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Good fishing parties are on the program with the new thrilling and so exciting title of Betsoft Gaming! A 3D video slot with the evocative name of The Angler™! Graphics and cinematography will be the object of animations in 3 dimensions well at the appointment to organize moments of unforgettable complicity with a fisherman. Attention not any which one! The one who never comes home handed.

The other saltwater enthusiasts says that this big beef with the red moustache knows by heart all the caches of the biggest predators alive in these turquoise waters. This quality has then aroused a suspicion of jealousy. This does not matter to him since this anonymous fisherman of Betsoft Gaming will be on the side of players.

This nature lover who spends most of his time not far from the water will stand ready to jump into his boat. A kind of canoe that he designed with his 10 fingers and his resourceful ingenuity. Before starting an umpteenth game of fishing or pleasure according to everyone’s vision, this protagonist will stand proudly standing in front of his loyal public.

Wearing an elegant yellowish-plaid shirt freshly ironed by Madame’s care and with her long sleeves, he lets see his moving forearms and his intimidating hands, one of which holds a strong aluminum seal. Content that will be in record time colonized by all kinds of fish. The jeans in the neoprene boots and a fishing vest to keep ready of him all the paraphernalia necessary to climb a fishing line and of course his fishing rod already stored in his single seater boat.

By tilting his eyes on the interface, one can very quickly notice a whole bunch of symbols that refer to this sport that is fishing. The Angler™ is an online casino game that leaves room on its playground for various aquatic animal species such as a hammerhead shark, a tortoise, a goldfish and another with blatant physical similarities with a porcupine fish.

A malicious octopus will also be present. It will play a crucial role in triggering free spins. Other than this first option in the gameplay of the video slot The Angler™, its audience will be able to travel in the game with simple wilds and inside a bonus game where players will be put to rough test.

Also has this opportunity to try to double these credits freshly obtained by activating a double up option and this chance to be able to win in a single lap of slot a jackpot of an astronomical value of £130 000! Through its 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 free payment lines, The Angler™ leaves the choice to play sums of money between £0.02 and £100.00. A relatively flexible range of bets which by experience in the matter should most certainly delight a large mass of players.



Within its gameplay, the slot machine offers multiple ways to increase its profits starting with the intervention of the wilds. Jokers that will play a fairly important role in the game since they will be located in several features of this online slot Betsoft Gaming. Initially by the action of the wilds that it will be most likely to meet at the beginning of session.

Often present on the 5 reels of the video slot, these jokers are illustrated by an octopus. It is not giant this one but on the other hand it does not prevent it to fulfill perfectly well its mission which is to replace all the icons of the game when possible to it.

These wilds have all the means necessary to build pay lines but they will not be able to have a total grip on all the items roaming the reels. These capricious symbols represent the features of free spins and bonus level. To allow the slot machine to release more or less large prices, the wilds will have to be visible on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The reel number 1 will be able to give the green light for the landing of wilds but in no way to give them this permission to make changes of symbols on the interface to give birth to winning lines and keep only the more lucrative.


The free spins of The Angler™ are illustrated by a scatter having the appearance of a scallop that brings protection and preciously keeps a white pearl of inestimable value. A mollusc which when he has taken the wise decision will be able to give life to a free sequence.

A free play time that can start only if shells are shown at least 3 times on reels 3, 4 and 5. From that moment on, the online casino game will take on a whole new setup. What has been transported by the currents of the sea to end up being completely submerged under the water.

About a few meters deep. Enough to be quiet and be tickled constantly by the extremities of large algae that line the bottoms of this fairly calm sea in appearance. During the Free Spins course of The Angler™, it will not be impossible to be able to accumulate other free rotations. The only condition to be able to enjoy this option is that so many players claim and revise the same plan of display of scallop shells on reels 3, 4 and 5.

What will also be enjoyable during the free spins is that the octopus will be back on the front of the stage. She will have this mania to stick on the wheels and all the reels without any exception this time to fill her work she likes icon replacement time. In addition to being able to act serenely and amplify the phenomenon of profit generation during free spins, these jokers once appeared on a reel will remain welded on their site until the end of the free sequence.

Of course, they will not be there simply to decorate but persevere in their involvement in the game The Angler™. In the clear, the more free spins will be chained and the more the probabilities to pocket money will be growing.


A bonus level will be able to come! This is called without detour: It’s time for fishing! Fishing will then be the great distraction of the moment. Our famous protagonist always as faithful to his post will be finished about pre-boat preparation. His watch will have rung the famous moment to go off. So it will follow a 3D cinematography to the made in Betsoft Gaming.

A Film Very realistic filming the fisherman in the process of joining his favorite fishing place, the oars with water and buttocks comfortably stored in his boat by navigating to the strength of his arms. His second house somehow. The illuminated face, the smile to the lips and happy as ever, here it is after a few moments arrived at destination.

It takes care to gently deposit at the bottom of the water its weighted net which as usual does not take long to welcome visitors to the colorful scales. It sticks the amounts of its most efficient fishing rod, unfolds its line, conscientiously probes the surrounding depths with a large cork of red cork, hangs an irresistible bait and ends up throwing its line as far as possible.

Now he waits patiently for the fish to bite the bait. Following this series of actions, it will be the turn of the players to take over. Indeed, the interface of the casino game The Angler™ will be arranged to reveal the illustration of the fisherman in his boat, holding at arm’s throw his cane to launch and observing tirelessly his float sailing on the Streams.

But what will allow players to start the actions of the bonus game is the insert that will be visible just above the right of the screen. A kind of table that allows you to commit 2 actions to your choice. Either press pull or reel. Each option that can be activated via a single click will have the immediate impact of ordering the fisherman to quietly post on his fishing zone to carry out the action asked.

In all cases, it will be pictured by quite abrupt gestures of the fisherman who will be in the process of shoeing a fish. To make money, the fish will not have to get off the line or even worse the breeze. A number of 3 tries will be anchored in the bonus game of The Angler™. After these three chances to pocket money, the bonus level will end. Each caught fish will have as a symbol to offer a lot of chips more or less important and in the best case, the sum of the 3 will add up to offer the transition to a big win!



The video slot The Angler™ is a veritable theatre of thrills. The graphics are sublime but good when we know that The Angler™ is one of the countless creations of the giant of the 3D money games Betsoft Gaming, we no longer really surprise. The gameplay is also very good putting perfectly well in scene our extra always.

The bonus game is also a great success with a beautiful 3D cinematography that takes the time to introduce us delicately in the lively of the subject. To know how to share a muscular fishing game with our friends the fisherman of Sunday. I still had a bad dog to penetrate inside. I had to play with weak bets and then higher bets so that the game was more flexible at the level of the distribution.

In stagnant with the minimum bet, it is almost impossible to enter this fabulous bonus game of the Slots3™ The Angler™. In addition to providing compatibility on computers, this Betsoft Gaming slot machine is Togo™, which means it offers a landscape on all mobile screens current.

The Angler™ comes down to being a particularly innovative, playful and relatively profitable online casino game, provided that you play in the big courses at the level of the bet injections. The free bets prove it in their ways and show themselves much more docile than the bonus game. The wilds make great efforts to offer regular gains with a theoretical redistribution rate estimated at over 97%! Let’s not forget to mention that a fixed jackpot worth £130 000 lurks in the depths of the waters of The Angler™! Enough to fill baskets of chips!

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