentacle! The Kraken puts him in the boat so he can recover:he only wanted to play! Leo One-Eyed starts tickling him on the tip of the tentacle! When he sees that the 4 friends do not want him to harm him he helps them to return to the coasts of the island. He would now be the guardian and he had finally found friends!

Features of Krackenerz™:


The slot machine Krackenerz™ consists of a number of reels that spin and then stop to make winning combinations. The Pay table will provide an overview of the value and characteristics of each symbol. The player will be able to determine his bet by clicking on the buttons + or – and to start the game you will have to click spin and the player will be able to choose Turbo mode to speed up the game.

The wild symbol of the slot machine with no download Krackenerz™ is represented by a treasure chest filled with gold coins and can replace all symbols. The bonus symbol will be represented by the Kraken and if there are 3 or more then the free spins will be triggered. When the 3 bonus symbols land in the grid they will be there to help the bucaneers chase the monster for 10 free spins.

The Kraken’s tentacles will have to be dodged: every treasure of the free slot Krackenerz™ brought back from the abyss on the grid will be a wild. Combos will need to be collected as much as possible to improve the chances of winning. If 3 bonus symbols are won again during the free spins, again you will be able to win free spins and you will have to collect as many treasures as possible before the monster disappears into the abyss at the end of the free spins.

Opinion about Krackenerz™:

The provider Gaming1 brings us this slot with no download Krackenerz™ under the theme of The Kraken, a mythical monster from the northern seas, a parrot, a panther, a chimpanzee and an anteater. Our animals bucaneers crisscross the sea in search of treasures to loot and they arrive on the coast of an island where the Kraken was seen. With free spins and respins they will try to recover as much gold as possible.

The 3D interface is not bad, when you get into the game the introductory video is fun it quickly puts us in the mood. A tropical music brightens up the whole thing, the characters participate a lot in the slot especially in the free spins they appear and say sentences, the player might think he is in a cartoon. The special effects are also very nice, when we arrive in the free spins the interface changes completely.

Instead of having the island in the background, the player sees a purple sea and a huge monster with his tentacles, in fact it’s the only thing he sees the tentacles come out of a purple sea to hit the reels and drop treasure chests to offer the player victories. In the point of graphics it’s true that it’s well done, the color change just like the soundtrack for that matter to differentiate the different moments of the game are well thought out.

On the sides we can see numbers on both sides of the interface, during the game if the player passes the mouse above he will be able to hear different xylophone sounds it’s quite original for lovers of tropical sounds they will love. As for the features of the game Krackenerz™, there is something else that there are only free spins that can be triggered if the bonus symbols fall during free spins.

I would have liked to see other features, or payout multipliers, there’s no jackpot or Gamble game either, it’s a shame. In addition, the credit that is left to us to play in fun mode is only 250 is not huge for the player who wants to try it before playing in real, we have to refresh the page of the game every time the player remains without credits. But every provider has its conditions so I was just making the remark.

This Slot with no download Krackenerz™, has a return to the player of 96.23% and average volatility. Everything remains in the average slot machines not extraordinary but not too low either. We’ll have to wait a few spins to see the free spins go off, but not too much either for players who don’t have too much patience and want to see the features trigger.

Bets range from 0.20 to £ 25, it’s not bad but I think the minimum bet is a bit high given that the volatility is average and it will take a few spins to trigger the free spins. But I believe this game is designed for players with an average ability so well in line. It is clear that we should not look in this game either for the thrills of big bets because the maximum is £ 25 but this slot machine with no download Krackenerz™ is still good enough to have a good time of fun.

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