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The Invisible Man™

Published in the form of a novel in 1897, The Invisible Man™ was very popular from the outset with his particularly addictive and imaginative content that had been written in pen by James Whale. Today, The Invisible Man™ proposes to be reborn in another form which is that of pure and hard entertainment. We are very proud to present this little gem under the guise of a slot machine with video option. Before starting in the description of the features of this video slot in three dimensions, we would like by these future writings to recall the true story of The Invisible Man™ who for some readers remains and will remain totally fictitious and for others may have been able to become part of the reality that surrounds.

Anyway, we know that the story of The Invisible Man is held by a young scientist who bears the family name of Griffin. This person had dedicated his entire life to seek and eventually develop a potion that would offer the means to become invisible and that in the eyes of all. At the very beginning of this project, he just wanted to be the inventor of this miracle, but over the years was almost 15 years old, the latter accumulated countless debts. It was time for him to move to the top speed to finally find the exact chemical formula so that he could once and for all become completely transparent.

The beginnings of his project were catastrophic. Before testing his product that regularly changed molecular compounds, he took care to test it on a guinea pig that he designated to be the cat of his neighbor. Unscrupulously, he repeated repeatedly this dreadful gesture but that meant for him only the good for the evolution of his invention that could make him rich overnight. Over time, he swung into darker ideas in the face of what this substance might bring to him daily. The fact that he was able to disappear in the eyes of all, led him more and more to the head, eventually leading him to acts of delinquency. With such power in his hands, he could repay his debts quickly by commenting on multiple facts of delinquency that would push him radically towards recidivism. The primary purpose of his invention was not to act in this way towards the population, but the horizon of his future did not really leave him any more possibilities.

On a banal evening during a particularly harsh winter, he finally found the miracle solution that would help him to solve all his financial problems. His day of glory had finally rung and he had to take the step by injecting himself with this product in order to have a clear heart. When connecting to the slot machine of The Invisible Man™, we can very clearly follow the smallest details of the evolution of his decision-making against what he plans to commit. At this precise moment his eyes clearly reflect the fear.

The main character in the history of The Invisible Man™ is terrified at the idea of whether this green substance that is contained inside this large syringe posed on this wood table was not going to simply take away his life. He refused to continue living like this and for him everything was clear. Either he would inject this greenish product into the veins or he would rot for very long years behind the bars of a prison cell.

Life of convict did not interest him then the choice was quick. He took his courage with two hands to make the firm decision to go to the balance sheet of the last 15 years of research. Despite this, he still took this syringe with a light hand and not really committed.

He made a tourniquet on his left arm and waited a few seconds for his veins to begin to swell with blood. The man was afraid and the seconds seemed to him for hours. The tests on the cat had given nothing conclusive and he did not know whether any side effects could be declared on the human body. Anyway, it was too late to go back. We had to act now and without regret. The needle of the syringe began to penetrate one of its many veins. In this madness, he pressed firmly on the piston of this syringe in order to inject this enigmatic substance at this precise moment. The green liquid began to scarce and eventually disappeared completely. The man blew and he waited a few short moments before he realised that he could not see his carnal envelope and then his bones and nothing at all. His hands and arms had literally vanished from his living space. Man had become invisible and he could afford everything in both good and evil. The world was to him!

Enthusiasts of online slot machines that deal with the theme of the fantasy highly risk being filled with The Invisible Man™. In addition to offering very rich content at the level of its three-dimensional graphics, this online casino game is powerful enough in terms of features. It will be possible to be able to collect prizes through six options! With this surprising and widespread number of slots videos from the Netent factory brand, The Invisible Man™ has a fixed jackpot worth 200 000 chips! Huge gains are therefore within the reach of all players knowing that it will be possible to bet money from £0.20. Gamblers or also called High Roller in the jargon of online casinos will be able to have fun with up to £100.00 and by spin!

