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Understand the mechanisms and benefits associated with the online casino sponsorship Program

As the most of us already know, gambling establishments are increasingly known more and more on the web. An audience that is constantly evolving come from the result of the emergence of multiple circumstances that make thrill-seekers have a pretty pronounced attraction to spend good time with games of chance specially designed to fit on Internet.

Casinos Bonus Sponsorship


Circus has an excellent sponsorship program! Any player can perfectly put himself in the shoes of a godfather in search of godsons. To do this simply invite your network of friends to register at the Circus online casino, it is then that the sponsor gets for each new player brought the sum of €20 of free credit! For the godson can start his safari in real modewith a first deposit bonus doubled up to €250.


Crazy Fortune Casino offers its clients a sponsorship program for those who like to have fun recruiting new players. Each registered godson allows the godfather to earn free chips as well as for the godson as a welcome. There is no limit to the recruitment of new godsons and the latter can in turn put themselves in the shoes of a godfather.

Variations that perfectly fit the computer screens like cell phone or tablet. Today, the owner of casinos have a powerful technology that responds easily to consumer demand.

One of the advantages of playing in a virtual casino that will interest us today turns in the direction of the catalog casino bonus, have become over the time and by the energy of a well marketing study of very attractive owner of casinos.

An increasingly hudge compact crowd that is made by form of bonus addressing to the players who would play for one day or even for those who are regular players who have this ambition to be part of the casino on which they are enrolled. This wish is not afraid of the word to integrate the VIP Club of the casino and to stay there as long as possible to savor and feed on all the exclusivities that it offers to its followers.

Interest to find distraction in another measure that is causing to make without a doubt the whole difference between a conventional casino and a virtual gaming house offering availability of its services 24h/24 and 7d/7. It is unthinkable for a land casino to accompany with so much generosity in the long term its clients.

Among this innumerable collection of bonuses to bring satisfaction to all kind of players, there has been for years the sponsorship program ! A way to earn money without depositing any that has this gift well to him to spice up his experience of player life within the enclosure of a digital casino.

The reasons that make digital casinos fuel their bonus range with the integration of a sponsorship program.

To build a solid base and put up the walls in order to make a place warm in the game industry, newcomers as older signs are presented on the market of games are literally in war. Ads campaigns ready to ruin themselves to survive and find a way out, and by this opportunity to create without the slightest remorse a stormy future for the competition that constantly swells in strength.

Rivals who are constantly clump to the counter when we know that more than 1500 establishments of this kind are currently online. A saturated market that does not find much trouble to give dizziness and even to the most hardened. Competing firms that have some confidence in their commercial budget to crush their fierce competition that tries to crop them slices of the cake a little more each day.

We understand that it is particularly difficult for a casino to hold the course in the face of such an abundance of competitors in the industry. Especially since about 8 to 10 new casinos bloom every month. A bitter observation that only sustains this jungle where only the strongest will win the battle. Marketing programs are very expensive for a casino and they cannot afford to create advertising campaigns on television.

The owner of casinos are therefore struggling with affiliation structures which are quite costly but which make the difference by displaying with the support of good management a suitable score in terms of performance and profitability between investments and profits. Platforms that in some cases are managed by their own staff or by subcontracting through companies specialized in viral marketing.

But what remains the most profitable for a casino is the setting up of a sponsorship program. A process that cost them virtually nothing compared to the other previously mentioned ratings development solutions. The case of dozen euros not generally exceeding the sum of €50.

A rate only set by the goodwill of the casino that offers a sponsorship program. To attract players so that they fulfill this particular role of godfather, it is essential to give them a good reason to put themselves in the skin of the character. As a result, a good remuneration is needed to encourage these players to become a sponsor and to count many godsons.

On the side of the casino, the latter has every interest to retain its customers without neglecting a single pretext that the latter does not play very hard in terms of bet and level of deposit. What for ? Simply to create a level of general satisfaction more than satisfactory in order to build over the months a pleasant atmosphere within the community of players of the casino.

