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Spin Sorceress™

A new slot machine is added to the already very generous collection of Nextgen Gaming with the title Spin Sorceress™! An online casino game that has 5 reels, 3 rows and 243 opportunities to get profits through several features. The entire universe of Spin Sorceress™ promises to be relatively cold. In any case when launching it with a pleasant view on a mountain massif as a background for Titan Storm™.

The place lets think of Alaska knowing that the exact place where this fantastic story takes place is kept secret. Simply because it takes place events that few people could not even admit to this day. However, this place gives way to dreams with this sun partially visible in the ambient scenery but which is noticed by its countless rays that pierce this blue sky to come to reflect on the surface of the snow.

At first glance, the world of Spin Sorceress™ seems to be peaceful and restful but in reality it is quite different. A character that we can call a witch with a pretty sexy dress style with the navel in the air is present in the vicinity. This great mistress of spells and witchcraft will be continually present to control the game with all sorts of benevolent magic formulas aiming to activate the generosity of the 5 reels of the video slot.

This magician in the constant search of a sorcerer’s apprentice will remain in the shadows but sometimes and at her sole will, she will pierce the mystery of her physical appearance by unveiling herself suddenly. This unpredictable character with many powers will be positioned on the right. It will stand frozen like a picket with a piercing glance by observing carefully the 5 reels of the slot machine in full action.

Spin Sorceress™ is a 5 reels slot video that stands out already on the one hand by its graphic elegance and through its theme compared to other NextGen gaming games but also one of its features. Spin Sorceress™ offers an opportunity before each new launch to activate payout multipliers that can evolve up to x50.

Other than this special feature, players will have the opportunity to play with wilds, scatters and even with free games that will in turn activate extra free spins (free spins) ! Let us understand that the online game Spin Sorceress™ is not ordinary and that it wants to put full view and to the wallet to its users but we will return on this point in the opinion’s paragraph.

In the range of bets, Spin Sorceress™ is a relatively flexible game of chance that leaves the choice to set a bet value between £0.25 and £50.00. A panel of bets that may be judged to be quite restricted for some players. Following some explanations in the part of the feature description, these will certainly make them change their point of view in relation to this characteristic of game.

Developed in HTML5 format, the interface of the slot Spin Sorceress™ offers a completely different way of playing compared to what we have previously discovered (December 2015) with this online gambling publisher. In fact, the buttons to define a bet such as the number of lines, denomination values and coins per line are no longer present in the area at the bottom of the game.

These tuning modules are now accessible through an appendix page. To access it, you just have to click on the button in the shape of gear visible in the top right of the screen. In this menu, it is possible to make changes to the current value of the bet but also to other parameters such as automatic play, activation of the soundtrack, and the rules of the game. To go back to the arcade and start playing, just select the arrow on the right of the screen.



Spin Sorceress™ has very neat graphics content and publishers NextGen Gaming can be proud.

Following these design efforts that have probably taken many weeks so that everything can work without any bug, the developers of the brand have strengthened their ambition by including a special feature. This option is intended to provide an additional play space that gives players the ability to immediately activate earning multiplier.

With the video slot Spin Sorceress™ It is therefore not necessary to wait during many spins to take advantage of multipliers that associate with the prizes during the acquisition. No, absolutely none of that. Everything can be controlled in 2 clicks. This special feature is anchored at the bottom left of the game.

To activate it, just click on it. It is then that a column of vertical light will stand up so as to correspond to the same height as the interface of the slot online. This beam is decorated with 5 mysterious symbols and different colors. These represent for each of them a certain level of power of multiplication.

They have a common point that is to activate scalable earning multipliers. This means that the first one that is blue in color admitting it is active will be able to activate multiplication coefficients based between x2 and x5!

These benefits will increase progressively to go between x20 and x50 with the orange symbol which is the one that is highest on this power gauge. Of course, users will have the choice to enable or disable this feature at any time. There is no obligation between playing and not playing with this additional module.


More the multiplication amount of the Super bet is high and the more the player commits to tokens by spin which makes sense and then allows to create a fair game between the slot machine and the players. Compared to the selected power level, the rate of redistribution of bets will be revised upward or down.

For example with Level 1 (blue icon), the theoretical rate is 95.08% and for Level 5 which is the most important (orange icon), the value is 97.13% ! A single icon will be able to allow users to generate profits with this feature. This is clearly the wild that will have an impact from the moment it will present itself 1 or 3 times on the reels. The higher the number, the higher the multiplication index will be in relation to the power scale present in the level selected.

Besides the fact that the wilds play a big role in activating the gain multipliers of this feature named Super bet, this option can also intervene in the main game. Under the guise of the witch’s face in search of a sorcerer’s apprentice to achieve disproportionate victories in the form of coins, the wild will respond present to form pay lines. He will be able to act as a substitute for items on reels number 2, 3 and 4 and he will be able to replace all the icons he wants. An item will however escape the rule and these are the scatters!


The scatters are strange icons that symbolize the heart of the magic through a grimoire brimming with power and letting a few times see electric arcs. But this icon of the slot machine of 5 reels Spin Sorceress™ only desires good to those who meet it on their passage.

They will be able to serve in a first time on a gold platter lots of tokens. In the specific case where scatters are shown at least 3 times on the reels, 10 free spins will be activated in stride. The witch lurking in this beautiful icy landscape will finally be visible to accompany the players in this game session that promises to offer spectacular earnings in the event that the Super bet feature is activated. Jokers will also be able to bring their power by acting on reels number 2, 3 and 4, knowing that extra free spins can be added to free spins in course.



Spin Sorceress™ is a 5 reels slot machine that really pleased me. As a result, I’m not going to miss adding it to the Nextgen Gaming favorites section of the Casinos reviews site. I find that this video slot has a very good gameplay controlled by magic as is also the case regarding the title Wizard of Gems™ by Play’n GO .

Spin Sorceress™ stands out from its big sisters with its super-bet feature that offers multiplication indices blowing! The latter gives an opportunity to increase its chance of luck in the game to enter victories without having to wait for the game to unlock by itself a feature. For my part, this is an important point with this chance to be able to multiply up to x50 its implementation following a spin!

I think of the lucky little one who will fall into the section of free games with a multiplication force of x50! The prizes obtained can quickly climb high heights knowing that at this stage of the game of Spin Sorceress™, the probabilities to obtain additional tokens are 97.13% ! A figure that we must say well is huge! It seems to me that this video slot is among the most lucrative of the brand NextGen Gaming. A detail that remains to be verified but I think my memories are still good.

Other than this remunerative side that offers the Spin Sorceress™ money game, the decorations are again up to par. A protagonist who remains in the shadows for a while and suddenly presents itself as a flower in order to bring a new version of the game after a time already spent. The gameplay is progressive in its way of presenting itself and I particularly liked this way of doing.

The discovery of the slot machine is done step by step with a poignant music that intensifies this magical and mysterious side of Spin Sorceress™. A 5-reels NextGen Gaming slot machine that we recommend to all players who like to be confronted with the world of fantasy. One thing is certain is that they will be served. Oh yes.

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