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Spinfinity Man™

The provider Betsoft Gaming shows us its new no download slot machine Spinfinity Man™. A free video slot of 7×7 reels full of features! A superhero who will try to save the city with the help of a fan, its super powers and features by fighting against Dr. X. Who will eventually win the fight?

The authorities have just warned Spinfinity Man™ that a strange being Mr. X had just arrived on Earth to experiment with humans and they are very frightened. Our hero soon arrived to arrange this case. But Mr. X does not really want to hear him from that ear and he starts to giggle telling him that he was not going to be able to stop him!

His hysterical look with his weird glasses let her look like a red maniac in Spinfinity Man™. With his iron glove when he grabs someone he takes away his will, and that’s what he planned! And Spinfinity Man™ absolutely had to stop him. Otherwise a great catastrophe would happen!

Spinfinity Man™ tries everything, the laser coming out of his eyes, his icy gaze but only his power of telepathy could defeat Mr. X. He reads his thoughts and as he does not like what he sees he will change it immediately. He makes him change his mind and suddenly this bad Mr. X becomes a scientist to the order of the Government.

Features of Spinfinity Man™:


Wins clusters will be all winnings that will be triggered by symbol clusters of 4 or more contiguous symbols. All winning symbols explode. The remaining symbols fall and the new symbols descend to fill the empty spaces. New winnings are calculated and the process repeats. All symbols pay by symbol in a winning cluster.

The Spinfinity Man symbol is a large 2×2 symbol and will only appear on the reels triggering an attack with its powers. All winnings are calculated and all stunts will take place before the power attack fires.

After triggering the attack, the Spinfinity Man symbol will be removed from the reels and destroy as many symbols. Once on the reels, the symbol of the Spinfinity Man will remain on the spot and cascades that have arrived are going to circulate around the symbol.

There is only one Spinfinity Man symbol that can appear on the reels at a time. The Spinfinity Man symbol won’t appear during free spins, but it will be replaced by a large Mr. X symbol that works the same way. When the Spinfinity Man symbol appears on the reels one of the super powers.

The Eye Beam Laser will burn 2 rows or columns, the Double Laser Eye Beam will burn 2 columns and 2 rows. The Icy Blast will break a small cluster of symbols and the Double Icy Blast will destroy a large cluster of symbols. The super power Telepathy will remove an entire symbol from the reels.

The fan girl fame feature will show each cluster that will explode in a single turn. If 6 or more explosions accumulate, after all winnings are calculated, the fan girl will celebrate it by explosing a random number of symbols based on the number of exploded clusters that triggered it. Symbols exploded in this way will reward a win and cause a cascade.

The Mr. X symbol will only appear on reels 2, 4 and 6. Each symbol by Mr. X will advance in the trail the wicked. After a Mr. X symbol arises, and after the normal winnings are calculated, the symbol disappears in a flash by causing a cascade of symbols and advancing into the path of the villains by the bet level x1.

Mr. X’s path for each level of betting will progress independently of the other betting levels and we’ll see the advances because the path will light up by levels. Once the Mr. X symbols are moved from the game, other symbols will cascade on the reels, any winnings will be calculated and only after all other effects are triggered and winnings rewarded then the free spins will be triggered.

If more Mr. X symbols appear on the reels that will fill the path, the path will be completed until the end and the others will be discarded. When we complete the path of the wicked we will be given 10 free spins. Free spins can be re-triggered in the free spins feature and the spins won will be immediately added to the remaining free spins.

During free spins, Spinfinity Man is replaced by Mr. X and the big Spinfinity Man will be replaced by the big Mr. X, but trigger the same things and they will have the same effects. During the free spins, each Mr. X that appears on the reels and it will reward by 1 extra free spins. The fan girl feature can also be activated during free spins.

To be able to play the Double Up game you will have to press the Double Up button after any win to bet your winnings. The game double up will not be available after the free spins feature. You can play half of the winnings and replay them as many times as you wish.

You have to choose gamble all for betting or gamble 50% to bet only half. Then you will have to choose between heads or tails (stack or face). The play will turn and if the choice and correct you will double your bet. Press collect to recover your winnings and return to the main game.

Opinion about Spinfinity Man™:

On June the 10th of 2019 releases the new machine from the provider Betsoft Gaming Spinfinity Man™. A superhero will seek to save the city by leading a battle against Mr. X the villain. Cluster wins, Spinfinity super powers, fan girl fame, catch Mr. X, Mr. X free spins bonus round and the Super wild will lead us battle after battle to the wicked trail to give us winnings to galore!

With a slew of features we won’t get bored with Spinfinity Man™. There is something to talk about here! A hectic interface, moving characters is great! A work really very cared for by a team at the top who wants to offer us an unparalleled moment! The world of Super Heroes is very popular among players so it’s safe that the game will work!

Bets range from 0.10 to €10, they do not go very high but nevertheless the range still counts with several slices, which is not bad especially for small players. For those who like the risk we have the gamble game that will be available only after the regular winnings we can not use it after the free spins or AutoPlay but we still appreciate his presence.

The return to the player is 95.8% it is in the average the only problem is that the volatility is average or even low you have to wait a good time to see the features that are triggered. It’s a bit of a pity because for a game like this it’s not the foot to wait for the features. But the game is still good and we can forgive them.

We can say that the provider Betsoft Gaming will make a hit with the game Spinfinity Man™. It has everything to please a lot of features, a range of big enough bets, a gamble game for those who like the risk. All the ingredients have been well blended to bring out a great casino game. A 7×7 slot of the cluster type that will entertain us and make us win up to 5038x the bet!

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