By informing their customers of the possibility to participate free of charge in a sponsorship system followed by a reward in free bonus (€50 per godson), a lot of players will be all the more interested to become participant by taking the spirit of a godfather in search of a crowd of godsons who will make his fortune.

The time will come for these players knowing perfectly the habits of their fetish casino as its degree of reliability to warn their friends sharing this same passion for gambling that they have a new casino holding a good e-reputation to present them.

It will be like a little guide its players looking for a serious online casino because we all know that under this cluster of websites, it is sometimes very difficult to select the right number. On the web you have everything, the good and the bad, and so many traps everywhere.

Contrary to what we might believe, selecting a digital casino is not an easy thing to do. There are sometimes, traps that are tended by crooked operators who want only one thing, the money of the players and that’s it.

Becoming a sponsor is a source of responsibility towards his godsons. It’s advertising for the casino where you feel good and respected as a customer. So it is important to convince and take out the right sales arguments if I may say so.

To discover these abilities in this discipline of chat, then attesting to the reliability of the platform at the level of its assistance, the quality and the extent of the panel of its games, the department of bankroll paying straight on, and so on…

By having to deal with a person who has already played in the real life and may have been able to collect gains without having to deal with traps, the godfather’s future godsons will stoke their confidence in him. In purpose and in the vast majority of cases, they will not hesitate for one moment to be part of the new members.

It is true, what deep interest would the sponsor have to take time to bring fresh traffic consisting of players with this firm intention of depositing funds if this platform is supported by a team of crooks ?

Now, as online casinos know from a series of marketing techniques tests, the sponsorship program remains the most effective solution to target players with this determination to deposit money. The phenomenon of word of mouth between online gambling enthusiasts remains the best communication strategies and that the casinos of the web are fully aware of it. They are counting on it to make their turnover rise.

How does a sponsorship program bonus work ?

The principle of the operation of a sponsorship program is relatively simple to understand. At the same time, the platforms are well known not to complicate the procedures for obtaining their bonuses because actually the sponsorship program is one in its own right. We are going to leave this detail aside for the moment and we will focus on it a bit later.

To obtain the status of godfather in the casino, it is necessary, first of all, to know other players online of internet users who would like to take the step, but who hesitate because they do not really have a culture casino. They find themselves a little lost under the mass of information or even people who have never stepped on the internet but rather in land establishments.

The sponsorship systems set up by the digital casinos are based on a simple (invitation card) which has the role of transmitting from The godfather this opportunity to the presumed future player to become his godson.

For this to become a reality, The godfather must send a special web link to his godson so that he can register. The other solution that works wonders is to ask the new player to fill in a pseudo-godfather field when they are registered.

Once his registration is completed, the godson is registered under the player account of the godfather who on his side is noticing from his list of godsons the last one who has just registered and then identify the person he just comes to sponsor. It is the same thing for the godson with the name of his godfather visible from his personal space.

But in order for the sponsorship process to be identified as valid, the godson in question must imperatively make a deposit. Otherwise, the godfather will not be able to have his sponsorship reward. The godson does not need to deposit a crazy sum so that the godfather can receive free money in exchange for having recommended the casino to a friend.

The minimum deposit tolerated by the website will do very well the business and it revolves around the €10. On the other hand, it must be kept in mind that it is imperative that a transfer be made to activate an alliance between the godfather and the godson.

The benefits that push online casinos to offer sponsorship structures.

As quoted above in this article, the sponsorship program can only work if a high percentage of players are satisfied with the benefits offered by the sign. These programs provide many advantages for the players but for the online casino it’s still much more than that.

Simply because this way of acquiring new active players allows them to convert customer charges in real mode and especially at low cost. It is therefore no longer necessary to create where at least to revise downward the project of creating advertising campaigns very expensive. Very heavy investments that do not have the same index of success compared to a good sponsorship program that targets more customers wanting to play with real money.

A sponsorship bonus invites players willing to become a sponsor to search for players on the net by actively participating in specialized casino forums, focusing on the most popular social networks, acting in Promotional videos or by making sure to give good reasons to relocate players playing on competing sites.

