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Spiñata Grande™

Do you remember? We announced through a recent news of the blog on March 10th of 2015 that a new slot machine would be put online during the period of this month. We have to say that this is one thing made. Today is March 23, 2015, Spiñata Grande™ is a variant that is now available inside all the games collections of online casinos that use the software Netent. As a guide to games and casino reviews, we now offer the opportunity to our visitors and subscribers to play for free and with no download with this new video slot in three dimensions.

But before that, we will continue together on this page and take the opportunity to focus on the presentation of this variant of 5 reels and 40 lines. In this sense, we will take notice of his table of earnings to ultimately discover all that she offers to her players.

Spiñata Grande™ is a slot machine that deals with the theme of Mexico. Through the presentation cinematography of the game, we can clearly realize that the place is rather festive. The different adventures will take place in a remote village of Mexico where the inhabitants are constantly partying. In the world of Spiñata Grande™, no day of the year is therefore spread out for fun and relaxation between friends.

We will be on this occasion far away from the black side of Mexico with its drug cartels and its corrupted police. This trait of Mexico will be completely forgotten as if it did not exist. Spiñata Grande™ is orchestrated by sublime graphics in three dimensions. The background let see many illustrations that aim to immerse players in the real context of the game and that in an instant way. It is therefore the village of Spiñata Grande™ which will be present during all the actions that will be chained during the process of the game.

Various animations will be present like the passage of the inhabitants on the main street of the village, the circulation of some agricultural machinery with the noise of a few horns, balloons released by children who hasten to join Actively the white clouds that are scattered about this beautiful blue sky,… An incalculable number of stagings will be uncovered. All these elements come together to form a peaceful and festive atmosphere. The originality and finesse of the representations of secondary extras is not lacking in imagination and realism.

The main characters are not Mexicans as we might think. These very colorful elements are also representations of animals such as fish, parrots, horses… The latter will play a big role in allowing the Spiñata Grande™ online game to evolve into a slew of features. Among the best known as the wild, this slot machine special features.

These are not anything comparable to what Netent publishers have been able to present in their various creations. Spiñata Grande™ is a three-dimensional video slot that promises to offer game animations still unknown to date. It is indeed this element that makes all its power and that will certainly provoke a surge of curiosity towards the players of the world integer.

In addition to providing a fairly substantial number of lines, a total of 40, Spiñata Grande™ has been set up to meet all types of players to its betting range. It will be quite possible to start in the game with relatively small sums of money in the order of £0.20. The increase of this minimum bet may of course be increased and this up to a limit of £200.00.

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The colossal symbols represent a feature that is Unique to the game of 40 lines Spiñata Grande™. To begin with, all the icons in this 5-reels variant will be able to present themselves as a trigger against a feature. The chances of being able to access it will be much faster than if some icons could allow this features to come into action in the game.

The colossal symbols have the peculiarity of manifesting themselves in bulk for the purpose form an immense representation like a Red Bull for example. They can act in 2×2 or 3×3. These famous blocks will be able to present themselves in all areas of the machine to the sub. To deliver winnings, they will have to position themselves on a winning line of earnings. This feature can also be activated during the free spins of Spiñata Grande™.


The colossal Wild is a derivative of the colossal base option. This feature may only be present on reel number 3 during free spins. The latter is identifiable by a skull that comes with the mouth wide open. Its openings like eyes and mouth are decorated with red roses. The colossal wild will have the advantage of presenting itself in a 3×3 block or the equivalent of 9 cases.

Like any good wild that respects itself, the head of death will aim to deliver prizes by finalizing a winning line in order to make it pay. The wild of Spiñata Grande™ will have the power to replace all the representations of the game except the bonus icons. With such a configuration, obtaining price promises not to be too late on time.


We will now evolve to a higher level in the face of originality of the Spiñata Grande™ online casino game. This variant offers its players the opportunity to entertain themselves with a mini slot. Yes indeed, during the game process, it will be possible to activate a small slot interface inside the main screen of Spiñata Grande™.

This mini game is by definition a 3 reels slot machine that is symbolized by a Mexican who wears a hat. In order to ensure a perfect match with the theme of the game, he holds maracas in his hands. So this is the representation that will allow the mini slot option to activate.

During his journey which for further information will be triggered in less than a second, other representations will suddenly surface. The major goal of these new icons will be to increase the prize-getting growth. There will be the presence of scatter icons. The latter are illustrated by cushions in the form of stars. They will be designed to program free spins and consider crediting extras once the first phase is activated. Gold, Bronze and Silver coins will also be present, which will have as their main mission to distribute additional earnings.

This feature also reserves for its players beautiful graphic representations in three dimensions with a sound animation supported by songs of Golden trumpets when triggering big wins (Big Win). At this precise moment of Spiñata Grande™ rain of bank notes and gold coins will stop gushing from the bottom of the interface of the game by having the only principle that is to cover the whole area of the game even if you do not see what happens at the moment.



Spiñata Grande™ is in our opinion a video slot that contains a lot of qualities. The theme is very original with a particularly warm welcome. The colors are vivid and the gestures of the characters is very pleasant to visualize. We felt a great job from the publishers Netent in front of the graphic design and sound of Spiñata Grande™. The features have an incomparable force that allows players to discover other ways to play slot machines. Spiñata Grande™ has had the main priority to improve the experience of users and in relation to our opinion, we can say that this is perfectly succeeded.

All features are unique with very specific stagings at Spiñata Grande™. Currently, it is impossible to find a feature configuration similar to Spiñata Grande™ against the other types of gambling of the company Netent.

Other titles obviously deserve the glance but Spiñata Grande™ made part of our favorite games. The number of options is quite substantial. This aspect provides the opportunity for users not to fall into a game routine too quickly. Spiñata Grande™ proudly displays a redistribution rate of its bets of 96.84%. In addition to allowing its users to benefit from Bigs Wins (high prices) during the free spins route, Spiñata Grande™ takes advantage of this launch ramp to allow everyone to win up to 120 000 chips and that in one game!

To conclude, the Spiñata Grande slot machine is in our eyes one of the most beautiful achievements of the year 2015 developers Netent. So we invite this not the largest number of players so they can discover and test this new chef for free of work.

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