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Starmania™ is a NextGen slot machine that invites its players to make an astral journey to the edge of the universe in an attempt to unravel its myriad mysteries. The interface lets you see in the background the most absolute emptiness marked by a black color. To add a zest of depth to this soulless decor, the bottom of the video slot Starmania™ is dotted of stars.

Some seem to want to remain discreet in front of the visitors who are the players and for others do not deprive themselves in any way to twinkle. This non-unpleasant feature for the look therefore offers a horizontal movement which lets deduce by a certain logic that the interface of the slot machine Starmania™ is in perpetual advancement. A smooth progression to give the opportunity to the icons of the game to be put more in value.

The symbols that are responsible for representing with force Starmania™ are a set of rosettes. Stars that have the advantage of emitting multiple colors when they are involved in the activation of one or more lines of gain paid! By encompassing all these details provided by NextGen Gaming’s Starmania™ money game, players can be sure to entertain themselves in a climate that houses the relaxation and that more is causing an destressing atmosphere.

Appearing in the section of online casino games to the theme of fiction, Starmania™ offers the opportunity to its users to play with a number of 10 fixed lines and with 5 reels. The range of bets starts from £0.10 which in our opinion may seem high for some players. As for gamers who like to blaze, they will still enjoy a bet max worth £20.00! With its automatic game feature of up to 100 spins and its double up active following each prize won, Starmania™ is a slot that offers free spins as well as wilds very loaded in prize!



Starmania™ is a 10-lines slot machine that first has alternative wilds. These jokers will have a power of action during the main game on reels number 2, 3 and 4. By being active, the wilds will be able to replace all forms of symbols present in the game Starmania™ except the icon that shows and allows to activate the free spins.

The jokers of Starmania™ are represented by the word wild in capital letters on a pixelated background with bluish main colors. During his involvement in the game on a pay line, he will not fail to highlight himself by giving way to the various letters that composes it to carry out spins at 360 ° on themselves. A very appreciable detail at first for the eyes and also for the level of the crate once the gains generated by this little carousel will accumulate to join it.


For free spins or also for the English term are now in the news at Starmania™. To be able to enter this free feature, it will be required to get anywhere on the screen a number of 3 scatter icons bonus. This NextGen game of chance is able to offer up to 10! A pretty interesting total where the wilds will also be invited to the party history to amplify the gains generated by the feature of free spins.

These wildcard symbols may very well appear as a simple icon on a single box or optionally expandable which means it will be possible for him to complete the whole height of a reel. The force of implication of this second feature will then be more important which will have the advantage of significantly increase the volume of chips won at the end of this free session.


The peculiarity of the game of money Starmania™ rests on the fact that when the free spins will come into action, some changes in the display screen will evolve in the positive direction. In addition to offering a more rhythmic soundtrack in order to dive and participate in the concentration of the player in the present moment, the vertical zone right will be equipped with a power gauge. The feature of this bar is to collect all wilds icons that will be displayed at the screen.

Once the 10 free spins come to an end, all the wilds present in this gauge will multiply with the basic prizes obtained by the feature of free spins. Following this calculation to define the total prizes won, a page will be displayed in order to expose it to the big day as we can see in the image illustrative present underneath.



According to my opinion with the slot machine of 5 reels Starmania™ do not expect a game offering surprising visual effects. NextGen Gaming publishers are able today with their experience to offer titles with sublime three-dimensional graphics as is the case for example for Owl Eyes™. In the project of realization of Starmania™ this factor of realization was not taken into account. Some players like dynamic games with characters and play with features that offer sound and visual effects that put a lot of ears and eyes. Others have a more sustained preference for casino games with relaxing atmospheres like this last title Starmania™.

From the point of view of the pay force of the Starmania™ slot machine, we cannot really criticize it negatively. Despite its rather sober design as a whole, Starmania™ relieves the level with a rate of redistribution of its bets of 97.86%. The generosity index of this NextGen slot is therefore you.

This is the case especially during the period of free spins that are 10 and that are experiencing a strong attendance on the part of the wilds simple and expandable. So I retained the Starmania™ game for its redistribution power and its remunerative side over the long term with features that frequently trigger with respectable earnings.

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