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Snowflakes™ is a game that will most likely refrigerate more than one so it would be rather sensible to cover well to face its icy atmosphere that continually escapes from its 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 fixed payment lines. The world of Snowflakes™ takes place on our lovely Earth the blue planet in a rather remote place of civilization. Not far from the geographic area of Alaska where temperatures are enjoying flirting with weather indices constantly below 0 degree.

A value that we all fear and I the first of the chilly when we evolve at the stage of the winter season. The days that are announced to be more and more neglected by the radiation of the sun which for consequence adds many new details to the landscape that do not really taste to displeasing. For example, these snowy coats that line the branches of the trees, these Snowflakes™ that sparkle in daylight or the charm of the frost that lays on absolutely all the surfaces it meet.

In any case, it will probably be the first feeling of many players who dare to venture into the refrigerated world of Snowflakes™ where the brightness seems to have deserted places only leaving room in the twilight. A sky which is translated into a picture of a sinister darkness that cannot escape the colonization of these intense brilliances emanating from these countless stars the shooting.

The interface of the Snowflakes™ slot machine lies on the south shore of a lake where the water containing it appears to be completely frozen on the spot as being paralyzed by the harsh coldness that crosses the surrounding area. Wooden walkways mainly made of conifers that are clearly noticed in the distance thanks to their tops that seem from where we find ourselves reaching heights dizzy.

Taking advantage of this dominant height, these visibly hundred-year-old trees use their imposing presence to reflect their image on the surface of this water point. A vast expanse of water whose limits are very difficult to identify because of this thick haze that has been marrying for an eternity this lake which seems to conceal more than one secret in its depths.

To accompany this ambient darkness and this coldness that does not seem to count rivals to know this misfortune to end up being dislodged as would gladly the strength of the sun, the latter is represented by different icons that mechanically will have the feature of travelling on the 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 lines of the slot Snowflakes™.

Mysterious spheres made of ice that first of all think of a disco ball that is often found in nightclubs. But also other items more representative of the winter as if this season seemed to have won this battle by having seized this territory to intrude throughout the year.

are therefore present on the interface of the game Snowflakes™ various frosted Snowflakes™ and beautiful rosettes whose stencils are observed by large and complex structures offering therefore a charm without name possible.

In the World from Snowflakes™ where no one could live there even a few days apart from the Eskimos, players will undoubtedly have the pleasure of being able to play with powerful features in relation to their ability to redistribute money. Every moment of the game will be able to wake up in this icy climate of jokers of Ice and jokers, as well as free games with ice and extra free spins!

Regarding its range of bets, the online casino game Snowflakes™ offers players with small budgets to entertain a minimum wager programmed on a value index of £0.30. But if big players go through it and choose to become acquainted with the mere curiosity of what the slot machine Snowflakes™ to in the guts, they will be able to develop its power until it can bet to the maximum the sum of £600.00!

To its configuration in the setting that is set up, Snowflakes™ is quite restricted because it only allows users to select a denomination value between £0.01 and £20.00 euros.



Snowflakes™ is a mobile casino game that focuses on a duo of features with this goal to make available to players Wilds simple and Extendable as well as free spins (Free spins). The wilds are easily identifiable by an ice cube where it is clearly mentioned on the word Wild.

The Wilds cube (ice jokers) as this is how we will name them to mark a difference with what will follow will have this ability to be able to appear on all rolls of the slot Snowflakes™ or 1 per reel in order to accentuate considerably the odds of falling nose to nose with a winning line and take advantage of it to cash the resulting prizes. In terms of the second feature sponsored by the Wilds (Wind jokers), this option will have the role of creating pay lines but obviously in a framework of operation clearly different.

The one who once present on 1 of the 5 reels of the slot machine Snowflakes™ will have this mania of freeze to keep its current position. A clean way of working to increase the probabilities of gain when of the end of this spin. Once the latter has experienced the path of inactivity and the latter has issued tokens, wild winds jokers will disappear from the traffic inviting following this episode the players to manually launch the 5 reels.

Snowflakes™ is a game of money that has a free game sequence that can pop up in the game from the moment scatter icons will surface. By getting 3, 4 or 5 scatters ice sphere, the Snowflakes™ game will activate respectively 7, 10 or 15 free spins! During this completely free period of time, players will be able to take advantage of 2 complementary options to ensure maximum profits.

The first will be to be able to appreciate the activity of the wilds that will have the peculiarity of remain frozen on their initial locations and this during the entire process of free spins free. The second will result in being in position to be able to prolong the pleasure with this golden opportunity to be an actor in giving life to other free Spins! To do this, the game Snowflakes™ will require to count at least on its 5 reels 3 other scatters.



Let’s be clear from the outset in this review of the silver Snowflakes™ game, the latter is far from being the most dynamic slot I could test regarding the variants of the production company of gambling NYX gaming Group. The game may be annoying to die for some users as was unfortunately the case me concerning.

The colors are for the very cold blow with a duo that is established between the black and the blue sky. What to get out of the table before going to dessert so the game situation can very quickly create an empty in the gameplay. Features content that certainly is in sufficient numbers to allow a large majority of players to derive regular profits from the game Snowflakes™ but the are really basic and clearly lack dynamism.

I even went up to mute audio so the sounds that accompany the various features are unpleasant in the medium term. They leave in my opinion well too high in the treble which does not give frankly the desire to continue to progress in the game of Snowflakes™ with the sound in all case.

Despite its theoretical redistribution rate shows a burning value of 96.57%, Snowflakes™ is the mobile slot machine NYX Gaming Group which IMHO is the coldest of all and that in every sense of the word.

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