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Virtual Horses
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Virtual Greyhounds
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Virtual Trotting
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Virtual Speedway
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Virtual Cycling
Add the 09/27/18
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Virtual Tennis
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Virtual Racing
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Virtual Velodrome
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Instant Horses
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Instant Greyhounds
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Instant Speedway
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Instant Trotting
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Instant Velodrome
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Free virtual Sports games and no download ! is a free access site that collects daily information about online casinos by communicating them through a blog. It is also a comparative of platforms deemed serious towards their clients and, also an entertainment site allowing to discover hundreds of games of money each year that scrolls.

Like anything that lasts, AC keeps on getting older and therefore the volume of content, which is the primary cause of not being exempted from consequences. Readers will probably have noticed that we have made online casino games with no download our speciality by working every day through long searches via the internet to unearth the novelties of many operators.

Enjoy free of charge our investigative talents to make these titles more and more realistic to become a magic wand available in the various sections in charge of welcoming them. To believe it is necessary to see it and for it to be enrolled for ever in reality, it is enough to go to the filter page which has the motivation to identify hundreds of categories having this priority to organize in its entirety the topic of the games of the site.

Variants positioned on various horizons offering a range of entertainment rich in diversity. Free games sections that express themselves and soaring by starting their progression with the regular support of 6, 5 and 3-reels slots, neatly stored in a string of sections like bonus game, free spins, wild, and so on.

A strategy to provide a flawless organization in order to respond correctly to everyone’s demand. The idea in this almost daily intervention is to satisfy the most demanding players in terms of access to information.

The site of AC is expressed to all persons aged over 18 years, by making room for roulette games, table with among others blackjack and internet poker, video poker, bingo, keno, scratch cards , the dice games and our topic today the virtual sports games implemented in some digital casinos with an operating license in favor of sports betting.

1×2 Gaming VS Leap Virtual Gaming

As it is quite easy to realize this in relation to the latest information published on the AC guide, market leaders in virtual sportsbook are 1×2 Gaming and Leap virtual Gaming. Actors who have made a good figure to add a stone to the building of this industry of virtual gambling in full expansion in the world.

With a highly diversified offer on the internet in terms of gambling with a much larger chance of earning gains than a land casino, more and more people are becoming active members in real gaming conditions on internet to try to win the jackpot.

The title of this paragraph alludes to a fight to the index of notoriety between these 2 developers but in reality 1×2 Gaming and Leap Virtual Gaming are in addition to being indispensable in the creation of digital sports games united to do in purpose only one force. A symbolic image to notify the afterthought of what will follow.

By alluding to a VS between these two giants, the challenge will be to differentiate them in relation to their modus operandi and their technologies which do not systematically apply striking convergences.

Knowing that 1×2 Gaming is the forerunner of virtual sports games, it does not prevent that these 2 publishers have their own knowledge to build and make available to the public virtual games in the occurrence of sport more and more coherent with the reality around us. 1×2 Gaming offers a visual regarding its fairly sketchy sports games. Without wanting to escape the subject, this is also the case for his one-armed bandits and other casino games so as not to create jealousy between the different groups.

This is at least what comes out of my humble opinion compared to Leap Virtual Gaming which presents its titles with a much higher degree of realism. There is no photo to say that Leap Virtual Gaming’s titles are damn much more attractive in the long run with much larger entertainment games. By going to the section of virtual sports games with no download of Leap virtual Gaming have quickly realizes that the offer is relatively rich and diversified.

Lovers of entertainment via virtual sports betting are likely to be once connected to no longer want to let go. With this software, it is possible to play under 3 modes of virtual sports games including virtual, instant and retail ! Different ways to play that have this undeniable advantage of offering a mountain of ways to establish picks !

An additional force of Leap Virtual Gaming for its ability to offer many ways to engage bets. For example, this opportunity to be able to try this chance through a wide range of betting options including simple bets (win, type place), forecast (single, double or triple) and multiple bets.

With the entire collection of Leap Virtual Gaming, it is conceivable to spend pleasant moments without attachment to the reality of the sporting world play from horse racing titles (horses), greyhound race (greyhounds), trotting necks (trotting), motorcycle racing (speedway), Bike race (velodrome), etc.

With regard to the online casino software 1×2 Gaming, the latter proves to be significantly more restricted with an obvious deficiency of titles. Without wanting to denigrate it, 1×2 Gaming is currently focusing only on virtual football games. I feel from my personal point of view that it is really a pity to sacrifice oneself opportunities to expand its own catalog of games.

Currently and to be seen by oneself since the category of virtual sports betting games of 1×2 Gaming, this producer has put on foot the titles of the Europa League, Football Pro, Champions, Euros, Soccer and World Cup. Apart from the fans of football, other sports betting enthusiasts may end up on the sidelines for a long time.

Perhaps the future will be much more promising in the development studios of the brand. In any case I sincerely hope because in the current state of things, 1×2 Gaming leaves no other alternative than to see football players running on grassy playgrounds and sometimes even slippery…

As for the progression in design, the graphic charts have not known any major technical developments as the marketing of novelties with pretty ugly graphics, fictitious players who do not really the blood hot and which sometimes doubt their presence, a soundtrack with sometimes strange noises which in the end leads to disappointment on the faces.

As if that was not enough but there affirms the depth of this criticism, 1×2 Gaming does not leave much room for match bets. The titles allow to establish picks on the Asian Handicap, below/above 2.5 goals, final winner, first scorer as well as the exact score.

The most sensible and I address to all lovers of virtual sports games is to orient themselves now on the titles of Leap virtual Gaming which undoubtedly offer a second generation game source. Titles built with solid materials like very realistic graphics, captivating soundtracks that have this gift to immerse us totally in the actions that take pleasure in chaining energetically in the different races proposed.

From the point of view of this criteria, there is no shadow of a doubt to say loud and clear that it is simply the day and night between the production quality of 1×2 Gaming and Leap Virtual Gaming and that on all tables.

In short a real pleasure to share time by connecting on games of such a good general quality. This is going to mean, that 1×2 Gaming knows a loyal public and that to recall Leap Virtual Gaming can be summed up in an important extension of the projects of creation of online sports games of his big brother who had started this major adventure in 2003.

Positive Point and with all this work already produced upstream, the world of virtual sports games still has beautiful days ahead of him to move on a great course of technological progression.

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