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The Invisible Man™ is a slot machine that features in a first time a duo of wilds. The latter are quite original in relation to their presentation because one staged a police officer in London while the second was personally responsible for illustrating The Invisible Man™. The principle of this feature is to deliver re-spins that can go up to a value of 5. These types of wilds do not work the same way as in the so-called basic slots. These will appear from the left side for the policeman and the right side for The Invisible Man™. When they are going to appear on the interface of the slot, they will move from their appearance side to the other end by letting the game run with a re-spins feature. The feature of the latter is to deliver spins that have the advantage of being completely free for the players. They will end when one of the wilds (Policeman-the Invisible Man) has disappeared from the screen.


The 20-lines silver game named The Invisible Man™ offers also the opportunity to program free spins that will be numbered 10. There is no level of magnitude as for some other Netent online games like for example Spiñata Grande. To be able to trigger these famous free games, you will have to get on the screen the two forms of wilds but with in a very special situation. When wild policeman appears on the left and a wild The Invisible Man™ shows up on the right and these two performances collide, the free Spins feature will then be able to start action.

During this free course of 10 spins, the wilds will again play a crucial role in order to open a access to two games bonus! The aim of the game in order to activate one of the two available will be to complete at 100% one of the two gauges which remains visible throughout the game session of free spins from the top of the slot machine interface. There will be the special level The Invisible Man™ which will be accompanied by a red gauge and the bonus level police that has a blue loading bar. To be able to enter one of the two bonuses, it will be asked to collect from the interface free parts of the police wilds as well as the wilds The Invisible Man™. To complete a power bar in its entirety, you will have to collect a number of eight wilds police or The Invisible Man™.

Once this is completed, it will be asked to wait until the free spins processes come to an end. The prizes generated by this feature will take care of adding to the bankroll in progress and then this option will leave room for the bonus game freshly activated. In case the number of wilds is not large enough to make active one of the two variants of the bonus level, then the featuring will end without potential evolution but it will not fail to redirect the players towards the main game of The Invisible Man™.


The first bonus level will be supported by the presence of the policeman who we must well saying it is the Invisible Man’s kit. The interface of the online game will totally change scenery with fire and flames that will be permanently present with the sole purpose of which is to ash the interface of the slot machine. Special and inflamed wilds will be triggered every time the policeman is shooting a random shot in the street with the sole purpose of injuring or killing The Invisible Man.

The second bonus game of the 20-line money game of The Invisible Man™ will be a little more cheerful and long when it progresses. Users who will have the chance to achieve this feature of the video slot The Invisible Man™ will embody the character of The Invisible Man™! On this journey, it will be possible for the players to afford everything by committing numerous and incessant acts of delinquency. There will be three places to visit. It is clearly a bar, a neighborhood house and a station wharf. To make money, the configuration of this 5-reels online game will require you to make selections using the mouse over areas of the screen that won’t miss a moment to get highlight.

Each intervention of this nature will reveal a random prize which can be a lot of chips or a gain multiplier. Each visit will be finalized by the discovery of a policeman’s hat, sustained by a deep hissing sound. The Invisible Man™ bonus game will be finalized when all three places have been visited. Then the total of the stolen objects and the gain multipliers (x2, x3 and x4) will announce the total of coins that was freshly Won.



The online gambling titled The Invisible Man™ is in our opinion a real success. The graphics are of a sublime beauty with a breathtaking realism. The story of The Invisible Man™ is very well directed with this Netent slot of 20 fixed lines. We have greatly liked the cinematography of departure which aims to immerse us in a fraction of a second in the lively of the subject and making us understand that the probabilities are important in order to be able to embody quickly the character of The Invisible Man™.

The features are in large numbers which allows in the first place to offer the advantage to players not to fall quickly in a kind of routine that can sometimes encourage them to leave the game faster than expected. With the 5-reel slot machine The Invisible Man™, this is not the case at all but its opposite. The game options work in a scalable way between them, which allows you to add some form of combined logic. We greatly appreciated the role of the wilds in this whole story that ultimately are responsible for activating not one but two games bonus!

The Invisible Man™ is a video slot that offers beautiful graphics during the course of its special levels. And it’s not just that. The animations are also of size. Our administration therefore recommends with a large R this slot machine of the brand Netent which offers playful content and at the same time intriguing with a good bunch of features and a fixed jackpot worth 200 000 chips!

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