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Slots Heaven celebrate Christmas with no less than 1 million free spins to win every day until December 25 of 2018 !


This year Santa Claus is super happy, he just bought a new way of locomotion: A van of the years 70 all flower power! He just made a tour of the village history to ride a little bump with his friends. Obviously, all came out to see the craft that Santa Claus had just acquired and remain gaping!

His friends the Ghost, the Vampire, the Dragon and the Witch. No need to say it twice, he invited them to go up in the van to take a ride. The Buddies were so comfortable that they didn’t realize what time it was doing!

And now how to do? The kids were going to be without toys! It was out of the question Santa Claus could count on his friends. In two rounds three movements with their help and especially the magic wand of the witch they were able to distribute all the toys in time. Friendship is good for that!

To go further…

You have to shake the foil and bounce the trinkets. Slots Heaven Casino offers up to a million spins every day in the Christmas countdown! You have to turn the slot machine where you will always win, then you will have to tinkle the marks with the snowball. The promotion will be valid from Saturday 1st of December 2018 at 00h01 until Tuesday 25th of December at 23:59 (GMT).

Terms and Conditions:

Players are eligible to participate in the Santa’s 1m Spin Drop promotion once a day and each day there will be a new bonus. “Days” which will take place from 00h01 to 23:59 (GMT). If you have not made your first deposit, please do it so you can claim your welcome package, after which you will be able to participate in this promotion.

Bonus funds are awarded for use in the regular play of a casino and should not be used abusive or for strategic purposes solely for the purpose of leveraging or abusing the bonus award. If they are likely to constitute a bonus abuse include, but are not limited to: making large starting bets and then reducing your bets to eliminate the wagering requirements; Move from a low-weight game to a high-weight game after a significant gain in order to meet the bet requirements.

In the above scenarios, the gameplay is analyzed in cases of genuine abuse or intentionally irregular gameplay, based on the restrictions listed but at the discretion of Slots Heaven, will be opposed. For more details on the applicable betting limits, the abusive terms of use of the bonuses and the other rules that apply to all promotions, we must refer to the general terms of sale.

To claim your laps, you must follow the instructions in the winning popup window of the Advent Calendar ™ game. The spins must be claimed and exchanged on the same day of the offer. That is, the code of December the 1st is valid only on the first of December.

Free spins and laps can only be used on game indicated in the winning contextual message. The towers are valued between $/€/£0.10 and $/€/£2.50, depending on the game and your luck on the Christmas slot machine game. The winnings generated by these laps will be transferred to your account as a bonus refundable.

These funds may have a setting requirement between 0-x20. If they do, must be wagered as many times as the daily offer stipulates before you can withdraw your bonus and any winnings. The setting conditions are always indicated in the winning message that is displayed.

Once these funds have been put as many times as necessary (indicated in the winning contextual message), the withdrawal limit for a single withdrawal on earnings could be limited to $/€/£1000-$/€/£0 (this limit is always indicated in the message from the win winner) – All additional earnings will be eliminated at the end of the bet. If there is no withdrawal limit indicated in the winning contextual message, the total of your winnings can be withdrawn from a single withdrawal.

If your spin bonus has conditions of betting, your winnings will be credited as bonuses and can only be wagered on the game on which the spins were proposed to you (indicated in the winning contextual message). If your laps have deposit requirements, your laps will be credited instantly after making a qualifying deposit.

Please note that any attempt to withdraw before fulfilling the terms of the bet means that the bonus funds can be deleted. If you generate gains from your rotations, these bonus funds will expire after a maximum of 30 days if they are not used. If you have not yet wagered, but your available balance is less than $/€/£ 0.50, the remaining amount will be exchanged.

Opinion of Slots Heaven: Santa’s 1M Spin Drop

From December the 1st of 2018 at 00h01 until December the 25th 2018 at 11:59 pm (GMT) Casino Slots Heaven presents us with its bonus of Christmas: Santa’s 1M Spin Drop! An event that should not be missed with the key up to a million spins a day! Impressive isn’t it? The conditions depend on the day and the ticket you are sent, but in general they are not impossible to accomplish which is not bad to start with! We have something to be bored with the Advent calendar of Slots Heaven Online Casino! In addition, the general conditions are clear which demonstrates a great transparency with its customers. Come have a good time with Santa’s 1m spins Drop, the 2018 Christmas bonus from Slots Heaven!

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