When an online casino has serious status with the community, it does not take ages for the important of this union of players present on the discussion forums to take this mission to circulate this valuable information. Word of mouth is a formidable weapon that spreads like wildfire.

The platforms use this reality of the field to develop useful, efficient and virtually free sponsorship structures on the scale of their investment opportunities linked to online advertising.

Multiple strategies may be the result of adoption, but if a player wants to sponsor another player, it means that the casino on which he or she is gambling is answering to his or her own expectations. A favorite thing that at each game session has this subtlety to provide in continuity this nice sensation of pleasure to play, this assistance presents and dedicated to ensure an exemplary comfort of play, etc. fails to surprise some readers, this enumeration does not relate to the definition of the dream of all casino players but indeed of reality.

Under this abundance of entertainment websites, there are excellent owner of casinos. Guides such as the one of AvisCasinos that aim to provide content processed and created by the effort of a research work. With the recommendations of a player present as a member for a while in the casino, the confidence index is more strengthened.

The fact of having to do with a passionate gamer who knows perfectly well what he is talking about, who has tested the website many times he recommends this deep desire to become a member and why not become a godfather in turn.

A phenomenon called Snowball for its image that brings constant traffic and quality to the online casino that offers this kind of bonus sponsorship. On the psychological level, freshly-registered players who have been motivated by the praise of the casino through their godfather will be more required to make more important deposits than they usually have to transfer from their personal space.

They feel more comfortable and all the more trusted by the establishment and in this mindset these godsons are more driven to want to make deposits of money more important than normal.

Benefits of the Sponsor

The godfather will be able to enjoy obtaining a sponsorship bonus which in the vast majority of cases will have the role of assigning him a free bonus. A fund based between €10 and €50 that does not require a deposit from the godfather so that it can be added in his bankroll. What is even more enjoyable with this sponsorship bonus is the fact that the latter is unlimited in time.

Each godson reports a free amount of money for the godfather but only if the godson has credited his account with money. Every registered player becoming his godson will bring him money! In addition to earning money in the form of chips, it is always very nice to share his good plans on the Internet in order to make it better and avoid that friends players fall into the hands of dishonest operators because it is not necessary to veil the face there unfortunately still has.

A challenge that is difficult enough to lead to eradicate these crooks once and for all. As a resistance to this malicious phenomenon, sponsorship programs that actively participate in this movement that aims to effectively combat the invasion of online casinos scams that only rot the image of gaming online.

Benefit for the godson

For the godson, it is undoubtedly a pledge of time to participate in a sponsorship system. The godfather remains an actor of confidence who has been entertained for a certain time already and which therefore knows well the habits of the platform. It is therefore able to measure good and bad things of the website and make this decision whether or not to participate in this sponsorship program.

To make a judgement on the clue of responsiveness of its customer service, the tonicity of the processing of payments, the quality of the games, the regulation and the licenses granted to the platform to the competent authorities, etc. The godson has confidence from the outset which ensures him a perfect serenity in these future plans of creation of account.

The sponsor knows for a fact that his godfather, the virtual friends or in the real life is not embarking him on a monumental trap. A situation that is all the more unhealthy than dishonest aiming to make him waste his time and make him hate for life the e-casinos.

To the contrary, it’s not as if the player looking for a serious casino had simply clicked on an advertising banner hanging around in the web promising him fortunes with a lure of bait an ultimate gigantic welcome bonus.

The fact of being directed by a frequenter of the game who knows all the traps clearly dispenses the godson to go in search of information by spending time in visiting tons of websites specialized in this hope of finding the rare and the right one. By definition, a platform that would respond as positively as possible to its inventory set on its feet by criteria that in its eyes represent the ideal online casino.

Well-specific bonuses, some RNG and live game software, English interface and support, payment processing time and deposit and withdrawal methods available, and so on. His godfather will put him to the scent very quickly in the face of all his questions. This speed of information will only motivate him to register and try to win the jackpot on a well-rated casino in the eyes of a substantial number of regular players !

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