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Story of Hercules™

The provider Spinomenal offers us a 5 reels slot machine without download: Story of Hercules™. A superb journey through time that will take us to the middle of Ancient Greece to fight awinningst the enemy whether they are dragons, lions, bulls and be able to take over the magnificent treasure! A nest egg that armed with patience has been waiting too long with these ruins of the Acropolis. Using wilds, free spins setups with various features will make us reach our coveted loot!

Hercules is the Roman name of the Greek hero Herakles, the most popular figure in Greek mythology. Son of Zeus and the mortal woman Alcmene, Hercules is a demigod with incredible strength! He accomplished unimaginable feats. But his life has not been easy. Since childhood, he has had to deal with the rage of Hera who was Zeus’ wife. When he was a baby, she even sent him snakes to kill him, but in fact he was the one who got rid of him.

His life, full of obstacles, won’t stop him from getting married and having three sons! But in a burst of rage Hera sends him a storm of madness that makes him kill his wife and children. To try to redeem his soul, he goes to Mycenae where twelve works will be developed to atone for it.

He will first have to kill the lion of Nemea (a high symbol of Story of Hercules™) insensitive to all weapons. He trapped the lion in a cave, strangled it, and after skinning it he will wear his skin as a coat. The second he had to kill the monster called Hydra who had 9 heads, but as for this job he got help from his nephew. It won’t count.

For the third he had to capture the Hindu Hind (the Golden Wood Deer) so dear to Artemis, but instead of capturing him he kills him and approaches death until she hears his story. For the fourth, he had to capture the boar of Erymanthe, for the fifth to clean up the stables of Augias in one day.

For the sixth job Hercules had to kill the birds of Stymphale Lake that eat men. For the seventh work he had to capture the furious Crete bull (a strong symbol of Story of Hercules™). For the eighth job it was necessary to capture the mares of Diomedes, who have the peculiarity of feeding on the flesh of men.

For the ninth job, the belt of Hippolytus, Queen of the Amazons, had to be brought back. For the tenth it was necessary to kill the monster Geryon and steal his flock. For the eleventh work it was necessary to take the golden apples of the hesperides jardon and finally for the twelvieth and last work it was necessary to capture Cerberus and deliver Theseus from the underworld.

Features of Story of Hercules™:


In the Story of Hercules™ download-free slot machine the player can purchase the free spins feature and immediately he will see the free spins trigger. By clicking on the button provided for this purpose you will be able to see a window where you can change the bet because the price of the feature will be directly related to the bet. Once everything is in order and you have pressed the button buy feature the free spins will finally be triggered.

The special wild feature will be triggered when 5 wilds symbols are on a winning line and then the line will be paid the bet x150. Wild symbols count like any other symbol except free spin symbols. While the spins are turning, a winning multiplier can appear and any winning in this round can be multiplied by x2 or x3 and this only in the basic game.

Scatter free spins will trigger the feature of free spins. Each time you have free spins you will go straight to the next stage of free spins. The bet per line will remain the same as the game that triggered them and this only in the basic game.

During free spins, when the reels rotate from 3 to 6 wild symbols will appear on the reels and increase the chances of winning. During these free spins only weak symbols will appear. Wilds symbols will count like any other symbol. Any wild symbols on a winning line will offer a bet win x150. During free spins mode when a wild symbol lits it will fully extend on the reel it will be the expanding wild.

During free spins mode, starting from the left-most reel each tower will offer a stacked symbol and this symbol will move from a reel to the right. During the feature moving reels free spins, after each winning the game will trigger a free re-spin where all the reels move from one reel to the right and a new reel completely to the left will be revealed. The re-spin can be re-triggered.

Opinion about Story of Hercules™:

The provider Spinomenal offers us a story of Hercules™ slot machine without download, a slot video with an impressive and beautiful graphic chart. Special effects that will leave us breathless, majestic lions, muscular bulls, magical dragons, scary eagles that will lead us to support the amazed gaze! Completely mind-blowing! Images that will remain glued to our retina and ignite at the same time as on the reels!

There are enough features by counting free spins, re-spins, several kinds of wilds, free spin scatters that will trigger features that will offer us fairly regular winnings and can even be epic! It’s very good for the player. It’s a game that’s very well done and it shows. Spinomenal’s technical team did a very good job and the result is absolutely awesome!

In addition to the right side at the top there is a rectangle where there is written features. When you click on it it’s a flyer where all the features appear! The player can enjoy it immediately without having to pay or wait for it to trigger, and the winnings will also be sent to our bankroll. The casino provider Spinomenal does things right and you can feel it in your gambling. There’s really nothing wrong with it, it’s great!

The bets on the game of chance Story of Hercules™ range from 0.01 to £10 which will give us total bets that will range from 0.5 to £500. A winning it’s well thought out. All players are represented, the shy or who do not have a very full wallet but also the big players who like to make big bets to win bigger rewards. And it’s really great to think of everyone. It’s the way to get as many people as possible.

The return to the player is 96% and the volatility is average or even high so the player will not wait very long to see the features trigger, it’s really great and the player will love it. The provider Spinomenal offers us a slot machine without download Story of Hercules™ really spectacular and where there is no room for boredom! Excellent slot!

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