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Tales of Dr. Dolittle™

The Quickspin provider presents its 5-reels, 3-row and 25-lines slot machine under the theme of animals and the famous Dr. Dolittle animal specialist and very great communicator with our friends the beasts. Three features the re-spins, the wilds multiplier and the free spins bonus that will make us see the life of another color with creatures that look very smart!

At the beginning of Victorian England the eccentric Dr. Dolittle lives with a troop of animals on a farm with among others the dog Jip, the Parrot Polynesia and a horse named Bowles whom he had myopia making him wear glasses. The owner of the horse a fairly bitter General takes Dr. Dolittle for a madman and wants him locked up.

The doctor and his animals must abandon the farm and flee immediately so as not to be caught by the General’s men. He takes refuge in a circus where he finds a seal who would like to find her husband at the North Pole. He disguised her as a woman and fled from the circus, unfortunately when he throws it into the ocean, fishermen see him and believe that he has just killed a woman and threw her into the sea.

The fishermen denounce him and Dr Dolittle has to escape right now because he has just been accused of murder. He escapes again and embarks with his animals on a schooner and takes the direction of a floating island. The ship is torn by a storm but everyone arrives safe and sound on the island. They are greeted by natives who make them a great party.

They also come to tell Dr. Dolittle that the animals on the island have a cold. With what he had taken with him he treats the animals of the island and the locals are super happy. They named him head of their tribe and especially great doctor’s chief. Finally Dr. Dolittle prefers to stay on this happy island with his animals rather than return to the Mainland and be taken prisoner.

Features of Tales of Dr Dolittle™:


Any win in a lap will be reflected in the win field. The symbol values will be set in the pay table and indicate the bet value. The winning lines will be obtained by adjacent winning symbols and from left to right. Only the highest winnings will be taken into account. In the free spins the win for each round will be shown in the win field while the accumulated amount for all free spins will be shown on the total win field.

The feature of re-spins will be triggered by any winning combination. All winning symbols will block in their place and the rest of the symbols will turn again. All symbols that will be added to a win will be blocked in turn and the rest of the game will turn again. The feature will finish when there are no more winning combinations. Winnings will be paid when there are no more re-spins left. Scatter bonus symbols will not trigger re-spins.

The wilds multiplier will be activated when any symbol that is part of a winning combination and it will reward a multiplier for all winnings in this round of the game. If you find 1, 2, 3, 4 or more win multipliers and we will win a multiplier x2, x3, x4 or x5 respectively. The win multiplier symbol can substitute all symbols except for the scatter bonus symbol.

The free spins bonus will be rewarded with 10 free spins when 3 or more scatter symbols will be obtained on a single round. The number of scatter bonuses harvested will be visible in the bonus gauge. Each round in the free spins bonuses has a guaranteed win multiplier. The wild multiplier needs to be part of a win on a line to add it. Free spins cannot be re-triggered during free spins feature.

Opinion about Tales of Dr. Dolittle™:

On April the 25th of 2019 Quickspin provider unveiled its new 5-reels, 3-rowss and 25-lines slot machine under the theme of animals and Dr. Dolittle. A vet like no other. He speaks and understands animals. There are three features the re-spins, the wilds multiplier and the free spins bonus that come to make us have a good time.

A simple interface with images that one would say out of a cartoon, with animals that look smart with their glasses, a Dr. Dolittle that looks completely wacky. The volatility is average and the return to the player is 96.7%, which is not bad. It is true that there are not too many features, free spins, re-spins and winnings multipliers but I have seen worse!

Bets range from 0.25 to €100 which makes a wide enough range to be able to satisfy all types of players, the most shy or the one who does not have too much means to the most risky player and who has no problems to bet big. Moreover we are offered 5000 coins to play what makes us think that we prefer the real mode in front of the fun mode even if all the options are activated.

It’s not that the tales of Dr. Dolittle™ slot machine is not nice but I find it a little simplistic in front of other games QuickSpin that have more advanced videos or more complex or more elaborate gameplay. Lately, there are a lot of casino games that have other prospects than just spinning the reels. For example, ask for the player’s collaboration to feel more involved. But I still give him the average.

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