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The Dalai Panda™

The Isoftbet software takes us to the panda country with the original machine The Dalai Panda™ 2×3 reels, 729 ways to win which can allow us to win up to 729,000 coins! This slot machine inspired in the film Kung Fu Panda 2 promises to make us have a good time with a nice interface and a very zen soundtrack that reminds us of the film

This feature film that tells the story of Lord Shen, the son of the Peacock clan, twenty years before the first film and that goes back to the origins of Po our adorable Panda. Shen tries to control the powder of fireworks in order to be able to make a weapon and then be able to control the world.

A soothsayer tells him that he will be defeated by a black and white warrior if he continues on the wrong path, this naughty peacock orders to have all the pandas slaughtered in China then Shen’s parents send him into exile forever.

Twenty years after Po became a master of Kung Fu and he protects the valley of Peace with his friends the Cyclones and his master Shifu (the spiritual leader) who explains to him that to better progress he must find his perfect inner peace. That’s when Po and his friends learn that a bunch of wolves are looting a village, so they go on their way to save them.

The bandits come to get all the metal objects to melt them and make ammunition for the cannon that Shen invented. The battle is easy enough for friends but when Po sits face to face with one of the wolves that bears the symbol of the Peacock’s clan he remains petrified reliving an episode of his previous life and allows the wolves to escape.

When Master Shifu learns that Shen and his cronies claim to be with the control of all of China with his firearms, he sends Po and cyclones to Gongmen city to destroy the cannons. The last masters of Kung Fu are in the prison but refuse to follow our friends in the battle thinking they will have no possibility to defeat them.

Our panda and his friends are taken prisoner by Shen’s guards, but they free themselves and destroy the main cannon. Unfortunately, Po rest as hypnotized when he sees the symbol of the peacocks and therefore understands that Shen participated in the disappearance of his real parents and so told Tigress who did not know what to think of his friend the panda.

Seeing that his friend remained frozen when he saw the peacock, Tigress, The stronger and fearless of the group ordered Po to stay back but making deaf ears to the advice of it, confronts Shen who told her that his parents had abandoned him then he receives a cannon shot that makes him fall into the river.

The soothsayer collects and treats him and remembers that his mother hid it in a box of vegetables to save him from the claws of wolf packs that Shen had sent to kill all the pandas. It was then that Po began to remember his childhood and find his long-awaited inner peace.

Po returns to Gongmen city to save his friends and not let Shen win, and must confront the latter’s troops aided by Shifu and the two master prisoners. With his new inner peace’s technique our panda can send the flaming balls back to his enemy.

Shen is defeated, Po and his friends return to the valley of peace. He goes to see his father Mr Ping and assures him that he considers him his true father. And the film finishes when in a remote and lost village in a mountain, a panda with a green monk habit feels shivers and just realized that his missing son was well living!

The symbols of The Dalai Panda™ slot machine are represented by a few characters from the film and also the letters that represent the maps A, K, Q and J are drawn in Chinese mode and embossed everything to put us in this Zen atmosphere that is going to be very gainful.

The Dalai Panda™ features and rules


This game to 2×3 reels with in the middle our Dalai Panda™, and each 27 ways to win. The left one is played from left to right and the right one is played from right to left. The Dalai Panda can join the reels if it has the possibility of winnings to be able to convert them into more important.

The Free Spins Bank, is represented in the game by a sacred golden bowl with a lid that will allow collect free spins. If one gets a gain in both parts at once one can add a lap. They will accumulate laps until 3 or more bonus symbols are planted on the reels.

The top 5 Free spins bank, we are offered at the start of the game and will use the same bet value that triggered it they’ll reset to 5 after a bonus for a bet value. The bonus symbol is represented by a Ying and a Yang that instead of being seen in white and black is seen in a crystal ball and you can see the valley of peace.

Free spins can trigger extra wilds (wild symbol in bamboo frame), extended wild (the same symbol but it spreads on reels) and a x2 multiplier to increase the odds of winning. If during free spins 2 or more bonus symbols appear we add an extra spin.

If 3 or more bonus symbols are located between the two sets of reels then the free spins will be triggered and will be rewarded in the free spins bank. During the free spins, The Dalai Panda™ will begin to rise so that the reels join and significantly increase the winning ways and pay from left to right.

The winning ways will be rewarded with adjacent symbols, and multiplying the number of winning symbols of each reels will give the total number of winnings. First you have to select in the money game Isoftbet The Dalai Panda™ the bet value that you want to use because it will determine the final gain.

Editorial opinion on The Dalai Panda™ :

The virtual video slot the Dalai Panda™ provider Isoftbet, is quite original level building interface. There is no jackpot but you can earn up to 729,000 coins which is not bad despite its low volatility and its return to the player of 95.81%. As soon as one arrives on the interface and we see this adorable panda we think right away at the film, its symbols and the soundtrack above all remind us.

We are plunged directly into the China of our panda, with the symbols written in the Chinese way (symbols of cards), but the other items, the most paying will be the peacock, the macaque, the birds, turtles, fish that will remind us of Chinese culture.

It is not possible to say that the Isoftbet’s Dalai Panda™ is full of features but their simplicity is a good point for example for inexpert players. The room values range from 0.01 pound to 1 pound which is not going to be able to give great sensations (per turn these are 30x so putting a maximum of 30 pounds), but as I said before not bad as entertainment. What are you waiting for to try it?

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